‘Soaked in Bleach’ Questions Suicide of Kurt Cobain

A compelling documentary called “Soaked in Bleach” revisits the death of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain through the eyes of private investigator Tom Grant, who was hired by Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love. Grant became intimately involved in the story and highly suspicious of her involvement in her husband’s death.

In April 1994, Love hired Grant to track down Cobain and keep an eye on him. Grant met up with Cobain’s friend Dylan Carlson in Seattle and the two went on a wild goose chase. Cobain was then found dead by an electrician in the greenhouse of his Lake Washington home.

A key argument of the so-called “conspiracy theory” holds that the perps botched the suicide setup because Cobain had at least three times the lethal dose of heroin (by injection) in his blood system AND the wherewithal to “self-administer” a coup de grace by shotgun to his mouth. In reality, that level of heroin would have immediately incapacitated him. There were no legible fingerprints found on the shotgun.

Like many of the truther events described on these pages, there is an official narrative. In Cobain’s case, it holds that he was yet another rock star who got lost in drugs and depression, killing himself in his prime, and anyone who suspects foul play is a raging “conspiracy theorist.” Just looking at the statistics, murders of a spouse by another spouse utilizing a third party (the very definition of a conspiracy) is not in the least uncommon and occurs with some regularity.

In this case, there was motive: People close to the situation stated that the Cobain-Love marriage was rocky, and hundreds of millions in future royalties were at stake. Love was about to release a new album. Love herself was an aspiring rock star before their two-year marriage. She may have been a key factor in launching Cobain’s success, which somehow happened overnight once she entered the scene in 1992. Some think she wrote the necessary lyrical hooks into some of Nirvana’s songs. So she was more than just a lucky, unintelligent groupie. In addition, the emotion of Cobain’s death created a cult from which Love and her organization have benefited.

Following Cobain’s death, many believe Love demonstrated crocodile tears, a false “grieving widow” persona and misdirection phony guilt. Judge for yourself. Update; scrubbed, unable to relocate.

Love showed up at a vigil to read Cobain’s alleged suicide note, as shown in the video below. Forensic experts have questioned the authenticity of the last part of the note. While reading the note to his fans, she all but publicly and angrily calls Cobain a slacker and quitter and used profanities against him. Thus begins the pattern of Cobain’s “messed-up guy” characterization. Judge for yourselves.

The next video shows how Love acted and behaved in the years after Cobain’s death. Her speech is often slurred and broken but that doesn’t stop the “entertainment” media from giving her lots of air time and exposure. Mysteriously, she seems “lucky,” bullet-proof and protected. Why? In the Bloomfield video that follows, you will even see her giving a speech to the Los Angeles chapter of the ACLU despite the fact that she had been legally  threatening journalists attempting to look into her background or Cobain’s death.

My personal observation is that this story has a star-wacker Crime Syndicate element to it, whereby a business calculation is made that concludes a star has more monetary worth dead than alive. In addition, Love just seems way too protected by corrupt media. Motives: Besides threatening to quit music, Cobain was not very cooperative about tours, performances and the direction of his music, which as the videos reveal was often orchestrated by the more ambitious Love. Cobain was very much a “good ol’ boy” from rainy Aberdeen, Wash. — not materialistic, which is the complete opposite of Love. Fans wondered what he was even doing with her. Riding in limos embarrassed him, he stayed in cheap motels and bought his clothes at Sears.

There is an excellent documentary called “Kurt and Courtney” by investigative reporter Nick Bloomfield that gives the background of both of these individuals. Bloomfield comes short of calling it a murder, but he does reveal how forces worked to cover up the facts and suppress his film and other reporters’ stories. I would start with this before moving on to “Soaked in Bleach.”

Bloomfield goes directly to the sources, including Love’s own father, who gives a scathing indictment of her. Another character, Eldon “El Duce” Hoke, states on camera that Love offered him $50,000 to murder Cobain. He was given a lie detector test and scored 99.91%. Shortly after the Bloomfield interview, “El Duce” died in an freak accident on a rail-line. The film describes a pattern of intimidation, control and fear among those who knew Love. In contrast, Cobain is described as rather modest, insecure and shy.

Those that hold to the alternative murder theory are labelled fanatics and nutters. In this case, the anomalies and lies are being explained away under the guise and cover that the behavior of Cobain’s controlling wife and some of Cobain’s “friends” was “disoriented by drugs.”

Investigator Grant, who saw red flags early on in Love’s story and became mistrustful of this client, decided to record all of their conversations. He’s now the source of scores of damning audiotapes with Love and with other players in the drama, both before and after Cobain’s body was found. Those tapes are the basis for reenactments in the “Soaked in Bleach” documentary.

As you watch the videos, it becomes evident that much of the suicide narrative was pushed by Love herself. Others who knew Cobain largely dismissed or were surprised by the suicide claim. Staged murders of junkies are hard cases to prove. Some lyrics in Cobain’s music seem to speak of an obsession to commit suicide, which led to a flurry of copycat suicides by Cobain’s fans. Cobain himself is quoted on air playing down these lyrics as not really indicative of his own thinking. Indeed, I would ask who really wrote these lyrics, as Love was quite the aspiring poet and wrote her own music lyrics.

Indeed, seemingly unrestrained, Love simulated his “suicide” as some strange death cult onstage. Listen to how she explains this one.

Love, now 52, apparently cleaned up her act and is sober, confirmed since 2011. She comes across as more humble, and talks about shame and guilt and Buddhism. If you examine closely, this has happened in stages between 2013 and now.

On Letterman, she’s sober, toned down, pleasant and speaks without using profanity. She cuts a much more sympathetic character. This, too, may be contrived, but she does seem a different, healthier person and could have even fooled me, if not.  Now in a twist, Love is out with a claim that the CIA or deep state did Cobain in.

Still, that hasn’t stopped this ACLU-praised champion of free speech from an aggressive legal campaign to discourage the airing of “Soaked in Bleach.” My understanding is that the filmmakers welcome a defamation trial and the discovery that comes with it. Given her new state of mind, Love may be at the point where she might come clean under a skillful interrogator.

While it is still online, “Soaked in Bleach” goes through the details of the case, point by point, with various forensic and police experts commenting, including retired Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper and Cyril Wecht, the former president of the American Academy of Forensic Science. Both call for reopening the case. The audio recordings of Love’s ramblings can also be viewed on the video.

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  1. History is littered with the bodies of musicians that the deep state would have wanted eliminated to either stop their message or cause the band to…err, um….”disband:”

    – Brian Jones
    – John Bohnam
    – Bob Marley
    – Jimi Hendrix
    – Elvis Pressly
    – Jim Morrison
    – John Lennon
    – Bon Scott
    – Buddy Holly
    – Lynrd Skynrd (various members)
    – Brian (((Epstein))) (Beatles manager)
    – Duane Alman

    ….etc etc etc

    In fact, take a look at the list at the link below paying attention to the “cause of death”…incredible


  2. There are some theories that his death was staged as a way of early retirement. In the case of Paul Walker this seems to be definitely the case. Further recent candidates are Robin Williams or David Bowie.

  3. I’ve read so much on this topic, and am looking forward to watching the Soaked in Bleach documentary. It’s pretty clear to me he didn’t really shoot himself in the head, hopefully the truth will come out eventually.

  4. Cobain was the furthest thing from a good ole boy. He hated people like that. It’s why he moved away from Aberdeen so young.

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