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Cleveland Indians Change Name to the ‘Guardians’

By Tyler Durden | 23 July 2021

ZERO HEDGE — After years of protests from Native American groups and some fans, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team has officially changed its name after more than 100 years.

According to the Major League Baseball (MLB) website, the team announced Friday morning that Cleveland Indians is no more, and the new name, drum roll… is Cleveland “Guardians.”

Cleveland first announced last summer that it would begin having conversations with local community members and Native American groups about the possibility of a name change. The organization announced in December that it was beginning a search for a new nickname.

More than 4,000 fans signed up to be part of the conversation, and over 40,000 fans were surveyed, including 140 hours of interviews with fans, staff and community members. The organization determined that the name should connect to the city of Cleveland, preserve the team’s rich baseball history and unite the community. -MLB […]

4 Comments on Cleveland Indians Change Name to the ‘Guardians’

  1. Ohhhhh Sh….t. We’re not supposed to have any Guardians because that implies Protection, like Guns and Police, and so under JOETUS and Dem Leadership, that would violate every criminal’s Civil Rights to commit crimes on US. Right!

    Welcome to California; a now Free-Crime-Zone. F….g ridiculous.

  2. As a classed white male, now I’m afraid to go to any Native-American Casino. Should we all stop going!

    • More proof (as if it was needed) that pro sports is simply a vehicle for propaganda… I guess they serve a dual purpose of fleecing the wallets of the people who are dumb enough to still be paying attention. That’s one of the syndicate’s favorite tactics- deceptions with concomitant looting operations.

  3. I grew up in OK. Indians could care less about sport team names. Even today.

    It’s not the Indians pushing it, although they’re probably compensated in some way, but the real behind the scenes offended ones are Jews and liberal crazy race-traitor whites (mostly women).

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