Israel is About to Destroy This Palestinian Village. Will Britain Step in?

Bedouin children in the yard of the elementary school in the tiny West Bank Beduin village of Khan al-Ahmar on May 2,2018. The school and the village face a demolition order approved by the Israeli Supreme Court. PHOTO: Heidi Levine/The National

Israel is poised to demolish Khan al-Ahmar in the West Bank – an act that could be a war crime. But Britain could save it

By David Zonsheine | 14 June 2018

THE GUARDIAN — Israel is intent on destroying the homes of the 173 Palestinians who live in the small shepherding community of Khan al-Ahmar, along with the school that serves 150 children from the area. Last month, Israel’s high court of justice removed the last obstacle to this barbaric act of demolishing an entire community in order to forcibly transfer its residents and take over their land. Israel has announced that the land from which these Palestinians will be evicted will serve to expand the nearby settlement of Kfar Adumim.

Now, emboldened by Donald Trump’s overt disdain for human rights – or basic human decency for that matter – and bolstered by the Israeli idea that the European Union is too weak to act decisively, the authorities have stepped up their efforts and issued demolition orders for all the structures in Khan al-Ahmar. Justice Noam Sohlberg, who wrote the ruling that rejected the petition against the execution of these orders, noted the “undisputed” premise that “construction in the Khan al-Ahmar compound, both the school and the dwellings, is unlawful”. He went on to argue that the court should not interfere in the state’s “law enforcement” actions. […]

1 Comment on Israel is About to Destroy This Palestinian Village. Will Britain Step in?

  1. Will Britain step in? What drove the author/editor to throw that in? Is it a joke in very bad taste, a bone of hope to a starving dog, that will only be yanked away when he approaches it? The mirage of Britain or the ‘West’ “stepping in” has tortured the Palestinian people for 60+ years. They will die in the desert. It is and always has been a mirage. Britain will not step in.

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