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UK Journo Comparing World Cup to 1936 Nazi Olympics Gets Roasted by Readership

Robbie Williams, Aida Garifullina, former player Ronaldo and World Cup mascot Zabivaka during the opening ceremony June 14, 2018, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia. PHOTO: Sputnik/Reuters/Maxim Shemetov

15 June 2018

SPUTNIK — Daily Mail commentator Robert Hardman’s attempt to attack Russia by calling the 2018 World Cup a “tawdry circus” and comparing it to the 1936 Berlin Olympics has backfired spectacularly, with the journalist attacked in The Daily Mail’s own comments section and on Twitter.

Commenting on Thursday’s World Cup kickoff ceremony, Hardman wrote that this “sleaziest global sporting event since the 1936 Berlin Olympics,” radiated “all the magic of root canal treatment” and marked “a perversion of justice [from] the very moment FIFA awarded it to Russia back in 2010.”

Listing off a series of charges against Russia by Western politicians and media, the commentator accused Moscow of invading neighbors, bearing the blame for the war in Syria, and “state-sponsored terrorism on the streets of Britain.” Hardman went on to find fault with the ceremony’s technical side, from singer Robbie Williams’ unexpected middle finger gesture during his performance, to the event’s lighting, to the length of President Putin’s opening speech.

Voicing concern over the lack of public criticism over the “the most politically sensitive World Cup of all time,” Hardman summed up by urging English footballer Harry Kane not to shake the Russian president’s hand in the event that England wins the World Cup. […]

2 Comments on UK Journo Comparing World Cup to 1936 Nazi Olympics Gets Roasted by Readership

  1. If anything is a “perversion of justice” it is that grovelling NWO sycophant hacks like Hardman actually get paid for writing this sort of unadulterated tripe. My brief diversion to check out the article showed the Daily Mail as nothing but a platform for gratuitous smut and sensationalist advertising, so Hardman’s uninspiring hackery and barefaced U.K. establishment propaganda is not out of place there at all.

    Hardman is actually a comedian, although I don’t think he knows it. After excoriating Russia and Putin for “homophobia”, he concludes his hackjob with: “There is precious little chance of Harry Kane going up to the presidential box to receive the trophy from Putin. But if it does happen, Harry, remember not to shake his hand. You don’t know where it’s been.” Hardman’s obviously been places Putin hasn’t, and I’m not talking about the judo mat.

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