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Saban and Singer Host Kosher Catered Dinner With Trump “Peace Team”

PHOTO: Jewish Insider

5 September 2018

JEWISH INSIDER — Ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, Haim Saban and Paul Singer convened a private dinner on Tuesday evening in New York City featuring U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner, and Jason Greenblatt. The kosher-catered dinner, held in a private room at the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side, brought together a politically diverse group of twenty Jewish business and communal leaders.

According to sources familiar with the event, the gathering was an opportunity for the senior administration officials to discuss their emerging plans for an Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It isn’t clear what, if any, specific details from their plans were shared during the two-hour-long dinner. However, winning support from influential leaders across the political spectrum has clearly been a priority for the administration. In recent weeks, Greenblatt has been spending a significant portion of his time briefing diplomats and Jewish groups in New York. On Tuesday alone, Greenblatt discussed the peace process at three separate events, including the dinner and two forums[…]

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