The Jewish War on White Australia: Colin Tatz and the Genocide Charge — Part 2

Professor Colin Tatz. PHOTO: Occidental Observer

By Brenton Sanderson | 7 September 2018

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — Colin Tatz is a stereotypical Jewish intellectual activist whose mindset is characterized by an intense ethnocentrism and an equally intense hostility to the traditional people and culture of the West. He reflexively subjects White people and Western societies to radical critique while exempting Jews from any equivalent evaluation. Identifying with, and taking great pride in the Jewish penchant for critiquing Western societies, Tatz claims that “Whatever else, I am a ‘product’ of Lasswell, of Cecil Roth and his notion that Jews (or some Jews) are the eternal protest-ants, of the doctrine of the Jewish Sages about tikkun olam. It is a synonym for social action, a conscious manipulating of skills to be proactive rather than reflective or contemplative.”[1]

Cecil Roth, a Jewish historian, had argued “Jewish intellectualism” was primarily about “protesting at the insufficiency of the status quo.” Tatz agrees, and points to “a Jewish existential value which asserts that history has taught us that whatever is, no matter what it is, it is not good enough—hence the moral dictate of tikkun olam, that one is compelled to try to repair a flawed world.”[2] Of course, for “fiercely argumentative” Jews like Tatz, a “flawed world” is any world where Jewish interests are not forever prioritized. Tatz claims that “My activism is motivated by both personal and societal alienation,” and the “inner dynamic of my life, the foremost factor, is my version and interpretation of my Jewishness.” He notes that a “related if not conjoined propulsion” is “a lifelong devotion to matters of race and racism.”[3]

Tatz makes no pretense of Jewishness being anything but an essentially biological phenomenon. Despite being an avowed atheist he remains a proud Jew, declaring his “unshakeable admiration, even a veneration for what I call Jewishness,” observing how “I remain within even while lacking faith, ritual, observance or any sense of Covenant.”[4] For Tatz, Jews comprise an easily identifiable ethnic type characterized by “body mannerisms, the shrugs, distains, the ever-present deprecatory and interrogative tenses of body and voice.”[5]

Tatz is a descendent of the Litvaks, the Jews from Lithuania who, prior to their recent mass exodus from post-Apartheid South Africa to countries like Britain and Australia, made up ninety per cent of that country’s 120,000 Jews. According to Tatz, Lithuanian Jews were “economically forlorn and politically intimidated” and left Lithuania in “hordes” in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the majority landing in England, the United States and South Africa. He notes that “In South Africa I learned to live in a Lithuanian communitas, a transposed shtetl world of like-minded, like-speaking, like-behaving people. It was a society in transition from Tsarist oppression to a semi-welcomed ethnic minority moving into modernity.”[6] The hyper-ethnocentric mentality of South Africa’s Lithuanian Jews was encapsulated in “daily pontification about the Jewish-goyishe divide” and his grandfather’s refrain that “The worst of ours are better than the best of theirs.”[7] […]

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  1. Speaking of Jewish war. My wife and I recently stumbled on the former NBC show The Nightshift last week. It is another horrible generic ‘Hospital Drama’ with doses of ptsd veterans and state worshiping thrown in with an episode showing Jill Biden and Michelle Obama ‘thanking the vets’ and the ER doctors saving them (who are battle weary vets themselves…) in San Antonio. Very trite and meaningless but great food for the low brain cell crowd. Many episodes are spent with the obligatory sex scene showing graphic nudity and all of the main characters hooking up then leaving one of the other characters. One episode shows a wife that comes in for her dying husband but reveals she is in a enlightening and mind awakening open marriage with two men. She later forcefully kisses a hetero female nurse and the other ER doctors just laugh at her. Another episode has a gay couple ER doctor fighting for custody of one of their patients, a young girl, because her dad has been in and out of prison. The gay ER doctor, who is also a vet, confronts the drifter dad who appears to get custody back. The gay doctor says that he was fighting for our free-dumbs in Afghanistan while the dad was in prison. Another episode shows the vet doctors going back and forth to Syria and Turkey helping refugees but also contains the standard mulsim demonization and that the Ameri-CONS are there for a force of good and can piss on native laws while there. It is overall a very sickening show but highlights what seems to be common game plan for an Israel centric future of degeneracy in the US. The fallacy of appeal to authority is a common theme that doctors and other heroes like cops and fire department are heroes and always right. Just had to rant.

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