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Crime Syndicate Signals War With Russia and Her Allies

Su-57 jet multirole fighter aircraft in flight during an air display in 2017

The Crime Syndicate-Shadow Government has signaled its objective of war with Russia and Iran. China has signaled its intention to ally with the latter in a war. There are even reports that Chinese naval ships are now deployed with the Russian fleet in the eastern Mediterranean.

This syndicate’s objective goes beyond the standard Ziopath program of the last 15 years of laying waste to the Middle East. It involves the direct challenge of the petro-yuan and an alternative financial system to the U.S. dollar system. China has also stated it will no longer buy U.S. Treasuries. That means no rollovers upon maturities, which we discussed earlier. This is a greater threat to the hollowed-out London-New York system than people realize, and it explains in part what appears to be Trump’s Nietzsche-esque approach to the situation.

It is critical for Russia-China-Iran on the other hand to disengage from the London-Wall Street monopoly. The trade war that Trump started with China fits in with the fight over separate financial-trade systems. Would China weaken its resolve if Trump gave in on trade as a quid pro quo? I think not, mostly because Trump has no credibility with China or Russia. His word or agreements have no value to them.

Russia has the “best” cards: the most readiness, the most frustrations, the most angry bitterness and a reason to defend. China rates almost as high on these factors. The U.S. enters the current crisis on lies. These are staged-deception regimes on many fronts and Trump is possibly the worst of all.  Expect a real false flag — not a faked one. Even the American people, as dumb and drunk on the Kool Aid [see “The Jonestown Massacre: A Horrific Tavistock-Style Brainwashing Experiment“] as they are, realizes this, if they remember the lies that were applied to justify the 2003 Iraq conflict.

Three weeks before the alleged chemical, attack the Russian Ministry of Defense tweeted that they had intelligence of a staged event.

The crew running the Shadow Government’s strategy seem to thrive on risk taking. Additionally they have a plan to take down the United States and afterward loot it [see “Trump Parasite Guildists Munchin, Cohen and Ross to Manage Loot of US“]. War also allows the Crime Syndicate to govern without accountability and push more aggressively toward the police-state and gulag model.

Therefore, we sense the goal is to force China and Russia — in response to sanctions, onerous tariffs and more reckless Syrian aggression — to conduct a weaponized financial dump causing a meltdown of the flimsy, paper-tiger, U.S. Treasury market. China’s ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, said last month, “We’re looking at all options,” when asked about Treasuries holdings.

The U.S., with its out-of-control governance, has set the stage as it needs to finance over a trillion dollars in deficits over the next year. Thus, in China and Russia’s eyes, the Banana Republic U.S. has low readiness in terms of its economic and fiscal condition. The U.S. is quite dependent on China in its supply chain.

We suspect that is why the Syria crisis is being ratcheted back up. Reports are that the U.S. has positioned the USS Donald Cook offshore at Taurus to try to bait Russia/China into sinking it. That ship is where missiles will be fired into Syrian sovereign territory. Airlines that are still using Syria’s airspace or operating in the eastern Mediterranean have received a request to change their corridors for the next 48 hours.

SS Iwo Jima

But the key ship to watch is the USS Iwo Jima, which has land-invasion capabilities. The ship has 1,900 Marines, 30 helicopters and 6–8 AV/ 8B Harrier II. If U.S. marines and assault helicopters came ashore as pawn bait, then the Russians/Chinese would be forced to sink it. The U.S. and its U.K. and French minion commands are speaking in term of sustained assault.

Update: Russia’s Ambassador to the U.K., Zasypkin, said, “If there is a strike by the Americans, then the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired.”

However The New Nationalist suggests the preferred response of the fifth-column traitorous Crime Syndicate and Russia/China will be the Treasury dump and not sinking the Donald Cook or other ships. That would also quickly sink the U.S. into a depressionary spiral.

Since so many American resources have been squandered by the Crime Syndicate on the surveillance, intel and the police state, the U.S. also has no reserve to handle human and economic emergencies. There are also large numbers of people in the U.S. who are hostile to national identity. In dire times, kin, tribe and country become more paramount [see “Britain’s Genocidal Starvation of the Irish — or So-Called ‘Potato Famine’“] and the U.S. paper tiger has diminished and squandered social cohesion as well, leaving only the gulag option when things get desperate. Most of America’s youth seem well suited to be gulag goons.

Who would win: U.S. F-22 or Russia’s SU-57?

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  1. Would like to recall here that Trump has been very rudely attacked & threatened the last few days ever since he said he wanted to exit Syria … similar to the Bill Clinton 1990s ‘impeachment’ farce via Jewish agent Monica Lewinsky, in order to ‘persuade’ Bill to bomb Serbia and kill thousands there, which Clinton balked at, but then did to stay alive

    The fire in Trump Tower reportedly killing a Jewish man, & threatening to burn Trump’s own private apartments, seems like a classic Deep State warning message to Trump … Another Deep State warning message, appears to be in the bizarre FBI raid requested by Robert Mueller the other day, upon the offices Trump’s leading personal lawyer, Jewish Michael Cohen – involved with the Stormy Daniels story … This signals desperate intention to menace Trump personally, & is very edgy territory, breaking the US legal mafia ‘ground rules’, & given Robert Mueller himself is long involved in law firms in deep corruption tied to Hillary Clinton

    • The Stormy Daniels thing was broken open not by herself, but by Trump’s lawyers or some agent thereof. I believe (through my second hand knowledge of someone who coincidentally met her at a horse stable in the Dallas metro and retold me this story) she would have kept that hush money and lived her life. Why would someone given a payout want to renege on the deal and publicly be outed? Again it smells like a blackmail deal. Same story line as Clinton being played for Trump.

    • A frightening East-West ‘confrontation’ seems to be the key element needed as pretext to establish a ‘new world order’

      Trump clearly does not wish to play in this sandbox but he is obviously under total threat and constraint to do so

      Possibly China, Russia & the USA neo-cons are all in this together with Israel and Chabad … a big awful murderous mess up ahead and then Pope Francis at the United Nations to lead us into the open-borders shangri-la

      • that was exactly what I was thinking earlier…they are all in this together and the death theatre will be followed by an outbreak of peace, love, can’t we all just get along, open borders and a single global cryptocurrency…

      • I think it’s funny how similar these American and Russian planes are. Similar is the case with the F-16 vs. the Su-30. I think I heard sometime ago conspiracy theory that Victor Rothschild supplied the Soviet Union with Western blueprints. But whatever, Antony Sutton’s book describes other cases of technology transfer to the Soviet Union. E.g. the Studebaker US6 truck that was exported in large numbers to the USSR union “strongly influenced the USSR’s design of the ZiS/ZiL-151, which, in turn, evolved into the ZiL-157” standard Soviet army truck, but I think even earlier there were designs based on Ford trucks, or the Lisunov Li-2 plane which was a “was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3” produced 1935-52.

        This was a funny quote as well:

        “Trump met Monday in the Oval Office with a delegation of rabbis from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

        The group also briefly met with John Bolton, the incoming national security adviser.”

        But isn’t Chabad-Lubavitch strong in Russia with good relations to Putin?

        On the other hand it sometimes it seems there’s some genuine push from somewhere to get the US out of Europe and to emphasize that NATO is obsolete. (While Russia and China are in some kind of military alliance, but that’s not globalism, right.) That could theoretically leave Europe exposed to Russia. (Staged wars and conflicts or not, the USSR once did occupy eastern parts of Europe.)

  2. My take after reading the (I think terrific) writings of Jeffrey Snider (Real Clear Markets / Alhambra), is that the ‘China selling Treasuries’ idea is not really a very powerful tool in their hands. A few trillion like that is not much relative to the trillions printed in the last decade, or what can be printed still yet, or the trillions of credit power that have disappeared since 2007. China ‘dumping’ will be immediately offset by mysterious ‘buyers’, e.g., printed money channelled through the Caymans etc.

    The power of the dollar, I learned from Snider, has more to do with its stickiness as the core in the current international pyramid of credit, and until the world debt & credit system blows up as a whole – hitting China as hard as anyone, with China’s maybe 40 trillion of dodgy debt – the Treasuries etc, as I understand it, will tend to limp along.

    • I really disagree with that assessment. Treasuries are still in bubble mode- and losing the marginal creditors will add up quickly. The Fed itself is reducing its holdings at $30 billion a month this quarter. The CS won’t raise a finger. It won’t take much of a back up to cause havoc. The Chinese will be hurt also but unlike the US has a cohesive population and society that will be a source of strength.

      • I haven’t read Snider but arguably the petro dollar is ‘core in the current international pyramid of credit’ and is essentially a confidence issue. The $ is the defacto reserve currency and that’s unlikely to change, ergo if things get very rough it will be the most credible of the paper currencies on global streets, regardless of the enormous balloon that is stocks, bonds and the trillions of ‘debt’ we all mysteriously owe to our banking overlords…

      • Jeffrey Snider this week on the illusion of China’s ‘Treasury reserves’

        The size of your reserves reflects, and is proportional to, your potential need for funding. You can’t accumulate that many unless you have a similarly arrayed ‘dollar short.’

        There is no ‘bet’ in either direction, instead there has been an accumulation of positions that leave parts of the system in what is really a synthetic short … The ‘short’ is not really dollars so much as funding liabilities. It’s the same way as other global banks are ‘short’ the same things; the ‘short’ relates to the funding mismatch (maturity) between short-term interbank borrowing (globally) on the liability side supporting and maintaining longer duration loan or security assets. Once you create those ‘dollar’ assets, you are on the hook for funding them, in ‘dollars’, until they are disposed of – voluntarily or not.

        It leaves the internal Chinese system with a further process mismatch, whereby the central bank is synthetically long ‘dollars’ while the private banks are synthetically short them. The PBOC still accumulates the vast majority of ‘reserves’ given its role in regulating internal versus external liquidity.

        The level of accumulated reserves tells us something important about the nature of the existing ‘dollar short’. The more that ended up … as a ‘reserve’ silo or synthetic long, was because of the amount flowing into the second level creating the synthetic short.

        The PBOC (through various transactions) began to ‘supply’ funding out of its synthetic long so as to avoid the worst consequences of the second level’s ‘short’ spiraling out of control.

        CNY despite the PBOC holding the biggest ‘dollar long’ ever conceived … was completely runover by the eurodollar system.

  3. Interesting tid bit from Singapore today….

    SINGAPORE – An application to register a company to be run by
    historian Thum Ping Tjin and freelance journalist Kirsten Han has been
    rejected, with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (Acra)
    citing its registration as being “contrary to Singapore’s national

    The proposed company, OSEA Pte Ltd, was “clearly political in nature”, said Acra.
    OSEA Pte Ltd was to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of a British-registered company called OSEA UK.

    Acra said OSEA UK has received a grant of USD$75,000 (S$98,138) from a
    Swiss charitable foundation, Foundation Open Societies Institute

    FOSI is closely associated with Open Society Foundations (OSF), founded and led by billionaire investor George Soros, said Acra.

    In a statement, the authority said that what happens in other
    jurisdictions is not the concern of the Singapore Government. OSF and
    FOSI, and other foreign philanthropies and groups, can fund whatever
    causes they like elsewhere.

    “In Singapore, however, our position is that none of them can be
    allowed to fund Singaporean organisations or individuals participating
    in our domestic politics. The registration of OSEA Pte Ltd would
    therefore be contrary to Singapore’s national interests,” it said.

  4. Was this the second or third staged / false flag gas attack in Syria since Obama‘s red line? I read that Trump has already attacked a Syrian air base last year with 60 Tomahawk missiles in a symbolic gesture/ retaliation. How can anyone take these events at face value anymore? It‘s such a deja vu…

  5. Well, the big question has been posed; are they in this together-Russia, US and China, or was this false flag truly the work of zionists and the US/UK coalition?

    In view of the fact that all 4 participants have core zionist financial advisors largely picked from either Chabbad-Lubavitch sources or the University of Goldman-Sachs, it’s hard to believe that it isn’t coordinated despite some very convincing bluster on the Russian end. The GCR, as it’s called, stands to shake the world at large even though we will be hit hardest here in the US.

    One interesting take on it all is that it is the precursor to a New World Order on the order of either 1984 or Brave New World. I’m inclined to think it’s 1984. Some sources I’ve read have indicated that US will be booted out of Europe and have even referred to the Russia/Europe axis as Eurasia, straight out of 1984. If you reread the book, as I did recently, it begins to make incredible sense.

    Much of the technology is already in place with massive surveillance, predictive software, facial recognition and SMART TVs already in production at Samsung that stay on all day but turn into artworks when you’re not watching them. You can bet they will be recording all the time. Engineered shortages make a lot of sense for population control and other aspects of Orwell’s work appear to be bubbling up to the surface.

    The theory that a population reduction event is in the offing seems pretty plausible as well. Numerous sources, Georgia guidestones, reports from Nick Rockefeller among others have indicated that the ideal global population should be around 500 million. And while all manner of medical and food sabotage has been employed to reduce sperm counts, shorten life spans, increase cancer rates, and damage our kids, it hasn’t been enough it seems. Not to mention the Cabal penchant for mass sacrifice.

    Chemtrails and endless increases in disruptive high end microwave radiation are affecting our emotional and psychological well-being to the extent that it would be easy to seduce the population into support. People will go willingly to their death if the right microwave frequencies are employed.

    Trump is a puzzle. Sometimes he appears to be a light warrior, pulling us out of Syria, firing Tillerson, Bannon and others. But I’m often suspicious that it’s all a show. One of the most damning photos is of him with his hands on a crystal ball along with Salman of Saudi Arabia and Sisi of Egypt. That was no cultural ceremony celebrating the opening of the Global Center for Combatting Extremist ideology in Riyadh. Thoughts?

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