Sex Offender Epstein Settles 1 Suit, But More to Come

PHOTO: New York Post

By Curt Anderson | 4 December 2018

MIAMI HERALD (AP) — A decade ago, Florida financier Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving underage girls and got 13 months behind bars. What the public and his accusers didn’t know at the time was that he had secretly struck a deal with federal prosecutors that spared him from charges that could have put him away for the rest of his life.

When the deal finally came to light years later, it immediately raised suspicions that Epstein — a man who counted Bill Clinton and Donald Trump among his friends and had some of the finest legal talent in America as his lawyers — had used his wealth and political connections to win special treatment.

Those allegations flared anew in recent weeks as news organizations, led by The Miami Herald, published interviews with the alleged victims and took a closer look at Alexander Acosta, who as the U.S. attorney in Miami in 2008 approved the secret deal. Acosta is now Trump’s secretary of labor. […]

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  1. The “Q”uack’s are telling us military tribunals are coming and all these pedophiles(except the son of God, Donald Trump)will either do life sentences’s in Gitmo or will actually be hung for their crimes of treason and pedophilia. The also say McCain and Bush were executed in a plea deal to keep from being exposed and convicted of their crimes.

    I’m sure they will also be anxiously awaiting Santa Claus, who Is to bring them a bag full of indictments for all manner of swamp creature’s.

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