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Police Officer, Government Attorney Jailed for Raping a Baby and Filming It

Welsh government lawyer John Ryan-Guess and police officer Dean Roberts, who were jailed for sexual assault of children, met in an online chat room. Enjoy prison, fellas. PHOTO: BBC/South Wales Police

Welsh Government Lawyer and PC Jailed for Child Sex Abuse

6 August 2018

BBC — A police officer who raped a toddler has been jailed along with a Welsh Government lawyer for his part in child sex abuse.

South Wales Police officer Dean Roberts got 12 years after admitting one count of rape and five indecent assaults.

Lawyer John Ryan-Guess was handed 20 years for 37 charges, including sexual assault and making indecent images.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Ryan-Guess, 43, also admitted aiding and abetting Roberts to commit sexual assault.

The pair had met on an online chat forum called Kik.

Prosecutor James Wilson said Ryan-Guess also filmed young girls in public, including at a supermarket and a swimming pool.

After police found videos on his phone of him carrying out sexual assaults on children, he told officers he had been interested in young girls all his life and found them arousing.

Ryan-Guess, who no longer works for the Welsh Government, found out about the Kik online messenger service where he shared thousands of images, as well as one live stream of him abusing a child. […]

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  1. Scotland yard will protect them with soft jail time, because their bosses do the same thing behind closed doors.

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