Pedophilia Rampant in Entertainment, Media, Church, and Much More

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In an Aug. 6 interview with “Lift the Veil’s” Nathan Stolpman, 29-year-old Oregon resident Michael Whalen tried to blow a whistle on what he believes is a child sex abuse and trafficking ring in Portland. In addition to describing what he personally witnessed in the Portland party scene, Whalen recounted his own horrific experiences of sex abuse and trafficking as a child at the hand of his stepfather.

YouTube has since removed the video from Stolpman’s channel. A message in the video window states, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.” 

How does a man’s tale of his personal experience of childhood sex abuse get classified as spam, deceptive practices or a scam? Is YouTube saying they don’t believe him? Is this yet another YouTube knee-jerk reaction to a complaint from abusers and their ilk? Is YouTube itself a pedo- and pervert-justice warrior (PJW) infestation?

Meanwhile, within a half hour of posting our Voodoo Doughnut article at Reddit’s r/conspiracy forum, we were permanently banned from the forum. It has become increasingly evident that this subreddit is overrun with pedo debunkers (aka PJWs). But perhaps it’s even worse than that. Could some of the mods be pedos or agents of pedos themselves? The quality of r/conspiracy has spiraled downward of late. It’s  crawling with trolls and increasingly resembles YouTube and Facebook.

Curiously, our post “MEDIA BLACKOUT: Israel Wages Bombing Campaigns on Gaza, and US News Networks Aren’t Broadcasting the Siege” was pulled down at r/Palestine, and TNN was banned there as well. And Torchy was banned permanently banned from r/Germany for posting “The Jewish Inquisition: Canadian Woman, 59, Arrested in Germany for Thought Crime, Faces 18 Years in Prison.” Inquiring minds would like to know: Who or what is moderating/infesting r/Palestine and r/Germany? Can’t imagine it’s Palestinians running r/Palestine.

We suggest the same general element is involved with the lot.

You’ve been banned from participating in r/conspiracy

subreddit message via /r/conspiracy[M] sent an hour ago

You have been banned from participating in r/conspiracy. You can still view and subscribe to r/conspiracy, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

We have been effectively shut down at Twitter. TNN is shadow banned there, meaning we can only communicate with the small echo chamber of folks who follow us. Hashtags and direct tweeting doesn’t work.

We’ve also noticed Tuesday that the popular alt-media blog Fellowship of the Minds was taken down by WordPress. This blog has been heavily into pedogate coverage. The involvement of WordPress in suppression marks a whole new and disturbing level, as most bloggers — including TNN — use this platform.

Pedo Death Squads

Also on Tuesday, reports emerged that investigator Jenny “Taskforce” Moore had died. Moore, a whistle blower and former cop with California’s Tracy Police Department, has been investigating child trafficking rings tied to the Washington, D.C. area and elsewhere for more than a year.

Moore was found dead on Aug. 12 in a Washington, D.C. hotel room. Early indications are that she suffered a brain hemorrhage. It is presumed the hemorrhage that caused her death is directly related to an blind assault she suffered about a year ago. She was severely beaten by three assailants and told to keep quiet. The beating was so harsh and debilitating that it caused her permanent physical damage. Despite this, the incredibly brave and vigilant woman didn’t let up on her investigations. It’s unclear if these same assailants returned to finish her off, or if her death was merely a consequence of the previous assault.

Some reports indicate Moore had been threatened again recently. The lock on the door of the hotel room in which her body was found was said to be “jammed.” A D.C. coroner’s initial report states she died of a seizure.

Moore had a master’s degree in psychology and often worked with abused and traumatized children. She conducted both official and unofficial investigations into trafficking rings. During the past few months, she produced her own videos on YouTube in which she documented her experiences of working with victims of sexual abuse and witnesses to sexual abuse within the military, such as U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan who were told to “stand down” when attempting to come to the aid of children suffering from sexual abuse.

In addition to the investigative info, her videos on YouTube showed her efforts to report child trafficking abuses and evidence to federal authorities, such as ICE. Authorities were unwilling to even accept evidence or hear her concerns. Signs of more infestation?

Here is Jenny Moore’s last YouTube video on Aug. 8, when she announced she was finished with YouTube’s suppression and was moving her channel to Bitchute.

The so-called “Smiley Face” killings — a label broadly applied to cases involving bodies of young men found in water — hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, but TNN believes these are sadomasochistic murder rings with police and coroner involvement and/or cover ups.

We are seeing cases almost on a daily basis of pedos in police, judicial or entertainment being arrested. Here is a horrific baby rape case involving a police officer and a government prosecutor in Wales.

In June, Joel Davis, chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, was arrested in New York. He faces charges of enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography and receipt and distribution of child pornography.

And it doesn’t help matters when it’s further confirmed that the Catholic church has been systematically involved with pedophilia for decades. A just-released bombshell grand jury report from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court concludes that 301 members of the Catholic clergy molested over 1,000 child victims amid a “systematic” cover up by church leaders spanning over seven decades. It’s the second major Catholic-pedophile scandal this week following a raid conducted in Chile at the Catholic Episcopal Conference.

Pennsylvania Attorney Gen. Josh Shapiro said at a Tuesday press conference in Harrisburg that while 1,000 victims were identified in the grand jury report, members of the grand jury believe there are more. The “real number” might be “in the thousands,” because some records were lost and some victims were afraid to come forward.

It’s not only tolerated abuse, it’s an infestation of important institution, which in turn leads to Luciferian-style hyper-relativism. What then transpires is that more extreme deviants are able to flourish under this cover and the see-no-evil philosophy injected into society.

As the James Gunn and Dan Harmon cases proved, pedos infest children’s entertainment and communicate about it openly. [See “Nope, Skits and Jokes About Raping Babies Aren’t Funny and Never Will Be“]

Also this week, Tom Wysom, 55, of Ottawa, Canada, was convicted for the possession and distribution of child pornography. At the time of his arrest, Wysom had more than 60,000 images child porn as well as at least 1,625 videos. According to IMDB, Wysom was an animator and character builder for 26 episodes of “My Little Pony” and 23 episodes of “Littlest Pet Shop” between 2012 and 2015.

The sexually suggestive imagery in children’s programming is endless. Symbolism is a subliminal form of brainwashing. Conducted as extensively as it has been done to younger generations in recent decades, the next thing you know is products of this abuse will show up everywhere — on police forces, in social services agencies, the arts, entertainment and politics. This is a self-promoting cult. These people operate as a tight-knit in-group and cover for each other.

It’s truly shocking — even to the folks at TNN — how pervasive this is. Pro-pedo YouTube is rife with videos exploitative of children. One such example TNN covered, #Elsagate, was finally removed but only after receiving tens of million of views and thousands of complaints. Sometimes even we feel like slowly boiling frogs. The heat is quite high, and it’s time to react — especially on the issue of censoring and suppressing those who try to expose the criminality.

Here is but a sample of what’s out there. Yes, laugh and scoff, PJW suckers. The image below is from “Elmo and Rosa’s Music Play Date.” The room is called the Monster’s Clubhouse. The “little boy lover” pedo symbol is visible at top center of the frame and part of the “little girl lover” butterfly symbol is at right.

Elmo’s brushes with pedos goes back to 2012. In Kevin Clash’s case, the issue was under-age boys 15 and 16 back when he was in his mid-30s. Formerly an integral member of “Sesame Street,” Clash resigned as Elmo’s voice and puppeteer when three men filed lawsuits claiming that they had sex with him while they were underage teens. Per usual, we saw the apologists at Slate defending him.

Source: FBI

The character “Elly the Elephant” has the pedo-symbols on her knees in the kid vid “Pocoyo.” 

8 Comments on Pedophilia Rampant in Entertainment, Media, Church, and Much More

  1. The coroner is the weakest link in the State. Bribe or threaten him and anyone can be made to disappear.

  2. The coroner is the weakest link in the State. Bribe or threaten him and anyone can be made to disappear.

  3. Disney is the worst on this. A channel that used to run Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea 25 years ago is running some sick shit today. I dare not even try to look up any of the shows for examples. Cartoons and books are focusing on SJW issues now instead of personal development and individualism. As torchy has noted, fast paced shows with explosions of bright flashy pastel colors and retarded characters teach our kids how to act. At least for now the adult oriented Looney Tunes (bugs and daffy) retain some form of normalcy to a bygone era. It is a constant battle for my wife and I to keep crap away from our son, from friends and family unaware of what their own kids are doing. We have an inlaw whose three daughters 8, 4, 2 all watch youtube videos on smart phones constantly with full access to the internet. Their dimwit mother has no clue nor understands the ramifications. This is by design though…

  4. I find this profoundly disturbing. I am deeply saddened by the death of Jenny Moore; “Task Force” was the affectionate nom de guerre bestowed I think by James Webb whose U-Tube series I imagine many TNN readers follow.

    He has some memorial and info videos up today – v hard to watch.

    I emerge briefly from my interior emigration to thank the TNN crew for the work they do and have done for already multiple years. Please, please be careful.

  5. Thankfully this shit show as cancelled by NBC after on season. Rise, based on Frank Wedekind’s “Spring Awakening” except in the urban confines of Pennsylvania. It was meant to challenge the sexuality of the old order and usher in a new liberal sexual era. Modernized in 2006 thanks to pop/indie musician Duncan Shiek with glorious song titles such as “Totally Fucked, The Bitch of Living, and The Dark I Know Well”. All that is good and fine and expected of modernist theater, but the show by NBC revolved around high school students performing this play at their school theatre. Broadway and professional stage performances featured group masturbation scenes, suicide, rape and sadomasochism.

    NBC, the family channel!

  6. I was recently watching this my nieces, seemed tame in its plot, but soon a nefarious scene emerged quite common in NetFlix programming. Once I saw it i stopped and stared at my wife in disbelief, “what the F did we just see?”. The kids laughed thinking it comedic, but to the untrained….

    Don’t let your kids watch Netflix’s Duck Duck Goose childrens movie (NSFW)

  7. Really surprised WordPress has not shut down my blog yet, considering it strongly opposes Talmudic Jewry and Christian Zionism, among other things…celebrity hypocrisy (which I satirize in my Prodigal Band trilogy novels).

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