The Jewish Inquisition: Canadian Woman, 59, Arrested in Germany for Thought Crime, Faces 18 Years in Prison

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In Germany, it’s apparently socially encouraged to flaunt one’s sexual perversions, to capitalize on sexual perversion, to teach children about sexual prevision and to look the other way when migrants from second- and third-world countries commit grotesque acts of sexual perversion and rape against their own young folks.

But heaven help you if you question the holocaust or use the J-word in anything other than a flattering or sympathetic context. Financially powerful and politically connected international Jewish organizations are conducting an international Jewish Inquisition. Within the European Union countries, it appears that Germany is running the shit show — just as with most things E.U.-related.

Germany has become so oppressive that a person can’t even joke around by making a Nazi salute in a selfie without being arrested and threatened with a three-year prison term and/or forced to pay a hefty civil penalty.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or a German citizen. It may not matter if your comments were made in your home country where such draconian laws don’t exist. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts were formally published or if it was just something you shared on social media.

If you’re a lawyer who defends those charged with the thought crime of holocaust revisionism, you could find yourself behind bars. And don’t even think about attending any “holocaust denier” trials. If you do, you could find yourself arrested right outside the courtroom and hauled off to jail, if you’re fingered as someone sympathetic to the defendant.

Scotland is another locale to add to the list of places to avoid. You don’t have to be a “history revisionist” or an actual anti-Semite to find yourself in legal trouble. All you have to do is offend a Jew, say perhaps with a humorous pet video on Youtube, to find yourself threatened with jail time and paying fat fines.

The Little-Known, Orwellian Case of Monika Schaefer

The case of Monika Schaefer may be setting a new precedent in terms of the power of a special-interest group in exerting its influence beyond jurisdiction, beyond international borders and beyond our universal principles of human rights.

Monika, age 59, and her brother, Alfred Schaefer, age 63, are first-generation Canadian-born citizens of German heritage. Their parents migrated from Germany to Canada in 1951, but it’s not clear if the parents ever relinquished their German citizenship. Germany doesn’t typically allow dual citizenship with the U.S. and Canada. Today, Monika lives in Canada and Alfred in Germany.

Alfred has a Youtube channel under the name of “Alfred S.” that “contains several videos of the siblings questioning the existence of Nazi death [not labor or prison] camps during the Second World War,” according to The Star newspaper in Toronto.

In June 2016, Alfred recorded a video of Monika titled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” and posted it to Youtube. It’s not clear whether it was filmed in Canada or Germany. I’m going to describe the video to you in these next paragraphs in case it’s removed from the Internet, but I encourage you to just skip to the video below and watch for yourself.

Disclaimer: This is Schaefer’s view, not the view of The New Nationalist (TNN). Don’t kill the messenger. We are trying to report the story. We don’t agree with her points, nor are we experts. However, that said, all history is constantly revised to varying degrees, except this one. And we very much doubt anybody has all the answers on this issue. Our primary objective is allow the public to glean first hand what is landing people in prison. 

In her 5-minute folksy monologue, Monika plays the fiddle and talks to camera. She begins by reminiscing about the bullying she faced as a young girl because of her family’s German culture and post-war hostility toward Germans. Monika recounts learning about the holocaust in grade school and recalls the way she scorned her mother for allowing the holocaust to happen.

Monika’s mother told her that they simply didn’t know such atrocities were taking place around them in Germany, but it seems young Monika didn’t believe her.

Fast forward at least 50 years, and middle-aged Monika is still asking the same the questions about the holocaust: How could this happen, and why didn’t somebody do something to stop it?

Through extensive research aided by the Internet, Monika says she began to understand why her mother didn’t know: It never happened. Monika says the very thing that many people suspect but dare not speak aloud: The Nazi camps were forced-labor camps, not extermination camps; and she claims Jews (and others) died en mass of typhus outbreaks, not gas chambers.

“When I started to look at the evidence, and I researched, and I researched and I researched, and the lies are coming apart, this house of cards is crumbling, and that is why there is this very fierce reaction against what I’m saying, because this lie, this public myth, has shaped our world,” Monika says.

She calls the holocaust the “most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history,” then concludes with an apology to her now-deceased mother.

Without further ado, here’s Monika’s viral video.

Consequence of Effective, Powerful Messages

This simple video transformed Monika “from an unknown [Green Party] political candidate to one of western Canada’s most recognizable Holocaust deniers,” according to Vice. Her other indefensible behavior during the last two years was “a collaboration with a well-known Albertan conspiracy theorist” at the University of Lethbridge, one professor Anthony Hall, who thinks Zionist elements were behind 9/11 and has pushed for an open debate on the holocaust.

Had Schaefer appeared before a Nazi flag, sporting tattoos and face piercings, and delivered an angry rant, she would be disregarded by normies as a loon or a joke. Instead, her demeanor and lack of trigger words and imagery allows her to deliver a message.

This video got Monika, a self-employed violin instructor, expelled from Green Party politics — the party known for tree-hugging, socially sensitive hippy types. She lost friends and was ostracized in her community.

Canadian state media reports:

[Ken] Kuzminski used to be friends with Schaefer but says that all changed after he saw her video. He says many people have approached him in the town of Jasper in disbelief over what Schaefer has said.

“It is a hate crime in my mind and I believe it should be investigated as such,” said Kuzminski, who is also the president of the local Legion in Jasper.

He says Schaefer is no longer welcomed at the legion.

Kuzminski filed a complaint with the Alberta and Canadian Human Rights Commission, citing Schaefer’s denial of the Holocaust as hate speech.

Several Jewish groups also sent letters of complaint about Monika’s “hate speech” and “holocaust denial” to Canadian officials and authorities, but it appears that Canada might not (yet) have the necessary laws in place to prosecute people for speech, thoughts and opinions.

Locked Up Abroad

On Jan. 3 of this year, German authorities arrested Monika in Munich. She was in the country visiting family and decided to attend the trial of Sylvia Stolz, who is a defense lawyer who was on trial at that time in Munich for “holocaust denial” during her presentation on free speech at a 2012 conference in Switzerland (a non-E.U. country).

Previously, Stolz had faced charges that resulted from providing a client a strong defense in a “holocaust denier” case. Given that she was serving in a legal capacity, it was a particularly onerous charge. At her second trial in January related to her free speech presentation in Switzerland, Germany sentenced her to a 20-month prison term and barred from practicing law for five years.

Germany authorities arrested Monika during a brief recess in Stolz’s trial.

The following day, the Canadian branch of the Jewish world organization B’nai Brith sent out a self-congratulating press release announcing Monika’s arrest and praising German authorities. Canadian state media reports:

B’nai Brith officials said the group had filed complaints against Schaefer with German officials because of her “anti-Semitic incitement.”

Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in Germany. Under Germany’s Incitement to Hatred laws, those found guilty of denying the Holocaust could face a maximum of five years in prison.

“German officials should be commended for taking action against Holocaust denial,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, in a statement.

“We will continue to work, even across borders, to ensure that racism and bigotry find no haven in Canada.” …

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center said it confirmed through the Bavarian State Police that Schaefer had been arrested on charges related to Holocaust denial.

Apparently Monika’s video earned her a hot spot on B’nai Brith’s watch list. The organization was just waiting for an opportunity to dispatch her. The Star reports:

B’nai Brith Canada has been monitoring the Schaefer siblings’ “hateful” online videos for years and was among the groups that notified German authorities about the 2016 video, which was made in Germany, said the group’s CEO Michael Mostyn.

“Over time, these videos got worse and worse,” he said. “Eventually, we believe that they slipped up. While Holocaust denial may be distasteful and despicable, it’s not illegal in Canada, but it is in Germany.” …

“Whereas only a few years ago, you had some extremists in their basement printing off a couple cardboard copies of their vile Nazi propaganda … the internet and social media has completely changed the game,” he said.

“That’s why B’nai Brith in Canada feels it is so important that when you have some of the new leaders of this movement that are out there pushing this vile, dehumanizing propaganda, that they face legal consequences whenever possible.”

German authorities have charged Monika with six counts of “incitement of the people” for publishing multiple videos denying the Holocaust, a spokeswoman for Munich’s public prosecutor’s office told The Star. The maximum penalty for each case is up to three years imprisonment, he said. This means she faces a prison term of up to 18 years. For a person 59 years of age, an 18-year prison term equates to a life sentence.

Monika has been in jail since her arrest on Jan. 3. Her trial began on July 2 and is set to continue until Aug. 17.

Grizzom is a must-see blog following her trial via the comments section. It’s a highly insightful peek into the trial and highly intelligent discussion of its elements.  

Human Rights — But Only When Convenient

It appears that Canada is not intervening on her behalf, nor are any human rights groups. The media, which should always champion the right of free speech no matter how offensive, is instead not even bothering to question the ability of special interest groups to exert their influence abroad to have a foreigner arrested for speech.

In fact, Monika’s prosecution is a violation of international human rights.

On July 9, Grizzom commentor “Zapapor” wrote:

Readers might expect that Alfred and Monika could seek protection from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – adopted by the United Nations in 1966 and supposedly in force since 1976, protecting basic human rights such as freedom of expression. Article 19 of this Covenant states “Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.” It continues: “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.”

The third paragraph of Article 19 then qualifies these rights by accepting that they can be restricted, but only by laws which are necessary “for respect of the rights or reputations of others” or for protecting national security, public order, public health or morals. Article 20 goes on: “Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.”

There are obvious problems and potential contradictions here, and it is not surprising that there have been attempts to clarify the Covenant’s meaning. The UN’s Human Rights Committee has periodically issued commentaries for this purpose, and in 2011, the Committee’s “General Comment 34” offered some hope to criminalized dissident historians and others by stating: “Laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the Covenant imposes on States parties in relation to the respect for freedom of opinion and expression.” A footnote referred specifically to the case of the French revisionist historian and expert on documentary analysis Professor Robert Faurisson.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ironically enough, was created in 1948 in order to better define “the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany.” The charter was adopted and ratified by 48 countries. Germany was not among them.

Wiki notes: “Some legal scholars have argued that because countries have constantly invoked the Declaration for more than 50 years, it has become binding as a part of customary international law. However, in the United States, the Supreme Court in Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain (2004), concluded that the Declaration ‘does not of its own force impose obligations as a matter of international law.’ Courts of other countries have also concluded that the Declaration is not in and of itself part of domestic law.”

So it appears no one and nothing is going to save Monika’s neck from the noose. But it seems to me that, in the very least, the burden of proof should be on the state to prove Monika “incited hate.” Otherwise, this is nothing more than a potential life sentence for expressing her thoughts and opinions.

TNN Takeaway: Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter what Monika or her brother’s beliefs are or what they said on Youtube. The universal human right of free speech should always be defended no matter how offensive it may be. Americans fought this war. It’s time for good Germans to do the same. Meanwhile, the tyrannical and hypocritical arrogance of the E.U./German government must be brought to light and called out both domestically and internationally. Please share this story.

52 Comments on The Jewish Inquisition: Canadian Woman, 59, Arrested in Germany for Thought Crime, Faces 18 Years in Prison

    • By the way, when I became aware of the arrrest and the circumstances surrounding it, I offered the strong possibility that both Alfred and Monika wanted to get arrested, which, IMO,makes them wanna be marters for the cause or “controlled”. Also, listen to Alfred talk about killing Jews while Monika is in prison and one has to hope he’s working for the Jews because otherwise, he’s likely insane.
      The sad thing is, Monika may lose control of much of the rest of her life in the belief their arrest would galvanize a flouride drunk goyyim populace to revolt world wide. What has occurred instead is a controlled opposition revolt for TOmmy Robinson. Really bad reading of the facts on the ground here

      • IMO, it doesn’t really matter. See the TNN Takeaway for the point of the article. Your point is well taken though, too. It might be an attempt to affect a legal precedent.

    • TNN will not take a position at this time. I have my opinion and, as an American, I should be able to express that opinion without legal consequence. But what if I travel to Germany? This is an important case to watch.

    • It should be called positionS, not a position. My positionS are that there was a shared holocaust involving numerous peoples including Germans. The Jews had their holocaust there is no denying, but the particulars need honest reworking.

      The biggest crime of Nazi Germany in terms of human suffering was their fanatical last stand, fight to the bitter end. The last nine months of the war is where the human loss mounted up, and Jews were low neglected imprisoned people on the totem pole. And the Allies were more than willing to bomb everybody. You have completely defenseless cities to air attack and you fight on in a lost cause?

      Then there is this kind of shit from Goebbels diary: May 4, 1944 (II.12.232)
      “In Budapest the Jews are starting to be gathered into ghettos. The ghettos are built in the vicinity of the armament factories, because air attacks are likely there. It is hoped thereby to avoid British-American attacks on Budapest, if at all possible.”

      If Hitler was removed in July, 1944, then Germany could have held out in a defensive position in the East and folded in the West saving millions. Instead failing set off a tempest. Why did they fight the Battle of the Bulge (16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945) ? Why did they hold out so strong in Hürtgen Forest (biggest American losses of the European war 19 September – 16 December 1944)? This lead to the loss of the lives of millions of civilians and military to a complete breakdown of civilization and total war AFTER defeat. This whole period is hidden history- but the climate now is you can’t examine it closely.

      I have gone to the Warsaw Uprising museum (whole great European city destroyed- 1 August – 2 October 1944; ) , the Cologne Gestapo Musuem, the Munich Center on NS, the Budapest last stand 24 December 1944 – 13 February 1945 wrecked that whole beautiful city. LOOK AT THE DATES! THE WAR WAS ALREADY LOST!

      I went to Auschwitz. Even if you reject the gas chamber theory that place was no picnic. And the scorched earth history further east is more starkness. The Germans were hanging and shooting their own people in droves for defeatism. The Last Stand history is hard to reconcile as anything but high crime insanity and really bothers me.

      If you go to the cemetary in Theresienstadt, Bohemia you can see how this played out. About half of the burials there are Jewish, and half other peoples, ALMOST ALL IN 1945.This split defines the Last Stand holocaust for me. If you examine the dates you will see many expiring weeks and even months after the May 8, 1945 Liberation. So if you were malnourished and sick in a prison camp, and actually survived this ordeal with ruined health and it knocked thirty years off of your life could you call it a personal holocaust? If it was me I would.

      • What about this ‘shit’ from Ilya Ehrenburg the (Jewish) Soviet Propaganda Minister in one of his infamous leaflets distributed in the tens of thousands to the Soviet troops pouring into Berlin in 1945, “Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!”

        Or this..“The Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German before combat. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another – there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German – this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill the German – this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German – this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”

        There never will be monuments or museums to the million+ German women brutally raped or the hundreds of thousands of German civilians murdered by the Soviets. They are just not as important as other people who met horrible ends in WWII.

        The myth of “equality” and “human rights” needs to be buried, never to be disinterred. These pipe-dreams are only realised by those with the political and economic clout to demand and enforce them for themselves. Everyone else can get faroukybarred.

        • True I am aware of that- so why are they wasting top divisions at the Battle of the Bulge? Somebody wearing big boy pants would have put everything in the Eastern defense and let the western Allies, especially someone more sympathetic like Patton, in for a free pass to Berlin.

          • Why indeed! Why did Hitler not press at Dunkirk to either kill or capture 300,000 British troops in 1940, FIVE YEARS!! before the war ended? If he really wanted “peace”, he could have had no better bargaining chip. Only a child would believe that letting the enemy off scot free would magically win him a concession. Millions of lives were destroyed and 100s of German towns bombed to oblivion as a direct result. Why did he disown Hess’ peace flight to the U.K. in 1941, 4 years and millions of lives before the war ended? Why did Standard Oil of the U.S.A. supply the Luftwaffe with the fuel they needed to keep flying and fighting? Why did other prominent Wall Street companies provide both material and financial support to the German “war machine”?

            It appears as if Hitler did everything in his power to ensure the utter destruction of Germany, aided and abetted by Wall Street and the City of London.

            When you read a direct quote of Winston Churchill from Emrys Hughes’ book, “Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace” – “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” – Winston Churchill, 1940, Hitler’s behaviour seems to do nothing other than ensure the fulfillment of Churchill’s desire.

            Truth they say, is stranger than fiction, and you could not make this up. But pull away the layers of gratuitous poppycock that have been built up around the criminal slaugherhouse enterprise, (with slaugherer-in-chief Winnie Churchill and his much maligned sidekick Adolf Hitler), that is WWII, and you will find that the facts speak for themselves.

            • Strange indeed. It is almost like two weeks before Kristallnacht 9–10 November 1938, the skillful leader AH the First, who unified Austria and German Sudeten to Greater Germany, restored national honor and the economy was hijacked by AH #2, a riverboat gambler, wild man and bumbler. You can’t make this stuff up.

              • Hitler didn’t want war. Hitler was somewhat equivalent to Iran today. The fact they did as well as they did was a credit to the fascist spirit. I sort of assume Jews wished for a long drawn out war to wreek the necessary horror. Recall WW I could have ended with both sides in tact had Jews not offered England a huge sudden advantage in 1917
                Once war begins, Jews make it last till their objectives are either reached or become unreachable and those objectives never have a thing to do with the welfare of the goyim.
                this is what you should be focussed on, not rationalizing why the Jews are right to scream “Holocaust!@”
                Rather than attacking your side, don’t you think it more honest to attack the tyrants? Rather than blame your side which I find astounding, you should be attacking Jewish behavior.
                Our side has stagnated in infighting which I find this example here, on point. Hitler is the only goy in 500 years to win against Jewish power if only for ten years. They literally disempowered the Jews after Jews had been on a 400 year roll of success
                That’s why we had a WW (WW means Jewish war)
                But you ignore all that and call Hitler an idiot and reaffirm there was a Jewish holocaust.?

                • We attack Jewish tyranny constantly. Did you read the core article above?

                  And yes beyond November, 1938 Hitler #2 morphed into a bad actor and incompetent.The Last Stand issue alone confirms that. So were Churchill and Stalin, thus we got a huge war with that crew.

                  Let me be clear once again – there was a universal holocaust not just a Jewish one. The causa proxima of most of it was Last Standism. Do some study on the last year of the war. The particulars were different from the common narrative, but they were hammered. How many- who really knows. I think it was similar to what the US did in Iraq and Fallujah for example. Jews can’t lay sole claim to it, and I don’t know how to be any more clear about that.

                • My WWI history is lacking compared to other things, what did the Jews gift to England in 1917?

              • Russ Winter wrote:
                >Strange indeed. It is almost like two weeks before Kristallnacht 9–10 November 1938, the skillful leader AH the First, who unified Austria and German Sudeten to Greater Germany, restored national honor and the economy was hijacked by AH #2, a riverboat gambler, wild man and bumbler. You can’t make this stuff up.<

                i met a guy, very much into WW2 history. He claimed that the whole close staff around AH was replaced, and that the tone and character of his "tischgespraeche" -"tabletalks" – where AH would entertain his guests with his thoughts and plans on various topics – and written down – would undergo a change shortly before the outbreak of war. If true, that would confirm your thesis.
                Or was he drugged up? Reality is stranger than fiction.

          • I don’t think we are claiming our leaders were perfect, we are saying don’t blame the Germans for being willing to die rather than allow the Jews to take over again.

            • It’s the Jews that must have total victory to conform with their total world takeover plans. Don’t accept that as an unquestionable given for you to not contemplate. THe war could have ended with Hitler in power but the goal was always to remove an unfriendly adversary to Jewish behavior from power. Hell, are you going to blame Japan for heroshima to? Let’s hear it.

              • Japan was a replay of Last Standism. Sitting there and watching your people slaughtered when the cause is lost is just hard for me to comprehend and grasp. I am just not that evil I guess. Sure blame it on the enemy, but I say put the big boy pants on and work with the reality. That or bring somebody in that will.

                • Russ, the Japanese government offered to surrender in December of 1944. The offer was presented to Douglas MacArthur by official representatives of the Japanese government, and the terms offered were the same terms by which Japan surrendered in August of 1945. Roosevelt rejected the Japanese offer, saying that Japan “hadn’t suffered enough”.
                  You really need to up your game on WW2 history. You seem to be relying on the standard propaganda memes that you were taught perhaps 40 years ago.

                  • I wrote a whole article on this where your points are taken.

                    I also realize “revenge” and retribution would have been metted out regardless. The question is degree and mitigating the situation. Holding out in the bunker until the last second was not the right response.

                    My points on this horrific end game period is that Japan and Germany needed to throw out the old regimes and bring in new less tainted crews not wedded to last standism. Italy did this in 1943 and didn’t fair nearly as badly. The US was not going to deal with Tojo and hardliners or Hitler. Somebody like Rommel would have been handled differently. In Japan the Emperior needed to step up earlier than he did.

                  • Hear that, Russ, you need to bone up on your WWII history. 🙂 Japan’s leaders wouldn’t let the emperor step down — a requirement of the negotiated surrender. After they lost their German ally, some Japanese war leaders wanted all citizens of the country to commit mass suicide and die an honorable death rather than surrender.

                    • Sounds like the fucking (((neocons)))- and probably as long as it is someone else’s kid. Not the optimal negotiating stance either. Major and timely house cleaning was essential with all these losing fanatical Axis regimes.

                • The American soldiers were murdering Japanese soldiers as they surrendered. The same as German soldiers that where surrendering. I will fight to the end also.

          • The British and American armies were deliberately held in check for months by the Roosevelt/Baruch/Morgenthau regime so that Soviet armies could overrun Eastern Europe and capture Berlin.
            Patton’s spearhead was only a mornings drive from the Moselle valley on September 9th 1944. His fuel was promptly turned off and ‘the stall’ became the game plan for the next five months.

            • For those who are not familiar with the Moselle valley, let me clarify. The Moselle valley is a potentially formidable military barrier, if the river is high and it were properly defended. On September 9th, however, the river is very low and can be waded in some places. Furthermore, there were NO defenders. The US commanders knew all this- they had all seen the Moselle valley, because generals always walk the ground that they might someday fight on. They knew from prisoner interrogations that there were no German troops on the Moselle. They also knew well that in a mere three weeks, the very predictable autumn rains would make crossing the river a very hazardous enterprise.
              Beyond the river were the German fortifications known as the Westwall. This was also undefended- and the American high command KNEW this. There was no ammunition in the Westwall’s magazines, no fuel in the generators, no troops at all. Third Army could have been through the Westwall and on the left bank of the Rhine in ten days.

              • I am going to research this from a military angle and write a post. The problem was that they had insufficient fuel to hold the advance. At least that’s the narrative. Also Germany still had military capacity to counterattack once they regrouped. In September, 1944 an advance into Germany would have been no cakewalk unless the Germans folded.

                Also keep in mind that Operation Market Garden had been planned and troops deployed further north at the exact same time (17–25 September 1944) . Other than Patton the Allies weren’t that brilliant at quick reboots and redeployments.

                So I have doubts this Moselle campaign could have been sustained for long at that point as long as Germany fiercely resisted. I was in this region last spring and it is thick hilly forest and tough fighting terrian as the US found soon when they tried to penetrate Huntgen Forest. That began on September 19. Not far away the Romans lost a whole legion to fierce German tribes in these dense forests. It is a forboding place even today.

      • I am not blaming “Germans” I am blaming their leaders for failing to avoid the worst killing period of the war with a hopeless last stand. That was Hitler’s calculation and he was the authoratarian leader. Did the Allies accomodate him, yes you are quite correct there. I am not excusing them either, it takes two to tango.

        The July, 1944 plot was an attempt to avoid the last slaughter. Afterwards is really when the innocents died of all nationalities and creeds. Those plotters deserve high marks for at least trying. Had they succeeded an accomodation could have been made to shorten the war and mitigate the severity of the final phase.

        I just do not agree with your final sentence, not supported by the evidence and yes I am a revisionist.

        • Russ, my understanding (and please correct me where I may be in error or simply wrong) is that the Allies’ insistence on unconditional surrender and the consequent refusal by the Allies to entertain any German back-channel offers to negotiate served to confirm the German belief that unconditional surrender meant the total destruction of the German nation and its people (as called for in the U.S. published book “Germany Must Perish” which I have read that the Germans took quite seriously even though it was not an official U.S. government policy pronouncement). One wonders if hints of the infamous Morgenthau Plan were in the mix as well. Finally, as one of the conspirators in the attempted assassination of Hitler is reportedly to have later said, “We didn’t realize the war was against Germany, not Hitler,” indicating that, in his mind, the death of Hitler would have made no difference. In short, the Germans fought to the bitter end because they believed there was no other choice…and the Allies gave them no reason to think otherwise.

      • If you really want to know why they held out to the bitter end you have disabuse yourself of the feel good version of the ‘GOOD WAR’ and read about the thinking behind the demand for unconditional surrender along with the Morgethau Plan, which was implemented under Directive JSC 1067. More Germans, mostly women and children died or were killed after capitulation than during the war. Aside from the rapes and violent deaths they were only allowed 1200 calories a day. The Red Cross and other humanitarian organization were prevented from providing aid.
        James Bacque in his book ‘Other Losses’ documents the deaths of over 1,000,000 German POW’s in Eisehower’s death camps. They were kept in open fields without shelters or latrines. When it snowed or rained it turned into a quagmire of mud and excrement. They died like flies of disease, exposure and starvation. If civilians tried to slip food or water through the barbed wire they were shot.
        The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were not allowed jurisdiction to inspect the horrific conditions in the death camps. Once you understand what really happened, it will become clear why people who
        challenge certain aspects of the ‘Good War’ propaganda are persecuted and prosecuted.

          • True, all 3 were freaks, but it wasn’t just a freak show that just happened to wreak havoc on Europe, like some sort of random unfortunate event. It was organized madness, with a very definite end goal, which was achieved. Let’s see…

            so ‘Judea’ declared war on Germany in 1933
            Britain then declared war on Germany in September 1939 (seems like Chamberlain took his time responding to the cues from his Judean betters)

            in 1941 Kaufman writes this cheerful book demanding the genocide of a nation…
            Churchill was much more enthusiastic in his response. In fact, one might say he approached his work with a certain relish. 4 years later Germany had practically perished. More than a 1000 German cities, towns and villages were in ruins from concerted fire-bombing. The carnage did not discriminate between soldier and civilian – in fact, in many respects German civilians would have been better off if they had donned military fatigues and carried a rifle into battle, than get cooked alive in a German town by allied fire-bombing.
            This book is a truer account of what happened than any ‘history’ book the average kid will read in the ‘Western’ world…

            So, far from random chaos by the 3 stooges, or freaks, or whatever, there was a definite goal set well before the war officially started, which was fulfilled to the letter, not just at the end of the war in 1945, but the aftermath, including Nuremberg and Morgenthau (the latter of the Judaic persuasion, of course!), ensured that Germany would be forever hobbled, demoralized, and emasculated, only good enough to prop up the Zionist EU project, make cars and machinery, and pay reparations to ‘Holocaust’ “survivors”.

            I think ‘Judea’ won a very well planned, orchestrated and executed war, with very well defined objectives,, but with chaos serving as the smokescreen and the “fog” of war.

            • And not just Germany, but the goyim of Russia. Places like Yugoslavia and Poland were bled out as well. The fate of Romania is odd overlooked hidden history.

              • Isn’t it amazing that the ‘West’ was happy to push itself to the brink of collapse to defeat Hitler, but was very comfortable calling an equally psychotic madman (Stalin) an ALLY!!, and then allow him to sweep up the Baltic countries into his Soviet Union and control the Eastern European nations as Soviet satellites?

                Makes absolutely no sense until you realize that the same Zionist Jews with tentacles in the City of London and Wall St, that controlled FDR and Churchill, also sponsored and fostered Communism in Russia. And they financed Hitler so that the war could drag on for long enough to kill as many Germans as possible. Their fingerprints are all over WWII – it was their project, their enterprise. Cui bono? They were the only group to benefit from the war.

      • ‘Samson option’ mean anything to you? In a nutshell – if we can’t have the world we’ll blow the world up – this little Hebraic mafia syndicate of depraved psychopaths can hold the world to ransom because the big bitch a.k.a. the U.S.A. that it has bent over a barrel, has coughed up nuclear technology by the truckload, while the rabbi explores her hindparts, and every time he leans on her, she sticks her veto finger up at the U.N. so the syndicate’s crimes and depredations always go unpunished.

        Whatever ‘Laststandism’ means, the cult of the Hebraic persuasion seem to have very good form when it comes to making sure swarms of white Christian Europeans die like flies, rather than live in God’s great bounty that Europe is (or has been!) as civilised human beings. In fact the cult seems to be set on a maniacal mission to take the ‘civil’ out of civilization, first Christian civilization, and currently Muslim civilization, with the blowback (“refugees”) annihilating what’s left of Christian civilization in Europe.

        All or nothing. As a commentator here noted, that is their motto. In Europe they wanted nothing less than a complete destruction of the prevailing order – political, religious, social – so that they could exert total influence on the direction Europe took over the next century. For that they needed to smash Europe like a spoilt child upends Lego town because his brother wants to play. They are using the same playbook, the same MO in the Middle East right now, but few can see this, because few know the real story of the World Wars.

        Exhibit 1 – the German peace offer which began in early 1916, involved a ceasefire and return to prewar boundaries, finally rejected in December 1916 by the British, heavily influenced by Zionist pressure not to accept. British PM Asquith resigned as a result. The Zionists would bring the U.S. into the war, and the British would give them Palestine (which wasn’t theirs to give, but that’s another story). Balfour talks started in early 1917 and the U.S. entered the war in April 1917, supposedly because the Germans sank the Lusitania. Yeah right! Result – the war continues for nearly 2 more years. Hundreds of thousands more white Christian Europeans are slaughtered, Germany humiliated at Versailles and the seeds sown for the reaction that would manifest in WWII. Britain is bankrupted and heavily in debt to the Zionist bankers.

        Exhibit 2 – Hitler, assisted heavily by Zionist Wall Street, is duped into letting 300,000 British soldiers go scot free at Dunkirk in 1940. 19 freakin’ 40!!! FIVE YEARS before the horror finally ended. He was duped because they told him he could now focus on fighting his nemesis on the East – Communist Russia. Unfortunately for Hitler and for Europe, Churchill (their bitch) just said ‘thank you’ and attacked him with even more ferocity. The Zionists supplied Hitler with just enough money and materiel to fight a losing war on two fronts that would slaughter millions more white European Christians, devastate Germany, and ruin Europe. Exactly what they wanted.

        In both cases, a potentially peaceful and early solution to the war was scuttled due to Zionist intervention. Millions of lives were lost and European civilization gutted. Devastated countries need money to rebuild and Zionist banksters control the money spigots. Now they could heavily influence the future direction of Europe as they had never done before, up to the creation of the E.U. and beyond to today where supposedly “sovereign” nations have no control over their own borders.

        Devastation was what they wanted, and devastation was what they got. Dresden in February 1945 was totally unnecessary from any military standpoint. Nothing Hitler did provoked that. Churchill would send bombers in with full payloads to smash a new German town every night until his Zionist pimps told him to stop.

        As Churchill said, “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” [Winston Churchill, 1940, as quoted in Emrys Hughes book, “Winston Churchill. British Bulldog: His Career in War and Peace.”]

        Hitler was irrelevant.

  1. There’s a reason all the Western and Russian monarchies were brought down in the 20th C – so we could have “democracy” and draconian “laws” like this one in Germany and elsewhere. The “people” never voted for this. They apparently “vote” (in a patently corrupt and rigged system) for politicians who go ahead and pass whatever they want in the name of the people. Nice little gig if you’re the one pulling the strings. You don’t wear a crown so no one knows who you are. Disinfo abounds. Alex Jones will call you a “globalist”. He might as well call you Puff the Magic Dragon. Ha ha!! Every so often you will offer a politician’s hide to the people as a sacrificial victim for any perceived wrongs. Someone else will replace him and the show will go on.

    It’s devilishly ingenious. In the end, if we lock ourselves in a prison (we have already locked ourselves in a mental prison), it will only be ourselves to blame. After all it’s all “democratic” isn’t it. No king or tyrant to blame. It will be said we did it to ourselves.

  2. Great stuff, the mere thought that believing in something against the grain of the nomenklatura is terrifying. Virtual death sentence with no victims (much like the Volkswagen emissions fiasco).

  3. If Auschwitz was a ‘death camp,’ they why did it have a hospital for inmates? If Auschwitz was a ‘death camp,’ they why did it pay the inmate workers with scrip money they could use in the camp brothel? Look up ‘Monowitz’ which was a huge industrial factory adjacent to Auschwitz that needed tens of thousands of workers each day that came from Auschwitz. If the Nazis were really running ‘death camps,’ why did the SS arrest Karl Otto Koch, commandant of the Buchenwald, then Madjanek concentration camps for being too brutal to inmates, try him in a court of law, then exeuct Koch for being to harsh? Why would the Nazis be concerned about being too brutal to inmates in a so-called death camp?

    “There’s no business like Shoah business…”

  4. So many issues with this, and not just ppl cant boycott the chosenites but also the export-import bank came back

    • Right, and it goes after businesses / corporations by fining them. It’s not entirely dissimilar to the Christian baker story — the guy who didn’t want to make wedding cake for a same-sex civil union. But the Supreme Court’s verdict in favor of the baker this year didn’t seem to provide guidance for the anti-BDS bill. But I think the Corporations Are People decision of 2010 might. TPTB can’t have it both ways.

  5. Sorry I’m late to this but many thanks to everyone. Lots of serious history shared here and clearly nothing like the garbage we are fed in schools and by the media. It is clear there were multiple holocausts in WW2 and essentialy the entire event was a mass sacrfice. In the Zoroastrian Avesta Zarathustra is told not to spill blood on the ground; it would contaminate it. And yet in this very inverted world in which we live this is all we do; this is all our leaders do. It’s not just the zionists or the neocons. I can’t help believing there’s another entity behind it all. We didn’t start out with inverted world; but we are living now and have been for a very long time.

  6. For 70+ years scorn and guilt has been used to destroy Western Christianity by the very people who ORIGINATED genocide.
    “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”
    The Jews BRAG about and SELF DOCUMENT THEIR “holocausting” others and then “PLACE A YOKE” on Gentiles for SUPPOSEDLY doing the exact same thing to them.
    Everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own self-recorded acts/history..
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4 (Being “put out of camp was a Death Sentence0.
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    KILL ALL DISSIDENTS:(Hitler COPIED Moses ordering anyone who questioned him be murdered)
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    SEXUALLY ENSLAVE any females “who have not KNOWN a man”
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    Israel a SOCIALIST state.
    Nazis a SOCIALIST state.
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)

    —— Even TODAY:Jews preach GENOCIDE ——
    (1) For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”
    (2) Rabbi Ophir Wallas of the Bnei David Military Mechina was caught on video teaching young would-be soldiers that Israelis are, from the halachaic point of view, permitted to wipe out Palestinians, and that only fear of massive retaliation prevents that .
    ——— Even TODAY Jews preach RACIAL SUPERIORITY —– Israel Official Talks Master Race and Also

  7. One has to view event x not with respect to whether event x happened or did not happen—the passage of time creates a necessary agnosticism—but rather as a behaviourist would view it: how is event x being used in the world today? It is our time’s most ironic question: how is it possible for enough of the people who were supposedly eliminated to have survived to then eliminate their supposed eliminators? There is something obviously wrong with the logic.

  8. Yep I was drawn to this site by another Henry Makow. Strange when you connect the dots they are atually very sloppy and messy in their self promotion of a historical event. I know Germans and Jews and Ich bin n Berliner. The take over of our monetary system was at the heart of Hitlers Mein Kampf. Lets never forget that money is now used to bulshit us with more holocaust lies and war time propaganda. The war never ended the began building a wall right through Germany so you can see it was a staged managed event. And then say these hypocites the cold war started. What a load of horse shite. They are so desperate the now indoctrinate our kids in Holocaust museums. I think its time we tought our own kids history at home. That should save them from these liars. Viva Palestina and Germany….

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