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Condition Red Revisited: White Male Erasure in Advertising

By Edmund Connelly | 16 December 2021

THE UNZ REVIEW — One year ago, I wrote a massive 7,000-word photo essay demonstrating the disappearance of White males in visual advertising and related areas. It really is a stunning development and simply can’t be missed. From The Occidental Observer, it was picked up by The Unz Review and became my most viewed and commented upon essay I’ve ever done, garnering 730 comments. And I think that’s fair because it was highly informative, visual, intense, and it explained who was deliberately airbrushing the White male out of the mediagenerated visual arena as part of a brutal War on Whites. That long photo essay is even more necessary now because over the last twelve months, there has emerged an unfortunate error in that far too many pro-White writers are now directly blaming blacks for their visual replacement of White males. Blacks, however, have zero agency in this war and are obviously being used as frontline shock troops against the White race, as they have been since the end of the Civil War. The real power, of course, belongs to world Jewry.

Today I am less ambitious than last year and will simply offer an updated reprise of my earlier photo essay, with the goal of exposing new readers to images of White erasure and an explanation of how Jews prosecute this theater of The War on Whites. It should also act as a “booster shot” (those being all the rage this year) for those who read or skimmed last year’s essay. It sure was long, and the way it was broken up into two sections likely encouraged some people to skip Part Two, which was actually the meat of the essay.

For that reason, I will offer here links to last year’s long essay because it is still entirely relevant — maybe more so than before because the White male erasure has actually become more blatant and pervasive, if that’s even possible. […]

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  1. Don’t worry- there will always be plenty of ‘white male shooters’, white male homosexuals, white female to male ‘transgenders’, & white male buffoon characters paraded throughout the MSM whether on shows, ads, or commercials.

    One way or another God will not permit the earth to return to pre-Adamic status. No way did His Son minister, die, resurrect, & ascend for nothing.

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