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Voodoo Taboo: Whistle Blower Drops Doughnutgate Bombshell, Media Fire Back with Hit Pieces

The business' brand mottos are "Good things Come In Pink Boxes" and "The Magic Is In The Hole." PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
source: FBI

Print media plummeted to new lows of hackery last week when it attacked and smeared a victim of ritualistic childhood sexual abuse, who has been trying to blow the whistle on what he alleges is a Portland, Oregon, child sex-abuse ring.

Michael Whalen last week detailed his eye-witness accounts of a local secret to Nathan Stolpman in “Lift the Veil” (LtV) interviews. The following Aug. 4 podcast encapsulates the particulars. I rate this video as a must-view. Start at 00:32:30.

The next video should have been Nathan’s initial interview with Whalen on Aug. 6 [key segment 00:24:20 – 01:03:30]. However, YouTube has apparently taken it down, stating: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.” How does a man’s tale of his personal experience of childhood sex abuse get classified as spam, deceptive practices or a scam? Is YouTube saying they don’t believe him? Or it this yet another YouTube knee-jerk reaction to a complaint? Whatever the case may be, clearly TPTB are trying to shut this down.

This is Nathan’s followup interview with Whalen on Aug. 10 [key segment starts 00:20:20]. Watch it while you still can.

The New Nationalist (TNN) is deeply concerned about the manner and method employed by certain media; specifically, Williamette Week, Media Matters and Newsweek. These publications quickly and without a sign of even the slightest investigative effort, smeared a  whistle blower. What does this say?

The media act as if pedophilia is some sort of urban myth. Facts and evidence indicate otherwise. It exists. Therefore, what justifications do the aforementioned “journos” use for conducting a smear on someone trying to bring it to light? Here are the hit pieces in question, which we will now examine.

Williamette Week’s (WW) article, “Voodoo Doughnut Is at the Center of a Rising Far-Right Conspiracy Theory,” dismisses Whalen’s allegations as just “another right wing conspiracy.” The lead of the story reads, “Voodoo Doughnut has become the latest target of a right-wing conspiracy theory. There’s not a clear reason why conspiracy theorists would target Voodoo, except that it is based in progressive Portland, a recent fixation of the right.”

I have followed this from the beginning. Stolpman, the interviewer in the Voodoo story, describes himself as a Bernie Sanders supporter. He is quite critical of Trump. He considers Qanon to be controlled opposition and mostly disinfo. He considers 4chan a bit sketchy at times.

Whalen describes himself as apolitical but more left-leaning — but he also correctly points out that pedophilia is not a political issue. To be clear to new readers, TNN is not pro-Trump and shares Stolpman’s view of Qanon. What we all share in common is a real concern about serious pedo allegations and organized attempts to either cover it up or normalize it.

So it appears that the WW piece stems from a Media Matters (MM) article called “#Doughnutgate: Online conspiracy theorists target Oregon donut shop with Pizzagate-like claims.” MM casts Pizzagate/Pedogate as political. After very briefly summarizing Whalen’s claims, the MM hit piece takes a convoluted turn and makes it about Alex Jones, Issac Kappy, 4chan and Qanon. This sleight of hand is tricky, because TNN  suspects that all the latter are psyops and controlled opposition. [See “Is the Crime Syndicate Using Alex Jones, Issac Kappy to Turn Up the Heat on the Pot of Boiling Frogs?“]

TNN, which covered the Pizzagate/Pedogate story from Day 1, sees child trafficking as nonpolitical and not a partisan Hegelian-dialectic issue. Why MM would want to position the story in this light is sketchy. One thing is clear though, there’s an attempt to discredit Pedogate whistle blowers. As you may recall, Media Matters founder is David Brock, who’s an Democratic Party political operative and former boyfriend of the man at the center of the Pizzagate controversy, Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis. Thus, MM doth protests too loudly.

The author of the WW hit piece admits he has done no real investigation into Whalen’s allegations. He states, “Representatives from Voodoo did not immediately respond to requests for comment.” No mention of contact with police. This is a lazy, hack reporting off of a script.

The national magazine Newsweek followed with its own story. It states, “Without presenting evidence, Whalen said that abuse by the shop’s owners could also be linked to Pizzagate.” Apparently Newsweek didn’t bother listening to the second interview with the details. Whalen said that three of Voodoo’s employees — one of whom was named as Julie — approached him to confirm that the doughnut shop owners were involved in child sex abuse. Whalen said one of these three people also told him that she was a former employees of Comet in Washington, D.C. Whalen said that he didn’t understand the significance of the Comet information at that time, because he had never heard of Pizzagate.

The voodoo doll and pentagram doughnuts are regular offerings. The doll doughnut has a red berry filling that oozes like blood and guts.

The details are surreal, probably because so was the reality. Whalen tells of three occasions in which he believes he was witnessing child sexual abuse.

The first instance was at a party that friends took him to that was held at the home of one the two owners of Voodoo Doughnuts. By the way, Voodoo isn’t some local quirky bake shop. It has eight prime family friendly locations in five states.

At the party, Whalen said, it was explained to him that the rooms in the front the house were for drugs and the rooms in the back were for sex. He then witnessed children being taken into the back rooms. Long story short, he said he filed a report with police.

The second instance was also at a house party he was taken to by friends, and — much to his surprise — he discovered the host was Voodoo’s other owner. Subsequently, Whalen found himself being gang stalked, which he also reported to Portland police.

From a July 19, 2018, post published by

The third instance was at a Portland art show that featured graphic exhibits. His radar didn’t go off until a bunch of children were brought in as part of the show and Macaulay Culkin made an appearance. Disturbed by this, Whalen looked into it and learned the show was the handiwork of the owner of seven Portland nightclubs. One, called Dante’s, features drag shows, burlesque and bands. The other is the historic Paris Theater house that a few years back was transformed from a seedy adult film house with a sex dungeon into a nightclub. Others include strip clubs: Lucky Devil Lounge, Devil’s Point and and Kit Kat Club.

To give you an idea of the depravity and connections in play, here’s what Willamette Week wrote about Paris theater back in 2007, when it had a real news editor [it brought in a new editor in late 2017], from Wiki:

The paper said of the venue, “Unfortunately, the Paris Theater… hosts a bunch of winos, users and sleazy old guys the same age as your dad (or granddad), with their pants around their ankles and greasy cum rags in hand. A deformed zombie may be slightly more grotesque, but at least he won’t flash you.” In 2013, the same publication provided the following description of the theater and its clientele:

Despite the many couples offerings, a recent visit finds a smattering of middle-aged men watching a massive projection of tattooed teenage girls being sloppily choked and slapped in the face. The men in the seats have their pants on and look nervous. The men standing in the aisles do not have their pants on, and look very comfortable. As you enter, all faces —translucent in the pale pink flicker of the theater — look away from the interlocking figures on the screen and gaze hopefully, instead, on you. Perhaps you will be something new. Perhaps you will be interesting.

In 2016, Willamette Week referred to the Paris as “an adult movie theater, sex club and safe space for public masturbators”, and a “shining beacon to furtive men hiding their faces from the Voodoo Doughnut line”.

Related image
This chocolate shape is also a common and regular offering at Voodoo.

There’s no indication that authors of the recent hit pieces on Whalen contacted Portland police to confirm whether he made complaints about gang stalking, robbery, the killing of his dog or child sex abuse. Stolpman, to his credit, contacted Portland police. The department confirmed complaints were filed, but officers subsequently dismissed Whalen’s claims as “not credible.”

What does that even mean? Does it mean that if you or I were to go to the police with a complaint that our residence was ransacked and $30,000 stolen that the police would dismiss the complaint as lacking credibility? So this police issue needs to be pinned down as to what exactly they did.

Even we recognize more needs to be flushed out here. But a real journalist would take everything presented and do an investigation. It would surely take longer than 48 hours. Did the hit piece artists even bother to contact Whalen and Stolpman — the people who the article was about? The answer is no. So once again, we see the Lugenpresse quickly doing damage control with a prepared false script.

This begs a larger, central question to this whole affair: Who directed these media outlets to run these hit pieces without so much as a minimal inquiry or investigation? Who wrote the script? And what is the underlying message? Is it to discourage whistle-blowers from coming forward? To our sensibilities the prompt misdirection smear campaign suggest the whistle blowers are over the target.

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  1. Have you seen Macaulay Culkin lately? Apart from all the Google and other commercials over Christmas, he’s made cameos on two popular web series. One is “Best of the Worst” from Red Letter Media, where he wears a shirt that says “Pizza Slut” with the Pizza Hut logo. The other is on an episode of Angry Video Game Nerd, where he’s a pizza man with a smiling slice of pizza on his hat and shirt. Weird stuff. He was also in a Velvet Underground cover band called the Pizza Underground that did VU covers but changed the lyrics to be about pizza. A screwed up child actor with a pizza obsession and his connection to this doughnut place seems to lend creedence the allegations being made.

  2. Media Matters is as delusional as Breitbart unfortunately. The witnesses in this account will be whisked off to a quick death or star chambered into obscurity. But another layer of the onion has been peeled back.

  3. Today’s post got us banned at r/conspiracy

    The pedo platoons and pervert justice warriors have a lot of sway and are infiltrated everywhere.

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    subreddit message via /r/conspiracy[M] sent an hour ago

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  4. Pretty clear they’re right over the target, and clear that sexual degeneracy is the primary weapon of the Regime to wipe out what’s left of our civilization. The main thing missing in all these stories are the Fathers and cousins of the victims being prosecuted for murder for sending the subhuman freaks to their eternal reward.

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