Understanding the Mueller 3-Ring ‘Investigation’ Circus

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Sometimes I’m asked for good resources for conspiracy realists. There aren’t many, but one that does stand out and that doesn’t seem to get enough attention and financial support is the The Ed Opperman Report. Opperman is quite prolific and is really a national treasure. I’d like to see him stick around, so support him.

Opperman’s lack of traction might be because some of his topics may appear arcane to a wider audience with only a dilettante level of knowledge. And he’s not partisan, which nowadays causes people to tune out. Plus, you actually have to devote time and listen for an hour or two. Usually you will be well rewarded for the investment. In fact, we’ve incorporated clips from his report in some of our posts, such as the one in September on serial killer John Wayne Gacy and our Franklin Scandal piece where he interviewed Nick Bryant the DC Madam.

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Opperman says he spent several decades as a private detective in the New York, where he either encountered or came to know many of the usual suspects on a personal and professional level or has interviewed them. His anecdotal accounts add considerable color to his work.

In this week’s report (with no guests), Opperman correctly analyzes the Trump apparatus and his legally besieged former aids and lawyers: Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. Incredibly, this episode only has 818 views after five days on YouTube. No wonder people are so much in the dark.

Among other things, Opperman points out that although QAnon has been hyping “sealed indictments” for well over a year, the only sealed indictments have involved Trump operators, including Julian Assange.

The Manafort case in particular is a three-ring circus. Now-imprisoned Manafort agreed to turn state’s witness as part of his plea bargain. Then, last week we heard special counsel Robert Mueller was tearing up that agreement because, as it turns out, Manafort’s lawyers were providing the Trump camp confidential investigation particulars and intelligence. Trump then chimed back that a pardon for Manafort is “not off the table,” which triggered cries of “obstruction of justice”. This is all further evidence for our break down of justice Star Chamber theory. It all gives the appearance of a giant Mafia. Incidentally Manafort was also doing business with Podesta- what a three ring coinkydink.

Opperman also covers the Jeffrey Epstein case, a topic of considerable attention and has some key past interviews on the Opperman Report. He suggests that the Miami Herald stories that have gotten newsreaders’ attention are merely stylized rehashes of what’s been already known — or at least to Winter Watch readers. Ed, who is clearly a major resource on the Epstein case, asks why the Herald never called him for comment. He also asks why the Mueller investigation has avoided the Epstein aspect in the Trump investigation.


I think Opperrman knows the answer to the following rhetorical question that I opined in the comment section of the video:

Ed, they aren’t pursuing Epstein hard because he has the dirty Lolita like brownstone operation goods on the whole system, not just Trump- Democrats and Republicans, judiciary, military, key bureaucrats.- all held in safe keeping. It is like mutual assured destruction (MAD). He probably has the dirty laundry on Mueller as well. But I think you know that.

I would further suggest that the three-ring circus around the so-called Russian involvement in Wikileaks is to taint the 800-pound gorilla in the room: the revelation of the Podesta’s pedogate proclivities. This, and the Epstein’s activities with underage girls, are a deliberate part of the vetting process of placing assets into important positions in the system. We saw something similar with the Franklin case- which is why that’s a key event and template to understand. It’s the initiation into the governing Crime Syndicate and, ultimately, the controlling apparatus.

As far as the Wikileaks part of the story goes, one should focus on Jerome Corsi’s role. His tale that he was “speculating” that tool Assange would release Podesta and Clinton Foundation email leaks is absurd on its face. Obviously, Corsi does not want to reveal his actual sources. Corsi is an evangelical Zionist. He has admitted and bragged that he gets intel “from above Mossad.” Why else would Roger Stone be in contact with Corsi, if it’s not true? “Above Mossad” likely means both Kosher Nostra- and evangelical-Zionist oligarchs who run these deep-state operations.

This may be a good organizational flow chart to follow the bouncing ball around the Trump operation and his backers.

All Org Charts Merged from Cit Journo on Vimeo.

What people don’t fully understand is that these are not necessarily direct covert state actors, but they may use intelligence services like the Russian GRU or even the Mossad as errand boys and tools, or even diversions. They certainly run mainstream media. They are supranational and seem rather untouchable, which may circle back to the big picture of compromise and blackmail. I think the supranational Zionist oligarchs have the system quite locked down. Trump is a supranational oligarch discordian puppet, as was Clinton.

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That’s why the swamp will never be drained, except to throw somebody under the bus around the edges — like Harvey Weinstein, who must have been breaking rules. It also explains why the Mueller investigation is such a distracting partisan dog-and-pony show.

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Nathan Stoplman at Lift the Veil (another good source) provides the details and particulars on the Wikileaks-Stone-Corsi angle.

12 Comments on Understanding the Mueller 3-Ring ‘Investigation’ Circus

    • Did you expect anything less? Same for how fast pedo and pizza gate were hushed out of the news. Like you said, thy closet overfloweth with skeletons, best not let another player in the game turn the knob for you.

  1. I’ve listened to more than half of the Stolpman podcast now, and have heard exactly nothing about the fact that those Wikileaks-published emails had nothing to do with Russia (even US intel has admitted they were stolen by someone within the Dem’s organization). Quite the opposite: Stolpman just emphatically stated that those emails were hacked by “the RUSSIANS” – a bald-faced lie.

    Maybe he has stated elsewhere that the Russian card was pulled from up somebody’s sleeve, but here he is egregiously misleading his listeners, if not blatantly lying. Anyone who gets impatient with his halting style and quits listening where I did, or before, will leave with the impression that Russia hacked the DNC servers. Russia did not.

    Poor Seth Rich, whose life, evidently, was taken so that Mueller could enrich himself and the nation could be even more divided.

      • Sorry, I don’t have time to listen again. Tried to find that bit, but it wasn’t where it should’ve been 🙂

        For the record, he doesn’t say, “As I believe, Russia…” but rather, repeats the lie without clarifying that it’s a lie. I listened to more than half of this podcast and never heard anything like, “The allegations of Russian hacking…”, let alone “The allegations of Russian hacking are false.” I think I’m far more cynical than you. I see this glaring omission as possible indication of a limited hangout – much like James Corbett’s repetition ad nauseum of “the plane that hit the Pentagon” in the talk that made him an alt-media superstar overnight. Some call it neurolinguistic programming; I prefer ‘speaking with a forked tongue’.

        I don’t know from Stolpman, and maybe he is honest. But experience has taught me to take everyone with a grain of salt, and to expect that paid liars will go out of their way to establish credibility before slipping in the disinformation. Whatever his intent, I think Stolpman has been very negligent in this report.

            • No, he tries to come across as a full-blown 9/11 truther. That’s one small part of why I distrust him. After all, the fact of NoPentagonPlane was glaringly obvious, and he isn’t stupid. He is sowing confusion, like Alex Jones… (My suspicion is that Corbett is the Arrogant Intellectual’s alternative Limited Hangout, for those who aren’t sucked in by Jones.)

              I hope Stolpman isn’t one of that crowd, but even if he is, he puts out a lot of important information and is much easier to stomach than either Corbett or Jones. Likable, even.

  2. As a catholic of some sort….I try to practice and look into things. There is much hay to be made of the current (actually, quite old and not so current) clerical pederast crisis. McCarrick and the Vatican gay mafia has direct threads to knighted Jimmy Saville (I am referring to his papal knighting) and the whole pederast,perverted money power operation that rules the world. McCarrick, Bernadine of Chicago…..oh the list is very long of pervert satanists…promoted by the Renaissance- Modernist Vatican. This is the oldest and still most influential institution in the world….deeply into Rothschild banking, usury, porn and power. An essential thread to understanding the Judeo, masonic crime cabal is the modernist Vatican. Hoffman’s The occult Renaissance church of Rome is important reading. The Church of Rome is not a simple fringe influence.

  3. Ed Opperman does amazing work. It’s a shame he has so few views- he interviews all the key characters involved with JFK, serial killers, 9/11, human trafficking, etc.

    My favorites are his shows with Detective Jim Rothstein and Detective Mike Codella regarding the Son Of Sam case. Very creepy!

    Unfortunately Mr. Opperman seems to be shutting down his podcast as of late- can’t make his bills. I’ll be sending him some $ in the hope he carries on. He reveals so much truth, the world needs it.

    Also thank you Winter Watch for all you do and for promoting the excellent Opperman Report. I’ll be back tomorrow! Keep up the good fight.

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