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Dusty Finish to be Used as Catalyst for Color Revolution

Trump scalps Mumbles in a post-election Dusty Finish. PHOTO: Winter Watch

The Crime Syndicate overlords have divided the populace, and now they might just prove that politics is like pro wrestling by using a tried and true method of stirring things up with a Dusty Finish. It’ll be pandemonium and more chaos!

Dusty Finish: The nickname given to a specific ending to a wrestling match in which one wrestler appears to have scored a win only to have the decision reversed, often on some technicality.

The concept of the Dusty Finish for the 2020 election was discussed in my recent podcast appearances on TradCat Knight Radio and Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show.

As everyone knows by now, the basis of the Dusty Finish that puts the election outcome even more into doubt are the results in five close states: Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. To pull off the Dusty Finish, Trump needs to reverse corrupto Pennsylvania and one of the other close states. Biden leads Arizona by only 11,600 votes and Georgia by just 14,000.

These states have highly suspicious counties that have been tagged for fraud by the Trump stats team. Hundreds of pro-Trump IT volunteers are scouring voter data.

The Trump people have filed their complaint in a U.S. district court in Pennsylvania. It’s damning and, to our sensibilities, will put the third world U.S. star chamber legal system to the test. Once the perception builds that a Dusty Finish is in the works, the streets will erupt, leading to the ultimate goal of a color revolution.

Among the charges are that Democrat-majority counties provided political parties and candidates, including the Trump campaign, no meaningful access or actual opportunity to review and assess mail-in ballots during the pre-canvassing meetings.

Per the complaint, Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties alone received and processed 682,479 mail-in and absentee ballots without examining the receipts, the opening of envelopes or tabulation of those 682,479 votes in direct contravention of the Election Code.

As one federal court put it, “Absentee voting is to voting in person as a take-home exam is to a proctored one.”

A 2012 study from the Pew Center on the states – which the U.S. Supreme Court cited in a recent case — found that “approximately 24 million – one of every eight – voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate”

Courts have repeatedly found that mail-in ballots are particularly susceptible to fraud. As Justice Stevens has noted, “flagrant examples of [voter] fraud … have been documented throughout this nation’s history by respected historians and journalists,” and “the risk of voter fraud” is “real” and “could affect the outcome of a close election.”

Yet, despite the tarnished history of mail-in voting, the Lugenpresse has engaged in more cover up and sophistry.

Failing to uphold and ensure the adherence to even basic transparency measures or safeguards against the casting of illegal or unreliable ballots creates an obvious opportunity for ineligible voters to cast ballots. That results in fraud and undermines the public’s confidence in the integrity of elections.

A shocking number of mail-in ballots have inexplicably appeared in counties since the Nov. 4 ballot reports.

For instance, in Delaware County, its Wednesday, Nov. 4 report indicated that it had received about 113,000 mail-in ballots and counted approximately 93,000 voted ballots. On the next day, Nov. 5, the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s 4:30 report reflected that Delaware County had received about 114,000 ballots. Several hours later, the Delaware County solicitor reported to an observer that the County had received about 126,000 mail-in ballots and counted about 122,000. As of Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020, the Department of State’s website showed that the county had counted about 127,000 mail-in ballots. Plaintiffs have received no explanation for where the additional 14,000 voted ballots came from, when they arrived, or why they are included in the current count.

Those counties provided their mail-in voters with the opportunity to cure mail-in and absentee ballot deficiencies, while Republican-heavy counties followed the law and did not provide a notice and cure process, disenfranchising those that themselves complied with the Election Code to cast legal votes.

As evidenced by numerous sworn statements, defendants egregious misconduct has included ignoring legislative mandates concerning mail-in ballots – which amounted to over 2.6 million of the approximately 6.75 million votes in Pennsylvania – including the mandate that mail-in ballots be post-marked on or before Election Day, and critically, preventing plaintiff’s poll watchers from observing the receipt, review, opening, and tabulation of mail-in ballots.

Additionally, plaintiffs have learned that certain county election boards were mailing unsolicited mail-in ballots to voters despite the fact that they had not applied for a mail-in ballot for the General Election, thus resulting in voters who received two ballots. The offending counties also failed to undertake any effort to ensure destruction of the duplicate ballots.

Among other things, the secretary refused to require adequate verification of the voter’s identity. Rather than require votes to be received on the day of election, the Secretary permitted ballots received up to three days after the election to be counted without any evidence of timely mailing, such as a postmark. Finally, contrary to the in-person voting that is open and transparent to the parties and the candidates, defendants permitted the review and counting of mail-in ballots largely in secret with no monitoring.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Boockvar, a very partisan Democrat, grossly exceeded her ministerial powers.

The Republicans seek to invalidate hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania ballots. They also seek to investigate Dominian’s switch of ballots in all these states. This will need to be conducted by audit and canvas, not a recount. The Republican-controlled legislature has the power to authorize this. This examination will need to occur to justify invalidating the whole presidential election in Pennsylvania, which the state legislature has the power to do.

Here’s a final question that nobody seems to be asking; and if you know know the answer, feel free to chime in: Where are these ballots that are to be recounted stored? Iron Mountain? Are they under lock and key and guarded around the clock? One has to wonder.

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  1. How does Colorado elect a gay jew from California,married to a boy, as gov ?
    The same way the state votes by 60% to murder unborn babies up until the last moments in the womb!
    Mail in voting.

    • You don’t need to exaggerate about Polis, he didn’t marry a boy, he married a twink.

      What is germane to the issue is his ultra vires over-reach of power granted to his office in the Colorado State Constitution. He is claiming a de-facto ability to unilaterally make a Governor’s Executive Order act in place of legislation and be legally recognized under “emergency” judiciary process. Under his mask order he is claiming powers under Section 2 Article 4 of the Constitution in direct contravention of Article 3 of the State Constitution.

      Article 3
      Distribution of Powers

      The powers of the government of this state are divided into three distinct departments,��the legislative, executive and judicial; and no person or collection of persons charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of these departments shall exercise any power properly belonging to either of the others, except as in this constitution expressly directed or permitted.

      All that being said, Jared Polis is a fat Jew faggot who has grossly overstepped his authority because his Talmudic sense of “justice” is responsible for his lack of all ethical morality.

  2. “Here’s a final question that nobody seems to be asking; and if you know know the answer, feel free to chime in: Where are these ballots that are to be recounted stored? Iron Mountain? Are they under lock and key and guarded around the clock? One has to wonder.”

    Mr. Winter, I am just going to quote you here:

    “Nothing to look at, move along,”

    You have already summed it up really well, and more than likely this is the situation in many, if not all of these states.

    More to your point, about a “dusty finish” (never heard the term until now, as you might of noticed, I was always more of a boxing enthusiast), it would seem that President Trump has now won both Alaska and North Carolina:

    First, I am sorry to use the WP for the link, but it had the most recent totals that seemed plausible. As I have made clear, I try to avoid the Post (and most of the other national rags) like the plague.

    CNN’s maps have been all over the place in the last 72 hours (not that I trust them either), and the MPR link was to add credence to the fact that even one of the most progressive sources is confirming the Alaska win (so it is not likely to flip).

    The one state that really requires a forensic audit and it seems nothing is being done, would be Virginia. Virginia was safely in President Trump’s column all night, even though most media outlets had given the state to Vice President Biden by 8:00 PM EST. Then, after midnight, Fairfax County (a very progressive county that VPJB was winning either way), located additional votes that allowed for VPJB to soar past PDJT. This fact has been mentioned, but no one seems to be moving on the information in order to launch an audit.

  3. “Where are these ballots that are to be recounted stored? Iron Mountain? Are they under lock and key and guarded around the clock? One has to wonder.”

    They are hidden safely away in some local Democrats basement, where I’m sure they are well taken care of and never, ever tampered with. These votes will be rolled out as needed.

    I know of which I speak, as I live in one of the dirtiest “always blue” states in the union. That of course would be New Mexico. The only reason it is never looked at in presidential elections is it possesses a measly 4 electoral college votes.

    “The Foundation has a database of 42 states with electoral issues. One of those states is New Mexico. Doña Ana County, in the south of New Mexico, is a prime example of how progressive activist groups are working behind the scenes – and out of the public eye – to change the very way elections are run. This particular county has a long history of voter fraud. Since 2013, Doña Ana has seen at least six criminal convictions relating to election fraud, according to data from The Heritage Foundation: three convictions for false registrations and three for fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

    In one case, a former Sunland Park city councilor, Silvia Gomez, was sentenced to three years’ probation for fraudulently registering two Texas residents, who she influenced to illegally vote for Daniel Salinas in the 2012 mayoral election.

    The Myth
    In fact, The Heritage Foundation has documented some 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud and 1,110 criminal convictions, going back to the late 1970s. In New Mexico alone, the Public Interest Legal Foundation identified 1,681 potentially deceased “active” registrants, 1,519 registrants over the age of 100 years, and 1,584 potentially duplicated registrations at the same address”

    If nothing else, it is my hope election fraud will finally be dealt with once and for all after being so totally exposed. Of course I won’t hold my breath.

  4. Yo know we talk about the 1% of the 1% here. We talk discuss the idea of the “hidden hand”, and the history of control over the planet.

    Yet, I have never quite found such a succinct explanation as to who history’s “masters” were until I recalled this MUSIC VIDEO (sarcasm and levity here), yes the humble music video is the key to understanding the world power structure:

    View it, and you will feel history coming to life with the grand admission of rulers that set the precedent for global control.


      • Texas_Totenreich,

        My friend, there has been many years in which the Federal vote has not meant much in the outcome. Perhaps President Hayes was the beginning, I am not fully sure, but either way, I would suggest that many of our Federal elections have been massaged to create specific outcomes.

        Heck the best race of all time was President George Washington with a unanimous vote, which was unopposed. The second best outcome came with Reagan vs. Mondale; however, I do think that even this election was “shaped”. Based on the psyops around the Reagan administration, after the botched assassination attempt (which the idiot son of Bush family friends was not really much of a cause, but rather a distraction), I would honestly suggest that the real outcome was 50 to nil; however, a face saving measure was implemented to provide a “win” in the home state.

        This does not mean that I am a supporter of either candidate, but rather implies an observation. Yes, I liked Grandpa (or rather President Reagan) while I was growing up, but then I somehow recalled that I had a library card and made use of it as I got older.


  5. I cancelled my voter registration just before this election as some paltry token of “legal” proof of my unwillingness of consent to be governed. All legislation passed in the past 200 years has been nothing but incremental abuses designed to infringe on my natural rights as a living breathing man. Why should the outcome of this election come as any surprise that in order to perpetuate fraud one must commit fraud?

    “The Constitution says: “We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” The meaning of this is simply We, the people of the United States, acting freely and voluntarily as individuals, consent and agree that we will cooperate with each other in sustaining such a government as is provided for in this Constitution. The necessity for the consent of “the people” is implied in this declaration. The whole authority of the Constitution rests upon it. If they did not consent, it was of no validity. Of course it had no validity, except as between those who actually consented. No one’s consent could be presumed against him, without his actual consent being given, any more than in the case of any other contract to pay money, or render service. And to make it binding upon any one, his signature, or other positive evidence of consent, was as necessary as in the case of any other-contract. If the instrument meant to say that any of “the people of the United States” would be bound by it, who did not consent, it was a usurpation and a lie. The most that can be inferred from the form, “We, the people,” is, that the instrument offered membership to all “the people of the United States;” leaving it for them to accept or refuse it, at their pleasure.”

    – Lysander Spooner “No Treason”

    • Lycurgus,

      Your decision was brave and a direct political statement; good for you. This republic used to be about succinct and direct political statements, but somehow all messages seem muddled. Although I might have a different approach and motivation from you, I do respect you 110%.

      Now to visit your second paragraph, the quotation, I would wish to inquire what your thoughts are regarding legal strawmen? For years, I have found the practices of our government and businesses to be fascinating when they choose to use names in complete capitalization for the labeling of accounts.

      If you have the time and a few thoughts to share, I would be very appreciative.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

      Postscript: One other favor: Do you think that either party will respect the rights of specific religious groups to be protected from having to participate in Federal and / or State / Local taxation in the future?

      My humble suggestion is that the protection of the Amish, Mennonite and some other groups (including some rare Catholic groups) will fade as our debt continues to grow.

  6. As Russ/Torchy/Thomas and others here have noted, the Color Revolution is becoming more and more the likely outcome from this. It is important to remember the Br’er rabbit scheme of the left vs right paradigm. They fake opposition but are in fact on the same team and want the same outcome, more power. We should all plan accordingly for the safety and well being of those close to us to not get caught in whatever violence/vaccine/vasectomy is coming.

    • Texas_Totenreich ,

      Hello my friend. Your suggestion to keep preparing and placing supplies aside is both prescient and prudent; however, I would (humbly) suggest that all of us should consider optimism in these incredible times.

      Some thoughts:

      First, any coherent psyop would seem to rely on the mental destruction of an opponent, before a physical battle might ensue. As many of us are aware, Director William Colby (CIA) was part of the creation of the Phoenix Program and a master of such concepts. To my knowledge, he was aware of the limitations of such strategies / tactics amongst a population that was unwilling to accept specific propaganda (i.e. the Vietnamese population between 1965 – 1974).

      My (respectful) point is that the psyop can only be real if citizens chose to accept it; otherwise the program is impotent. As time goes on, even the most benign (progressive) dupe, is beginning to tire of the B/S (please consider reading the statement on the restrictions in Prince William County, Maryland, from their own government, to understand that all local officials know they are on the razors edge).

      Please try to remain positive in your thoughts, and do not allow propaganda to capture your creative abilities for a better future.

      With great respect,
      Simple Citizen

      • Simple,
        I agree with the sentiment but I still think the State is going to start throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks in people’s minds. I think in secret many feel the corona virus to be a scam as an example and are tiring of it and similar charades.

        • TT,

          Yes, I do see your point and can agree; I just wish all of us to stay both vigilant (in your suggestions for preparation), but also positive (for the sake of our own health and trust in the Lord).

          As I have stated before, we are in really strange times; however, what gives me hope is that we are in really good company.

          Either way, I do agree with you and completely respect your thoughts on the current events.

          Best to you and yours! Please be well.

          Simple Citizen

          Postscript: Maybe that uncle of yours who got called up is the answer to the potential of a color revolution. Although I do think a coup of this size would be harder to pull off in the United States, I would be happy to simply remain hopeful that he will help make sure none of the rioting shenanigans (not a full revolution) get underway.


  7. Nice article. I agree that the proper and efficient process is to vacate any votes that are outside of federal election laws by individual states. No need to recount votes, that are probably still being padded. Trump is the lesser of 2 evils in this drama but it would buy us 4 more years of some serenity. The Kabala/Biden ticket is a first class ticket to civil unrest that would force some states into total lockdown. As a Christian I feel that truth and justice matter and are certainly worth fighting for.

    • My friend, they are going to try and place the entire nation in lockdown mode. They are not going to respect the states at all and already have the laws on the books to enforce a national mandate.

      The only thing we can do to prevent them in the immediate term is pray PDJT wins and then removes his emergency orders, which is how the state and local governments are able to mandate orders in the first place.

      Then the House needs to flip in 2022.

      Please be well.

      • here I may not agree – Mississippi gov yesterday flatly said he would not lock down the state – FL gov likely agrees – he has said he “would never” lock down the state again like he did in the spring; SD is out there still – zerohedge posted a gallup poll – only 46% of US said they would comply with a shutdown – my almost bankrupt state probably cannot afford to lockdown … there is some push-back out there

        Tyrants don’t always hold all the cards – they push too much… and the cascade of push back is out there waiting for them …

        • RegretLeft,

          First thank you for your thoughtful responses; I remain appreciative of your intelligence and insight.

          What I would, very humbly, suggest is that the Democrats have always loved the Commerce Clause for the imposition of Federal supremacy, and they will even embrace the USA Patriot Act.

          Certainly, barely anyone in Congress read the USA Patriot Act, before ratification, with many years on, I would suggest the the only Congressman that even knows what is in the legislation would be Senator Rand Paul.

          As for states rights, I would simply point to Obamacare and the Commerce Clause as an opener, and then when they really wish to get “dirty”, Patriot Act time and then maybe throw in a little Rex 84 for good measure.

          You may very well be right and I pray you are; however, President Trump showed a lot of restraint (whether real or otherwise) in not usurping state’s rights (he could have used the USA Patriot Act to easily overwhelm the 10th Amendment argument with regard to the riots of spring and summer, but he did not), should he lose, I do not think the handlers of the next administration will be so respectful.

          Trust me, I would be very happy to be COMPLETELY WRONG on all of this, and would gladly learn a new lesson; I just do not know what will occur, but look at precedent.

          Again, thank you and please be well.

          With sincere best,
          Simple Citizen

  8. The 9 Justices of the USA Supreme Court, have multiple motives to trash team Biden for vote fraud, aside from 6 of the 9 justices being appointed by Republicans, 3 of them by Trump, and obviously owing Trump a favour. There are also:

    Biden’s personal attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas, and Biden-Harris threats to destroy the authority of the US Supreme Court by adding as many new judges as necessary.

    Conservative black intellectual Clarence Thomas is the longest-serving Justice on the US Supreme Court, sworn in in 1991. His nomination was aggressively fought by then-Senator Joe Biden, managing hearings in what Thomas called “a national disgrace … a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves.”

    Biden’s personal attacks on Thomas, then a Federal Appeals judge, strike all Supreme Court judges as threatening to judicial authority. Their view is that no judge should be publicly humiliated in this manner.

    Finally, current Supreme Court justices resent how, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in classic Bolshevik fashion, have indulged thinking about ‘packing’ the US Supreme Court, adding 3 or more to the current 9 justices, to ensure it will rubber-stamp any Democratic Party programme items.

    US judges do not want their ‘supreme powers’ to be torn away from them. Packing the court destroys its significance, making the Justices into mere rubber-stamp clerks. The existing judges do not want this; Biden-Harris are obviously a threat to them.

    • brabantian ,

      Great post.

      Just wanted to add that it would seem Justices Thomas and Alito wish to retire in the next election cycle. Although the I do not know these men personally, I would believe that they do not wish to provide the Democrats a chance to elect and ram through two new justices of their choosing, while also attempting to do an FDR on the court (rigging / expansion).

      Again, I enjoyed reading your work here.


      Postscript for all: My guess is that the Democrats win at least one and possibly both seats in Georgia with another cheat operation, but West Virginia Senator Joseph Mansion changes sides and becomes a Republican.

      He would have ZERO hope of being re-elected in West Virginia as a Democrat at the current time.


      • I agree – good time to remind us that the Supremes are waiting in the wings … there was some piece today, about an address that Alito gave this week to some conservative group – not a whisper about the election but he did express serious concern about the lockdowns – particularly the closing of churches …

        just days after the 2000 election – some venerable retired Senator said flat out on NPR: “The Supreme Court (in effect) will choose the President” – and the round table howled! – oh! – elections are always state matters … the Supreme court would never interpose themselves … … but he was correct. They did – but that was just the FL count – this is much, much messier

        still, I think we will hear from them … before the month is out.

        • and what do you know!? – 12 hours later reporting that none other than Alan Dershowitz (sp) is predicting that Trump will prevail in the US Supreme on a challenge to the PA Supreme court … momentum?

  9. Election Smelection…What difference does it make to quote Hillary…As far as I can see the outcome will be the planned outcome…How we get there???? Definitely WWF Style.

    Bottom line: You have no money, little hope, your neighbor contributed to this loss, and a punch gets thrown….and viola a naturally occurring slow motion riot ensues, Florida attempting to expand “stand your ground” to the front bumper of your F150 if “they” get in the way…

    No real need for propaganda to get this mess started, its on via the economy…Maybe whats at play is more like Bernays style group management techniques…

    Here in NZ we are doing everything we can to avoid getting back to normal…No real epidemic yet now we must wear masks on the plane and City buses…No effort whatsoever to normalize…

    So we get pushed around until the vx comes along to save the day…If you consent that is.

    BTW notice the lack of “effort” from opposing lobbies in the senate for big oil, entertainment, education, airlines, and every friggin other sector…all competing interests yet Not a peep???

    What do they all have in common? Answer…The Bond Market

    • Ah, you are in NZ and not Florida: got it now.

      Well the alleged “ragin Cajun” told Bubba that the early fiscal setbacks were due “to the bond market, stupid!”. Although I understand your point on this part, I would also (humbly) submit that with big Earl (oil), none of them like seeing thei MLPs become worthless, and those negative futures last spring were hilarious!

      Now the same question still holds about the masks in NZ, but if you do not mind, I would like to pose one more question. How is the gang problems both wit or without Conjob-19?

      I will understand if you do not get back to this one, and I do appreciate our dialogues.


      Postscript: Although I get bullion in Oz and NZ, I am wondering if you are also investing in brown and orange stones? The claim has always been a 15% appreciation year after year, and yet I do always remain very skeptical.

      Again, best…

        • Hey Simple,Sorry I dont quite get the cryptic language…Usually a sign of hiding behind ones intellect…Not judging, perhaps just your style…Anyway, to answer…We don’t quite have the “gangs” here if you draw a comparison between taking the Long Beach to Compton midnight bus vs. a collection of dole bludging miscreants without an axe to grind.But plenty of free time and a guitar….

          Brown and Orange stones? The stoney stuff here is best sourced through some Maori friends in Rotorua or the Naki…They grow it creekside, but word on the street is dont invest…I hear the stuff grows like weeds…One grow house can cover half o Canada…And those are some pot smokers..What the F else are you doing up there during the winter…

          • BullionGrower NZ.

            Hello; I hope you are well and thanks for the response.

            No, I was not purposely trying to be cryptic and my intellect is nothing to hide behind (please trust me when I tell you this), I was just trying to keep my response short since I have become keenly aware that I tend to write very long responses and posts. Yet, I now see how silly and confusing my response probably was; I shall endeavor to clarify, but still remain shortish or try to be more succinct. Mea culpa.

            As for orange and brown stones, I was referring to the exotic diamond markets. These two colors of diamonds seemed to be considered very desirable in Australia and in that region back around the early 2000s. The alleged growth in value was 15% annual appreciation; I remained skeptical (no I did not mean drugs; I do not know much about those types of markets other than what little I have read about, or seen in movies).

            With regard to bullion, I was very aware of some of the wonderful options Australia used to have for gold accounts and storage; however, this was several years ago and my information is probably very outdated now.

            The gang issue was related to me from a client who had a home in Christ Church and had been in law enforcement. He seemed to believe that gangs were on the rise in New Zealand and that crime would worsen over time. Also he felt that the gangs were becoming more willing to engage with the civilian population as opposed to simply focusing on rival gangs.

            To be sure, I would not really know as I have never visited the country. Yet, this client is a smart gentlemen, a citizen of New Zealand, worked in law enforcement all over the world (now retired) and seemed to be a decent resource regarding questions about the nation. My discussions with him lead me to believe that there was a growing gang issue in the nation, yet maybe I misinterpreted him in some way; I do not know, but I have gotten things confused before.

            Sorry (again) for being cryptic; I thought I was being short and succinct, but obviously lost my way on that response. Glad to know that you do not have issues with gangs in the nation.

            Thanks again for the response.

            All my best,
            Simple Citizen

  10. So I know my theory about President Mumbles (Pence) may be way, way off at this point; however, I came across this story about a speech Ms. Ann Coulter gave recently. Now I am not really interested in her work, but this speech seemed to indicate that my theory could still be plausible.

    Where I disagree with Ms. Coulter is that there could be a watered down or even faked version of Trumpism, without President Trump, beginning in 2021 and without it taking place four years down the road. President Mumbles will seem quite a bit like President George H.W. Bush and / or President Gerald Ford, innocent men on the outside, but a straight up gangsters on the inside.

    Here is a link to the article:

    Just to be clear again, I hope I am not right at all. Out of all the events that could occur, I believe a second term for President Trump would be the least trouble for the citizens and I am supportive of him simply winning fairly and being permitted to do his best for four more years. All other outcomes make me want to move abroad and turn in my U.S. passport.

    Evidently, if Mr. Biden is President and the Democrats win the Senate, Senator Schumer will get legislation passed that will prohibit anyone who has chosen to give up their United States citizenship from ever returning to the nation to visit. So, now one might have to pay the exit tax that Senator Schumer got passed (previously — during Barry’s administration) and would then be prohibited from returning for the rest of their lives. Basically, “PAY US, THEN LEAVE AND WE ARE KEEPING ANY BENEFITS YOU HAVE PAID INTO”.

    Ether way, I have still considered the idea of such an action. It is the only way a vote of mine (with my feet) will count for anything in this nation.


    P.S. Oh yeah, please do not get me wrong, I am very happy to have been born here and to have lived in the nation. Further, I think there is a lot to be proud of which is positive about the United States of America. Also, I like a majority of my fellow citizens, even if we do not always see “eye-to-eye”. Yet, I do not see a rosy future for the country, without more folks really waking up.

    Just a humble opinion.

    • If Biden gets in there, and the Dems steal the Senate, then they will claim they have a fake mandate–Schumer is already out there saying that if they get the Senate they will “change the world.” The reason this is happening with Trump is that he stands in the way of the Great Reset. He’s been mocking the “cases, cases, BS” from the media, and told the people not to fear the virus and let it dominate their lives. And Trump wants to open up the economy and rebuild.

      But the central bankers are ready to usher in their Great Reset, so they need him out of there. They want Dems in power, because the Great Reset is coming from the left. They will continue to lockdown the nation until the economy is decimated. When everyone is poor, then they will offer rent assistance and food in exchange for taking the experimental vaccines (one of Senile Joe’s scientists, ex-CIA Luciana Borio, has written about doing this). The left will also usher the WEF/Davos Green New Deal which is genocidal. And the Dems in the House and Senate have their “Banking for All” bills ready to go (written by the private bankers at the Federal Reserve), which requires the Fed to set up digital dollar accounts for each American. Lynnette Zang says this is one of the steps in the transition from cash to digital (cashless) as outlined by the IMF.

      So, if the Dems get in, America is about to be completely destroyed–the Democrat/Davos party is helping the central bankers usher in their Great Reset and we the people will be enslaved.

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