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The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show — Duo Discuss Hate Shadow Language and the Prospect for an Election Dusty Finish

The duo on Tuesday examined the weaponized brainwashing use of hate in language and newly contrived social engineering terms hoisted on the public. We go over timeline charts showing this emergence in the Lugenpresse.

We agree that Trump could pull of a dirty finish. In pro wrestling, that’s when one party is winning, but the victory is snatched away at the last minute on a technicality. If this transpires, the left will burn down the country in a color revolution.

Dino is calling this my best show performance. Sound quality on Russ’ end in this show and yesterday with Trad Cat Knight was improved with his new mic and headset.

Click here for Russ’ segment on the Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show

Winter Watch posts discussed during the show:

15 Comments on The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show — Duo Discuss Hate Shadow Language and the Prospect for an Election Dusty Finish

  1. Still listening…

    Couple, three things or so:

    1. Mr. Winter, please be very careful of the Eye of Horace (CBS)…they have been evil to the core for decades.

    2. I suspect AIDS fell out so that no one is reminded to Fauci’s early career…the guys is a

    3. The words…well, lets consider that the CIA has controlled the Post since the late 40s, the Times since the mid-50s and an awful lot of publishers since the late 50s. This move has actually been more of a slow “creep” in terms of the changes to our language and many ideas were tried, but fell out of favor.

    Yet, I would agree with these gentlemen that since Obama (also CIA), the program has been on steroids as a means to change future generations. We could get into the significance of 2008 and 2012 as years for the 1% of the 1%, but I am not sure what more it would really add to this situation (certainly the bringing forward of Barry could have been directly linked to their interests in the occult and those specific years).


    4. Glad Torchy did such fine research.



    P.S. Mr. Ryan, please never let anything “burn your ass”, sorry just kidding because I found the phrasing fun especially with most of the show being about words. = )

  2. I would opine that much of the Muslim hate crime is Muslim against Muslim.


    1. Not just Germany, but Sweden has become the poster child for the refugee problems.

    2. Switzerland slowed intake, and then turned back some of their refugees. Norway and Finland are also slowing.

    3. I do believe Austria will change a might quick after the last terrorist attack.

    • To be clear, when Russ “they” are being/have been pressuring Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, etc.) to take in more migrants/refugees, the “they” he was referring to was the European Union.

      I think when the EU was pitched the Europeans in the early ’90s, people envisioned a coalition of nationalists forming an economic alliance. What they have today is a cabal of authoritarian globalist that have extended influence into every facet of European life.

      • Anonymous,

        Thanks for the response. Sure I understand your point, and since the EC predated the EU, and had a focus on trade / tariffs, I could understand how any nation participant could be lulled into believing the union was solely economic. No argument from me, and thanks for the elaboration.

        My small post was just to mention what some of the other nations of the continent were up to. It was a minor addition (sort of like: “in support of what Mr. Winter stated, we also know the these other European nations are doing this…”). My view was more toward the continent, while ignoring the EU in the post.

        Again, thank you.


  3. Good interview. It is completely fucking stupid.

    It has got to the point now that when I read some of this silly stuff on the internet I actually laugh out loud. And it happens all the time.

    This is a disaster. Young people are growing up steeped in this garbage.

    • Mr. Seymour,

      Yes, I agree with you completely; however, I try not to give up hope, take care of my own and pray for the rest without reservation.

      Simple Citizen

  4. Gentlemen,

    (respectfully and humbly)

    Would absolutely encourage both of you to take a look at Douglas Valentine’s text, the CIA as Organized Crime (which I mentioned to you before Mr. Winter):

    To bring back the violence would be the plan, but the original idea that I felt was correct about Valentine’s work is that the key end is to bring the full / enhanced Phoenix Program home to the United States.

    Mr. Esper is gone and he made his statement about the use of the military in a domestic action, clear last summer (this was acting and a purposeful performance). The press can now make President Trump look really awful if he triggers the Insurrection Act (dictator levels). Yet he could easily put it into action, and 71 million voters might actually BEG him to deploy U.S. military units on American soil, which could be the end goal.

    Lest we forget that the President who gave us the Posse Comitatus Act was also a part of a corrupt election process. How fitting / poetic would it be that one messed up election gave us the legislation and another messed up election would be utilized to kill it. This stuff just writes itself.

    Every now and again, I sill think President Mumbles is the compromise after a period of unrest. He will last one term. The other side will get the following term; not sure who it will be yet, but my guess is that we should look at the Governors for an answer (Cuomo and the Goldman guy from NJ will want it, but I do not believe they will be contenders).

    Then it becomes Purple Party time as a solution; my guess is the Nikki / Tulsi ticket.

    Last part of the show:

    Our stock market is completely rigged, and I would recommend avoiding it at all costs (not issuing a professional recommendation, but just a friendly one). There are many of other investment choices in this world.

    If you do buy stock, then please consider buying them directly from the company, and placing the shares in your own name. Should the “fit hit the shan”, you will still own the shares and no one can pull an MF Global on you.

    Great show; I have to agree with Mr. Ryan on this sentiment.


    • Mr. Seymour,

      Do you think we should include the District of Columbia (enforcement arm), the Holy See (religious arm), in with the City of London (financial arm)?

      We might suggest that each of these “districts” are autonomous city states unto themselves. So I was just wondering what your thought on this idea would be.

      Many thanks.

      Simple Citizen

  5. From my favorite commenter on Unz Review, Roatan Bill:

    Don’t worry, the election went as planned and the deep state (Military, intel agencies) won. Their partners in the Treasury / Federal Reserve are going to hold things together for as long as possible to allow the looting of the country to continue.

    Both candidates are just for show. The Congress decides absolutely nothing that hasn’t been ordered by the deep state. The Congress is there strictly to allow the lobbyists to funnel bribes to them. The Supreme Court could be replaced with a rubber stamp.

    The military spending will continue as before, the corporations that bribe the most will continue to get laws written for them, and the average USian will keep plodding along at an ever lower standard of living until some black swan event craters the US Dollar. Once the Dollar goes, the Fed Gov will dissolve itself, just like the USSR did because there’s nothing worth while left to steal.

    Don’t you get it? The entire Fed Gov is just a criminal enterprise asset stripping the country and will discard the rotting corpse for greener pastures in Asia when their scam terminates in the not too distant future.

  6. My favorite quote regarding hate is Psalms 97:10- “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.”
    That sums it up for me.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but “alt right” is another nonsense NLP lugenpresse term that didn’t exist 25 years ago…
    The fact is the “right” has been slowly matriculating leftwards for centuries if not millennia. I reckon that is why the strongmen types of the past who were associated with the right, were such cut and dry reactionaries- they considered it an affront when order was challenged, and rightfully so. Order was something that they believed in and wanted to preserve, and recognized it wasn’t just challenged physically but also philosophically, semantically, in the end economically. Those whom would challenge any existing order with the latter, usually use the former techniques first. Hence the nonsense newly invented terms and morally relativistic ideologies foisted upon us from the msm ministry of truth, and perpetuated in lock step by the corporate giants like it was planned all along, because it was. All these entities are publicly traded and have common shareholders who own them- they all appear to be on the same page because they are. This is why voting with wallet and attention is the real vote, my sentiments.

  7. Totally annoyed with widget police state interference. For the first time there are constant delays to hearing the show. The Gates of Hell has put something called “oneDrive” on this laptop which I don’t want, didn’t authorize and want to ditch. All this sh&t about a “cloud.” If anyone knows how to exorcise a computer of this vermin please advise. Meanwhile ‘somewhere in the southwest’ the Bill Virus is said to be gaining numbers. Not surprising considering the tsunami of bounty money to hospitals for citing cases. Meanwhile what we KNOW is chemscum musters overhead. This is NOT dust. I grew up in the west, I know dust well. Have cleaned homes for a living during college. This nano-filth clings to the surfaces of the vehicle. You can’t just brush this “dust” away. Have to scrub hard with vinegar to get this plastic dreck off the instrument panel.

    Cloud, eh? This is a vast campaign to spray respiratory irritant by the funder of genocidal maniacs David Keith and Ken Caldiera.

    We have a name for this respiratory irritant that clings like plastic: GLUE-GLE.

    Get off God’s clouds Billy Satan.

    Very grateful in advance if someone can help us rid ourselves of OneDrive.

    Can’t wait to hear the show once Satan gets off the cloud…

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