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Wikileaks Proves ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right All Along

Recently, a family member who has devoted zero effort toward understanding my work asked me the loaded question: “What if I am wrong?” I answered that I have been wrong. Our situation is much worse than I had ever thought. Indeed, the treasure trove of various leaked emails on Wikileaks is revealing that even the more so-called fringe theorists are proving to be the closest to the underlying reality and truth.

Of late, we are seeing the results of computer hacks that reinforce the theme of an article that appeared earlier on Winter Watch called “Crime Syndicate System Control: Sexual Entrapment Operations.” I submit that it is crucial to understanding the world in which we live.

In that article, I discussed the role and case of well-connected Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who made a splash about a year ago when he was convicted of having sex with underage girls. Since then, the related news has been largely suppressed. Epstein is in a position to compromise high-level people by providing underage kink for the likes of elites such as Prince Andrew.

Bill Clinton was a frequent guest on Epstein’s island of underage sex slaves. In many cases, it’s not even necessary to blackmail but rather simply provide certain “favors” for them. However, the dossiers do exist and, if needed, can be used as leverage when something very important is required. This goes along way in explaining how an obscure Arkansas governor who can’t keep it in his pants can go on to become POTUS, and how his wife can just do just about anything she damn well pleases.

The pedophile scandals among the U.K.’s officialdom are now well known even with the snoozers and comatose — but the snoozers can’t connect the dots that such infestations of pedophiles and perverts in government is by design. A number of U.K. police investigators have been openly murdered over the years for stumbling onto high-level pedophiles.

We have learned that Anonymous may have hacked a video from Israeli intelligence (aka the Mossad) of Bill Clinton with a 13-year-old girl on Epstein’s Lolita Island retreat. The video’s purpose was to “blackmail” — or, more accurately, control. Is this video really out there? I strongly suspect so.

The book l “Intimate Enemies” describes the highly secretive and conspiratorial nature of pedophile rings [see first paragraph below]. Pedophiles also tend to promote from within their own tight knit in-group, which puts in place infestations of morally repugnant, mentally ill and compromisable people. I suggest this could be extended to include satanic cults.

In-group promotion based on lack of merit is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Today, most European countries and the U.S. seem infested with this. It explains in part why government is so evil and corrupt.

The National Socialists in Germany believed this infestation threat was very real. For this, in modern times, they have been labelled paranoids and “haters,” but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Their major concern was that undeserving and people lacking merit would get into positions and then bring in their own in-group fellows. The Germans of that era had in place a police service that looked into this.

Here was Heinrich Himmler’s observation as an official chief of police with considerable power and resources. I would say, if nothing else, this offers insight.

If a sexual principle takes root from one man to another, the destruction of state begins.  I will take an example from life. I want to interject here in this matter that I doubt that any place on the present inhabited earth has gained so much experience in the field of homosexuality as the German Secret State Police. I believe that we can really speak as the most experienced people in the field.

Councillor X is homosexual and is not selecting on the basis of the merit-principle the assessors that he needs for his office in the government. He will not choose the best lawyer, but rather seeks out the one who is also a homosexual. These people know each other with a glance across a room. If at a dance you have 500 men, within a half hour they have mutually picked out those who have the same disposition as they. How that happens, we normal people cannot at all imagine.

The councillor seeks out the assessor who has the worst score and who is also ideologically out of order. He does not ask about his performance, but recommends him to the director of the ministry for appointment. He praises him and justifies his recommendation in detail. The assessor is now hired, for it will never occur to the director of the ministry to ask for greater details and to examine the hiring more closely because from the outset as an old official he assumes that the councillor’s recommendation is based on merit. The idea that the assessor has been recommended due to the similarity of his sexual predisposition does not enter the head of a normal man.

It does not stop because the assessor, who is now a governmental official, will proceed on the same principle. If you have a man with such a disposition in any position of authority, you are sure to find there three, four, eight, ten or even more men of a similar disposition; for one draws in another, and watch out if there are one or two normal men among these people; they are basically damned.


The appointment of homosexual Eric Fanning as Secretary of the Army is a stark example of this. You can look at his Wikipedia page, and will see he was primarily another staffer and think-tank fellow. He has no actual military experience or service. Until 2009, he was little more than a political operative and hack, who was rapidly promoted in the Pentagon under Obama.

Following a tough Senate confirmation process in 2012, Fanning thanked his boyfriend Ben Masri-Cohen for his “patience at home” during the process. He is now bringing in his homosexual cronies. A long list of Obama’s homosexual-hiring “initiative” appointments shows that we’ve come a long, long way from the days of James Forrestal.

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  1. Pope Francis – Argentina’s ‘death squad Frankie’ – blurted out there was a ‘gay cabal’ at the Vatican … was this perhaps always a key factor in the ‘celibacy’ scene across the religions? Have known a gay guy who became Roman Catholic & joined a ‘religious order’ because it was a ‘gay party for life’

    However, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message he would like to share here:

  2. Let’s not forget ‘Ashley Madison’, the internet meeting spot for those looking to have an extra-marital affair. An endless mine of potential blackmail material, and voluntarily supplied by the victims. AM was, of course run, by one of The People We Can’t Criticize.

  3. Anonymous is not the freedom fighter it was when it started. Since 4chan has been compromised as well with Feds and turncoats, it is only to be expected that Anonymous is just a tool for the FBI and Deep State much in the same way Snowden is. The video exists of Clinton indeed, but it is intentionally being released. Video released close to election, Clinton plummits, Left riots, Trump elected, police state enacted to the applause of conservatives and the GOP. Hegelian dialectic

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