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Who Is Behind the Latest Cyber Attacks? A Surprise

As has been widely publicized, there were large-scale internet service disruptions on Friday. Even as of today (Sunday), this is active. The curious aspect of these attacks is that the majority involved sender and recipients within the U.S. When you look at Russia, activity is almost completely dormant. Much of Friday’s internet trouble was caused by attacks launched against data centers in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Seattle.

Using Fortinet, which tracks cyber-attacks globally, one can easily ascertain that the attack mother lode was (and still is) McConnell AFB near Wichita, Kansas. Perhaps there is “something else” at this location, but for certain there is an entity called “the 184th Intelligence Wing.” This clip and article describes this National Guard unit’s mission as “super-secret analysis of videos and images, taken from surveillance planes.” Is this one of the places where the criminals make decisions about showering terror down on Yemeni weddings? The article goes on to quote the chaplain.

“As a part of the “kill chain,” they do not pull the trigger, but provide vital information to those that do. … This is not X-Box and it’s not PlayStation, you know. This is real. … There is death and destruction, but we do save lives.”

I can’t predict the future, but intuitively you may be able to verify this source and view its targets yourself as you read this article post-publication time, or if you hear of more successful disruptions. As you follow McConnell, you will note that the severity is almost always listed as high or critical. At press time, there were lots of incoming and outgoing activity. It looks like a gun battle at the O.K. Corral.


Additionally, there are reports that the U.S. military, DHS and FEMA are gearing up for a huge, officially unannounced martial law drill set to start Oct. 30 and run through up to 30 days after the election. A precaution in case there is a bad reaction to a close-rigged election, or something more sinister? No idea as I don’t get the memos, but none of this passes my smell test.

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  1. Did they just slip also that the modern warfare games on Xbox and Playstation are meant for conditioning as well?

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