Trumpian Street Theater and Chaos Magic in Action

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The Crime Syndicate selected Donald “The Red Queen” Trump for the final looting operation of the United States in part because he fits so well as a practitioner of chaos magic and street theater. He’s a natural discordian, and the strongest elements of his resume to qualify for his function as the takedown artist are his Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and “Apprentice” gigs combined with a rapster thug-life persona. There’s something here for everybody.

See “A Critique of Discordianism: A Mixed Bag, But Things to be Learned

In fact, his recent dog-and-pony show with hack CNN reporter Jim Acosta must have used the same Hollyweird script writers. Discordianism works off of half truths and the false dialectic. However, for Ma and Pa America weaned on decades of endless drama and soap operas, this scene is hard to resist. Notice how alpha dog Trump scowls at Acosta. Then when a tag-team Trump aid, a woman, moves in to take the mike away, there’s a WWE tug and pull for control of the wand. Will the woman take Acosta to the mat? Oh, the humanity! Then The Red Queen moves in for the kill. The con artists (shell game practitioner, or magician) once again hoodwinks his mark.

Then, more drama as Acosta gets his White Press pass revoked. This is right out of the “you’re fired, bitch” script of the “Apprentice.” CNN is able to fill its air time with more cheap drama about this incident, and Acosta is reinstated. And Ma and Pa wait with baited breath for future rounds of inane CNN-Trump sparing.

More discordian street-thug theater can be viewed when “Iron Mike” Pence, Trump’s neocon War Party successor, stares down Vladimar Putin. Putin, a chaos magician in his own right, seems to take it stride and finds some humor in it.

Meanwhile, there’s another reality show brewing: a monster recession and market free fall. Since we addressed this in September [see: Addled Janet Yellen Suddenly Sees a Crisis], the markets have steadily waterboarded the bullish dice rollers. The “buy the fucking dip” (BTFD) crowd has been taken out on a stretcher. Notice how BTFD has been rolled out like clockwork all year — and really for several years. It’s like Pavlov’s dog. They just buy the up-channel 50-day moving average. But now you can see how sharp BTFD rallies have been lately — and on low volume — and then badly reversed on high volume. There are also historic amounts of margin in play. And credit spreads are blowing out.

Trump has been feeding this with his drama-queen tweets on China trade talks. I’m convinced Trump’s hedge-fund criminal pals get advanced notice and are front-running these tweets.

The false dialectic being played out now is “who’s to blame” when a truly bad market and economy hits: the Federal Reserve or Trump. This is false because Trump is the Trojan horse finisher, and I suggest the fall guy for decades of economic abuse and bad policy. In two years, he basically set up enormous deficits and borrowing needs to finance the tax cuts for his kleptocrat buddies. But the Federal Reserve has facilitated this skulduggery for decades. So there’s no true dialectic, as both Trump and the Fed are guilty. But that’s not how street theater and chaos magic works.

Trump has been brow beating Fed mucky muck Jerome Powel for a couple months. But now we suddenly see the usual suspects turning on Trump. When Trump and the crooks in Congress instituted the new plutocratic tax regime, barely a peep was heard from The Wall Street Journal or The New York Slimes. Nor was a peep heard when BTFD was still working. But it doesn’t promise to get any better for the liquidity-free money junkies. The Fed-funds market is still pricing in a 75% chance for a rate hike on Dec. 19. Meanwhile, $50 billion a month in Fed funny money is being reduced from its portfolio. Look for lots of street theater and WWE theatrics going into year end.

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  1. You’ve been saying this for the last two years Russ and I really didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to believe Trump was the outsider going to take down the psychopathic elite and move them all to Guantanamo for justice. But if that was the plan, why wait until after the elections? Why wait for more divide and conquer politics to widen the divide between left and right. Why allow more false flags? No, it was all wishful thinking that someone like Trump could overturn 200 years of Freemason, Kazarian criminality in but a few years – if at all.
    I apologize for ever doubting you, but at least (like doing a couple of Tequila shots before closing) I got a few hours of buzz out of it.

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