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JDL Members May Be Charged with Hate Crime for Attack on 55yo Teacher

PHOTO: Andrew Biraj/AFP

1 April 2017

RUSSIA TODAY — Two Jewish Defense League (JDL) members who beat a 55-year-old Palestinian-American teacher outside an AIPAC meeting in Washington DC last weekend may be charged with an additional hate crime felony.

Kamal Nayfeh was visiting his daughter in Washington DC and accompanied her to a demonstration outside the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) meeting. He was attacked by a group of JDL members wielding flags on poles.

This is the clearest shot I got of the attack. Per WSOC, 2 people charged with assault.

READ MORE: 55yo father beaten by ‘terrorist’ Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC (VIDEOS)

“All what I was thinking is, ‘Is this happening to me? Oh my God, I can’t believe it,” Kamal Nayfeh told WSOCTV. “I feel hits from everywhere, and I fell down and I can feel the kicks everywhere on my body.”

The two men, Yosef Steynovitz from Ontario and Rami Lubranicki of New Jersey, are members of the JDL – a group the FBI considers a “right-wing terrorist group.” […]

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