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100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty

October 22, 2017 Winter Watch 0

Proving That Anti-Semitism Had Nothing to Do With His Conviction — and Proving That His Defenders Have Used Frauds and Hoaxes for 100 Years By Bradford L. Huie | 26 April 2013 THE AMERICAN MERCURY — […]

Who ‘Whacked’ Harvey Weinstein?

October 16, 2017 Winter Watch 1

By Mike King THE ANTI-NEW YORK TIMES — Harvey Weinstein (cough cough), is one of the moguliest of moguls in the history of Hollyweird. For decades, his credentials, rap-sheet protected him from long-whispered allegations of running […]

The Ponce Massacre

October 7, 2017 Winter Watch 0

“Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism.” – Noam Chomsky WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS — In 1934, Pedro Albizu Campos led an island-wide agricultural strike which paralyzed the US sugar corporations and won a great […]

Rehabbing Sherman

September 6, 2017 Winter Watch 0

“The amount of plundering, burning, and stealing done by our own army makes me ashamed of it. I would quit the service if I could for I fear we are drifting towards vandalism. Thus you […]

The Power and Purpose of Freemasonry

August 28, 2017 Winter Watch 0

By Eric Thomson (2002) | 18 August 2017 (compiled from two pieces) RENEGADE TRIBUNE — Masonry was the first intelligence agency of the modern era. And it was an extrusion of the British Empire. Of this there […]

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