Diethylstilbestrol (DES): Big (p)Harma’s Artificial Sapient Campaign

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By Kay Stevenson

In 1938, DES (diethylstilbestrol) was the first synthetic estrogen to be created. It was prescribed to millions of pregnant women, primarily between 1938 and 1971 but certainly not limited to those years. In some cases, DES prescriptions were written into the 1980s in the U.S., as well as other countries, in the mistaken belief the drug prevented miscarriage and ensured a healthy baby. But it didn’t work, and instead DES harmed the mothers who were prescribed it, as well as the children born of those pregnancies, and now possibly their grandchildren and beyond.

With me in utero in 1955, my mother was told DES would help prevent miscarriage — something more likely for a new mom at her 40 years of age. However, despite exposing millions of women and their children to DES between the 1930s and 1971 when its usage was discontinued for pregnancy; in 1953, all the science was in to prove DES had no affect on miscarriage.

Luckily, in my late 20s, a sympathetic gynecologist pronounced me “DES-free,” liberating me from a mandate of biannual pap smears. Never mind the pattern of escalating cancer fear between six-month test intervals.

My case was nowhere near the big league. Children exposed to DES for the full term of pregnancy were likely to manifest reproductive tract deformities as well as other ills. It produced a litany of micro phallus sorrows. And worse.

While no claims were asserted ascribing the following case to DES, U.S. births with genital deformities have radically spiked since the AMA unleashed DES on the public. The experience is illustrative of the horrors DES victims endure.

Requests to NPR to restore the audio link have gone ignored, so what follows is my recollection of their 1997 interview: For Intersex Society founder Cheryl Chase, life was a suspicious and humiliating series of doctors’ appointments on false pretexts, such as alleged infections. They prodded, studied and experimented with the child’s genitalia from infancy on. Upon adulthood, at 18, Chase sued to see her medical records.

Creating Artificial Sapients and Microphalluses

Chase was born with an assortment of genital abnormalities. A male chryptorchid (undescended testicles), a vagina with neither uterus nor ovaries, and what was either a very tiny penis or an exceptionally large clitoris.

For the first year, the parents elected to raise the child as a boy. At about a year and a half, the decision was made by the doctors to mutilate the infant, transforming it into a female.The clitoris/penis was removed and the child was pronounced a girl. The parents were instructed to break ties with all family and friends who ever knew the child as a boy and move somewhere distant.

The unrelenting series of surgeries also did away with the undescended testicles, rendering Chase incapable of orgasmic sex. Chase was surgically made into a bona fide eunuch of female appearance. Of course, normal female puberty was out of the question, so hormones were administered to develop a feminine quality.

Among other ramifications, the relationship with Chase’s parents was severed once the truth of Chase’s medical records were understood. Chase went on to form a family vis a vis the founding of the Intersex Society — not to establish surplus genders but for protecting infants from surgical genital mutilation. The society’s mission is to declare a child one gender or the other, then allow them to make decisions in adulthood and to provide growing ranks of intersex adults with sapient company.

A urologist on the program explained that there has been a radical, steady uptick of genital birth defects. While 90 percent can be called one way or another, about 10 percent are neither fully male nor female. One can only imagine after the vaccine boom – and all the other toxins with which the public is slaked – that the increase in genital deformity continues to go exponential.

What happened to those who suffered serious harm from DES? Speaking as one who came of age in the promiscuous ’70s, numerous close female friends have confided that they had relationships – including failed marriages – with men suffering microphallus. All compared the fully erect penis to about half their finger or less. Smaller than a large tampon.

How gross is this epidemic of pharmaceutical genital mutilation? How many suffer? According to the DES researchers, they are significant.

For an encore, DES has since been fed to livestock as a growth hormone. No sooner is’t banned in one area of the world than it’s found somewhere else. The outcry over gynaecomastia — young men developing breast tissue — eventually provoked a ban in such usage in the U.S. But other countries are riddled with cases of DES and other growth hormone deformities.

  • An infant boy, aged 10 months, showed a progressive gynaecomastia, increasing pigmentation of areolae mammae, penis and scrotum, and growth of sexual hair.
  • Gynecomastia with pigmentation of the nipples and areolae is reported in a 4-year-old male following exposure to stilbestrol, which was packaged by his mother in a pharmaceutical laboratory and later in the home.
  • The occurrence of gynecomastia in a 3-year-old boy and pseudoprecocious puberty in his 23-month-old sister following exposure to diethylstilbestrol (stilbestrol) (

Kay’s Takeaway

My skepticism toward Big (p)Harma started young. I was expected to believe the same goofs in white coats who harmed me as a fetus now brimmed with wisdom once they beckoned me in for observation. Others less fortunate were visibly and irreparably marred in genital function, never mind genetic repercussions. The author remains childless in great part because of what was done by the fiends.

Talk about secret history. Those visibly mangled can hardly be expected to take to the streets. Instead of public outrage, they likely would turn to hermitage, for 20th century US society, any sexual failure was treated with disgrace and ridicule. Doctors are unlikely to have amassed statistics; for like me, many victims probably disdain the ones who pharmaceutically and surgically mutilated them. As though most doctors even cared. There is no telling what a vast multitude suffers in silence.

Would the death cartel have fostered pharmaceutical genital abnormality in hopes those masses would later form a quorum of support in rejection of heterosexuality- or worse, artificial gender fluidity? This late elevation of perversion to sacramental status? Was DES about establishing a political constituency? No doubt the AMA death cult is that vicious.

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    Nature doesn’t lie. It seems we are all just a giant science experiment.

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