Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Get Caught up on the Shitstorms

After a two-month break, Russ Winter on Wednesday rejoined the full Brain Trust contingent of the legendary James Fetzer, Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo and Daryl Wayne for a two-hour session.

‘The Event’ podcast is available here, as well as below

Discussion topics included the merged kakistocracy and the quackistocracy, and the traitorous spook Leana Wen and her crisis-actor farce in the Boston Bombing false-flag.

Read “CNN’s Dr. Leana Wen: A Glow Worm Blast from the Past”

They discussed the impending inflationary depression Dark Winter as the mega-pressures of massive shortages, cold and hunger are brought to bear on the population.

Read “Kakistocracy Conspires with Quackistocracy to Create Unparalleled Inflationary Depression”

Listeners chimed in for the final segment. The issues of the day were superbly framed by the callers. In this part of the conversation, a more humble Russ only wishes he had better answers about what to do in the face of this tyranny.

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  1. Hi Russ, I host the show right before “The Event” in Studio B. I have been a fan since I found you on Dino’s show last year. You are a tremendous asset to the truth community, and anytime you drop by on “The Event” it is two hours of must listen radio. It was funny to hear you bring up the fraud “Dr. Leana Wen.” Not sure if you follow RV Truth on YouTube, but he called her out a few days ago, they were certainly in front of a green screen and not in Boston. Keep up the great work my friend. -George

  2. Hey
    I wonder your understanding on mindwar… Men who stare at goats…
    Psychological warfare…r
    The 3 world war . .. Pike Mazzini letter I believe is a Farce…

    Lenin, in his Collected Works, wrote:

    “The World War” (1914-1918) “will see the establishment of Communism in Russia; a second world war will extend its control over Europe; and a third world war will be necessary to make it worldwide”.

  3. You’re not a brain trust by any means. Winter suggested going along with fake vaxx passports. NOT a brain trust. Typical of male boob arrogance.

    • Pretty strident there bitch. You think that the non vaxxed should just throw themselves under the bus and check out of life all together. Help yourself to that, but don’t judge the alternatives.

  4. Always enjoy listening to you with these guys and Dino. I hope they keep Daryl Wayne as a regular.

    Yup, sure seems like we are headed for disaster. US govt is waging war on us (Demonrats leading the way, and GOP offering no resistance, except for DeSantis). Once they impose their central bank digital currency on us (I guess after destroying the dollar) that will be the end of freedom. So far, I don’t see any politician who even has a clue (Dr. Ron Paul was the only one who ever spoke about the Federal Reserve).

    I honestly don’t know how we are going to survive this–seems like the only hope is to get to a red state and hope the red states break free from the criminal US govt.

    Yes, Christian/Ice Age Farmer on youtube has been warning about the grand solar minimum. And the Suspicious Observer channel (advanced science, space weather, etc.) has been warning about the 12,000 year disaster cycle–last catastrophe was 12,000 years ago, so we are due. Seems like this might be the only thing to save us from the Great Reset, though it would mean going back to the stone age and starting over. More on the 12,000 year disaster cycle here: and here and here

    As far as the volcanoes you mentioned, Ben at Suspicious Observers explains that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, which means that more cosmic rays are getting through, so we can expect more extreme events (volcanoes, earthquakes, severe weather) going forward in time. Apparently, we’re heading toward a magnetic reversal. He’s also warned that our sun micronovas every 12,000 years or so and there are lots of changes on the other planets and the sun, which suggest something is on the way. At a minimum, with the weakening magnetosphere, seems like there is a chance of another Carrington like event, which could blow out the electric grid–that wouldn’t make life easy,but it would bring an end to their digital slavegrid.

    • Not sure what happened to this thread’s opening comments section; certainly, there are far better places for trolls to find homes (think about anyone running Disqus as their comments section host); we are hear to learn and support one another. So I for one will just say that I am sorry RW and Torchy need to still deal with such nonsense. Further, I am appreciative for all their work on keeping WW humming along for the rest of us who actually get something meaningful from this website. The world wide web is an electronic ghetto; WW offers both a navigational light and a way out from the noise that is everywhere online.

      As for this podcast, all I can say is WELL DONE. Probably one of the finest episodes to date. Although there was a little bit of echo / repeat in the beginning with Daryl and Scorpio, the issue dissipated quickly and I would opine that the sound quality from then on was excellent. RW, you could be heard easily and your voice was very clear.

      There was a great deal of ground covered and I felt Mr. Fetzer was quite the hub for this wheel. Like any good Jazz music he kept time well, while also permitting the space for some solo work. The result was both thematic and improvisational. Daryl has become an excellent addition to the program, and I do hope he continues to join everyone. He is knowledgeable and possess a calm, collective coolness, that is very complementary to the entire group.

      On the topics:

      Glad RW took the steps that he did an the move theater; it was wise and appropriate at the time. The underground economy has existed in humankind since Sumer (maybe even before), RW was simply being a pragmatist and pointing out a possible reality. Although I would caution care in the United States (there is of course, a law that deals with “papers” and their use), I would not judge people for their personal choices. It is not my business. Also, I do not think RW (or me for in this post) was, specifically, trying to sell an idea. He was simply mentioning one.

      As for the 40% of restaurants in NYC closing up shop, I would say that is the larger media number. Since I am from there and still have a few friends, I would offer up that RW is correct, but add 10-15% to that figure. It ain’t pretty folks, and then there will be the ancillary business shutdowns as a result (since no business operates in a vacuum).

      My. guess is that the New York Gov. belongs to the United Nation’s church. That is a fun one if anyone feels like looking it up.

      Yeah, everything about the Biden booster was faked. It was a set, within another set. The needle was a fake, and I gotta say that Joe may have been a fake as well…just watch the neck line on the talking head. Also, I concur that an MRNA booster would kill him inside of 72 hrs.

      AS WE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS NOW ON WW, WELCOME TO FASCISM. WELCOME TO THE PHOENIX PROGRAM. AND NOW I HAVE ADDED, WELCOME TO ISRAEL. Using the military to do the work of civilians, on behalf of a joined government / corporate state, is the definition of FASCISM. It is not Red. It is not White. It is not Blue. It is not Purple. It is just plain old, home grown, Fascism; the same state project we began under tha administrations of Roosevelt (Teddy) and then Wilson.

      Ah yes, perhaps Giuseppe can back me on this one…RW, we have signs for school bus drivers all over the DC metro region. These are for suburban drivers in NOVA and lower MD. In the case of NOVA, there are fiscal incentives of $ 2,500.00 for new hires. Then there are also new advertisements for CDL drivers, which also offer financial incentives.

      Since this post is getting really long, I will just end on Daryl’s thoughts / comments regarding shots, metal, and 5G. The body has always been electric (as you eluded to); basically we are very similar to a thinking battery. The shots increase reception to dirty EMF (amongst other nasty things that Giuseppe has well covered). Although the 5G could cause the buildup of tumors, expansions of arteries in an unnatural way, blockages and even disruption of the entire neurological system, I would opine that the elephant in the room is actually the 6G.

      You see, all 5G hardware is rolled out, all ready to go, with 6G technology. Once that switch is flipped, then (in theory) one could experience similar (although lower in power) reactions to that of an Active Denial System.


      The worst part is that even the Amish (who presumably did not get a shot and generally do not operate electronic equipment) will find themselves affected by such technology, albeit in a lesser manner. Take the average person with a shot, a booster, a cell phone, surrounded by more electronics and turn up the 6G – pure pudding (a mental and physical wreck) by the time this is all done.

      Gotta run.


      • We now have a workaround to highlight videos beside the increasingly worthless You Tube. Take note of the shocking clip we have up of a demonstration by German pathologists of the metal debris found inside the bodies of the jabbed.

        • Already watched that one and the scarcity video on the cover page this morning.

          Felt the German video was really helpful and interesting. Thought the scarcity video was myopic; but hey, I am not on the west coast and have no right to judge the guy. So I just figured it may be about where he is right now, and he could have a really valid point.

          Incidentally, all bottled water has been experiencing distribution problems on the east coast over the summer. Further, I do think people are simply buying more and storing it.


          • Oh yeah…

            So we all might remember such quaint ideas as water fountains and pay telephones. Also, we might all agree that over a very narrow period of time, both seemed to disappear as corporations made sure to “lock it down” on customers by making sure these options went away.

            Well, I do not know about today (10/2/21), but I can tell you that a few or so years back, the Capitol complex of buildings in Washington, DC had both working (historic) water fountains and even a working bank of pay phones.

            Interesting how that all seems to work. Poor neighborhoods of DC have neither, but the Capitol has both.


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