Biden’s America: The inmates are running the asylum

Biden's masked US delegation for the Council on Foreign Relations. PHOTO: White House

By Patricia McCarthy | 12 March 2022

AMERICAN THINKER — How does one sanely describe what has happened to the United States since Joe Biden was inaugurated?  The nation has been effectively ruined by the policies of Biden’s band of incompetents; every Cabinet member is a disaster, promoted for his previous record of failure.  Not one of them is qualified for the jobs they’ve been given.  They were each chosen for precisely the wrong reason: their race, sex, or leftist/green activism.

Consider Jennifer Granholm as energy secretary.  She is inexplicably ignorant about energy, where it comes from, and what it costs.  Buttigieg as transportation secretary, the failed mayor of South Bend, has not a clue about transportation beyond telling all Americans to buy electric cars.  Chances are he has no idea about the costs and downsides of E.V.s.  Considering the problem of disposal of the batteries when they die, electric vehicles do far more damage to the environment than fossil fuels.  Biden’s ridiculous promise to end American dependence on fossil fuel is a stupid pipe dream.  Fossil fuel is the engine of democracy, of civilization.  To suggest we can live without it is pure sophistry.

Consider Cabinet members Jake Sullivan, Ned Pryce, Janet Yellen, and Anthony Blinken.  Each of them has a record of incompetence and failure, even criminality.  Sullivan was party to the fabrication of the Russia hoax.  Yellen, formerly of the Fed, now claims that the American people are economically in “good shape.”  Biden and Pelosi both hilariously claim that government spending is not causing the worst inflation in forty years.  Pelosi even said it is “reducing our debt.” […]

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  1. Everybody stupid and ignorant like the jew likes…
    PDF The Dodd Report – Colonial Publishing Co
    Page 6 POTUS Page ( since crypto jew freemason Theodore)
    Page 8 anti defamation league
    Griffin: This charge of anti-Semitism is kind of intriguing to me. What was the basis of that charge? Was there any basis for it at all?

    Dodd: The basis used by the Republican National Committee was that the intelligence officer I had taken on my staff — when I oriented this investigation to the exposure of, and proof of, a conspiracy

    The more things change… The more they become Jewish and you can’t even tell….

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