Reading Ability of Children Plummets Compared to Pre-COVID Times

By Paul Joseph Watson | 17 March 2022

SUMMIT NEWS — The reading ability of children has plummeted compared to pre-COVID times thanks to lockdown policies that led to the closure of schools, according to a new study.

“A study by researchers from TU Dortmund has found that German children in the fourth grade of primary school are far less capable of reading than their predecessors who passed through the grade pre-pandemic,” reports Breitbart.

A standard reading test taken by fourth graders from 2021 was compared to results using the same test from 2016.

The number of children who had a reading level rated “good” to “very good” has dropped by 7 per cent while over a quarter of students who took the test in 2021 now have problems with reading comprehension.

“If you express it in years of learning, the children are missing an average of half a year of learning,” said Dr. Ulrich Ludewig, who helped to lead the study. “If the change in the composition of the student body is taken into account, the gap while slightly smaller, the significant decline in mean reading ability remains.” […]

1 Comment on Reading Ability of Children Plummets Compared to Pre-COVID Times

  1. Hi,
    I’m Stunned that in today’s world children learn to read at The 4th Grade level before the pandemic ,
    .and During The pandemic children aren’t learning to read by 4th grade anymore well at least in Germany according to the article.
    I’m 1 month away from turning 56 and
    I can recall learning to read in the 1st grade when I was young.
    My first grade was in a Catholic school ,
    And I went to public school for kindergarten,
    Cause this Catholic school near our house stopped having kindergarten class.
    Anyway I bring up the public and catholic school aspect cause my 3 older siblings All Went To Catholic Kindergarten Class ,
    And All My Older Siblings were Reading by kindergarten Class.
    I Honestly felt dumb for Many years cause I learned to read in 1st grade class.
    And now I read kids today are learning to read at an higher grade level than me ,
    It’s kinda shocking to hear today’s kids aren’t being taught properly.

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