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Has The Red Carpet Been Rolled Out For A Mainstream Pivot On Ivermectin?

Forget the lab leak or cloth masks. The mainstream pivoting on ivermectin would be the most disgusting and disgraceful Covid pivot we’ve seen yet.

2 February 2022

QUOTH THE RAVEN — Just yesterday even more ivermectin controversy started: this time around joint nonclinical research being done with the drug by Japanese company Kowa Co Ltd.

Except, instead of the “normal” ivermectin controversy – which consists of arguing over whether or not the drug is “horse paste” despite its discovery being nominated for a Nobel Prize for use in humans, it being including on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines and being dosed hundreds of millions of times to human beings by doctors – this week’s controversy was about how Kowa’s research was reported on Tuesday.

Reuters initially ran the headline:

“Japan’s Kowa says ivermectin effective against Omicron in phase III trial”.

That headline was incorrect, and Reuters was forced to retract it. They re-ran the story with a title congruent with the facts:

Ivermectin shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID, Japanese company says

Both ivermectin advocates and detractors claimed victory on the day. […]

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