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Israel is Now No. 1 in Covid Cases Per Capita, Proving All the Draconian Measures Are Utterly Worthless

27 January 2022

HUMANS ARE FREE — Despite the fact that Israel has implemented some of the most draconian COVID-19 pandemic measures in the world, the country is now number one in the world in new cases, according to local reports.

According to the Times of Israel, a leading health expert in the country said that 0.6 percent of the population was testing positive daily for the virus — most likely the latest variant, omicron, which is highly contagious but also very mild.

Prof. Eran Segal of The Weizmann Institute said at that rate, Israel currently leads the world in per capita infection rates, even though the population is required to get the latest version of vaccines available and despite heavy quarantine and lockdown regimes.

However, Segal tried to excuse the high infection rate:

But Segal noted it was likely that Israel was not truly the country with the highest infection rate. Rather, he attributed the figures to Israel being a leading country in the number of tests performed each day, relative to its population size.

Israel is followed in the highest daily cases worldwide ranking by Mongolia, Peru, Canada and Georgia.

The fact is, either you’re the number one country, per capita, in daily infections — or you’re not. And right now, Israel is No. 1, period, no matter how you look at the data. […]

8 Comments on Israel is Now No. 1 in Covid Cases Per Capita, Proving All the Draconian Measures Are Utterly Worthless

  1. Not possible. Askanazi jews do not get covid as they have the least ACE 2 receptors (according to their own research). But they just keep lying.

    • Sorry, i was way off, – Today Ashkenazim (plural for Ashkenazi) constitute more than 80 percent of all the Jews in the world, vastly outnumbering Sephardic Jews. In the early 21st century, Ashkenazi Jews numbered about 11 million.

  2. Something very odd, deceptive about the contrasts between Zionist & Orthodox communities in the US, Europe, and in Israel. It just doesn’t add up. Take Florida, for example. It is well-known as one of the most populated states for wealthy Jewish billionaires- one of which was the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. In spite of all of their state policies falling right in line with the Zionist agenda, i.e. IHRA regulations/policies, Anti-BDS laws, and even more which are uniquely particular to areas in Florida- they have been the area in the US that has pretended to ‘resist’ lockdowns etc, the most. Yet, they are arguably the most connected state to Israel in many ways, to their lobbies. DeSantis even got the ZOA ‘Zionist Hero Award’ for his overwhelming, zealous dedication to this dogma.

    Then you have something more similar to Israel happening in New York, also very connected to Israel, but there is this legal standoff between those policies and the Orthodox Community there. Meanwhile, it was hard not to notice that during Covid, there were a ton of articles discussing how Narcotics, illicit markets- laundering into proxy terror, arms/human trafficking, remained as strong as ever, if not stronger under Covid, which could only happen if there was some preparation (otherwise those would’ve been hit similarly, like other businesses- especially with the visibility of the product(s) moving everywhere during lockdowns, which would make it easy to see what was happening). While this has happened, there have been quite a few other reports of the IDF and similar groups, but mainly the IDF, being in the US doing very strange things- cleaning up burned down buildings (in Florida), ‘putting out fires’ in California during the Wildfires, and in multiple areas, being brought in during this period to ‘guard Jewish communities, because of the rising anti-semitism.’ That last bit sounds like complete BS to me- why you’d need the IDF here to do that, when the FBI is already on board enough with that garbage. It seems like they’re using them for something, and also must not trust the domestic authorities, or people they are dealing with and feel threatened.

    Something is way off there, though. That NY Crowd and the Florida crowd are the same, politically. They are basically Hilary Clinton voters who will flip Neocon when the left actually has any economic teeth. The way they’ve been presenting the Israel situation in the media- they’d have you think someone like Bloomberg, who is working hand-in-glove with Technion, Microsoft-Israel etc to build this surveillance infrastructure, is the polar opposite of Ron DeSantis. This is paralleled with people, trolls, in droves claiming the ADL is a ‘leftist’ organization on the net. Now, SPLC, other Jewish organizations, Soros etc, are moderate-left on average, but the ADL has/is consistently ALWAYS been associated with the Neocons, with Republicans. Now these republicans, like DeSantis, are supporting the ADL, the IHRA and Anti-BDS legislation- so supporting this new terror-targeting of European-American-ethnics, while that is what the majority of their base has been (democrats too but they lean more on the minority swing). If they’re going to ‘gaslight,’ you’d at least expect it to be gaslighting, as in an actual trick. Wtf is this- there is no trick. It’s just lying and acting like a retard. Anyone who can observe simple facts, remember a few events, can see they’re just lying like scumbags over and over again, and there is no difference between them so long as they are washing their money, obeying the policies of this (anti-constitutional, technocratic, Zionist) regime.

    Just look at this little chain of ridiculous gaslighting- ought to be in jail for doing this to people. They definitely ‘Stand With Israel’ though, while being accused of Nazism- a bunch of complete nonsense







    And this, THIS, is the guy that is supposed to be the US example of ‘anti-establishment’ and ‘standing up to the ‘Covid Regime’? Wow. The level of dumbass involved to believe that. Yet, pathetically, Florida was the only state to ‘pretend’ to do any of this- with this clown at the helm.

  3. Everyone talks of the flood but none are talking about boats. Too many web “gurus” with opinions that just reflect what they read, and cut and paste, and not what they have thought out. This is a multi-faceted take down of humanity that has been in the plans longer then most people have been alive. Pseudo-intellectuals with puffed up chests grunt and strut, helpless and fear filled.

    Since there is no such thing as “Covid” and RT-PCR tests, by their inventor’s words, can not be used for diagnosis how can any nation any where be experiencing anything more then some new influenza as history shows it to be true, hence called the “flu season??”

    True activism these days is not about pointing fingers but rather reaching out with hands to help get ready for the final onslaught. You can name all the bad guys…Sabatian Frankists, Skull&Bones, Freemasons, etc., but can you name your neighbors who will be more important then any doomer theories??


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