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Reality Check on Boston Bombing Show-Trial Footage

The criminals behind the Boston hoaxathon should have let sleeping dogs lie. Instead, they’ve released a fresh set of images and footage from Tsarnaev’s show trial with which to hang themselves yet again. Researchers and truthers can examine United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial exhibits for themselves.  Many of the images are far less obscured than the earlier ones. I pray to God the American people will get a long overdue wake-up call from this most recent revealing and fraudulent trove of lies.

The absurdity of the exhibits is endless, but I offer one classic that recently turned up: a close-up film of the “injured” being attended to immediately after the pyrotechnic “blast” at site No. 1.

Imagine the sheer pain and agony of being pelleted with BBs and shrapnel, or having a gaping hole in your calf, then look at the synthetic reactions in Boston presented to us. Compare the fake wound at 2:10 in the Boston video to this video of a real shrapnel wound (warning: graphic). Several of the Boston “victims” ended up as amputees, yet after the blast they are as calm as cucumbers. See analysis of these wounds by a veteran trauma surgeon.


The second video shows a tough well-padded U.S. Marine in agony from a painful hit by shrapnel [0:40]. Notice that the shrapnel is visible and can been seen flying through the air. Yet, nobody described seeing bomb shrapnel in motion at the hoaxathon. I found much worse footage of human agony from fragment hits than this Marine, believe me. This is the PG version. Notice he goes into a natural fetal position from an impact wound. In contrast, at the hoaxathon, actors are sitting up painlessly or are calmly laying flat on their backs. Others are seen walking around or even running.

Next we have the bizarre Boston hoaxathon hair-perm magic routine, and within a week these satanists are rolled out before the press. They’re smiling, their hair is back to normal, and they’ve nicely recovered for photo opportunities and American “hero” appearances at sporting events.

Then we see the post-blast interviews where actor “eyewitnesses” read from the faulty scripts about the sequence of the two bombs and the distance of the explosions. At 3:05, a “doctor” states that the bombs detonated “a minute or two apart.” The CNN producer says three minutes apart. In the real world, it was about 12 seconds. The “doctor” then launches into a descriptive of the carnage he witnessed at the pyrotechnic site. Curiously, the good “doctor” was nowhere to be seen in any of the videos or photos of the aftermath.

Photoshopped Giraffe Boy:

Last but certainly not least is the Boston Hoaxathon Trouser Bomb Trilogy. The widespread trouser shredding images require a first-class dumb dumb to believe.

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