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Military Contractors See Hostility Toward Russia as ‘Historic’ Business Opportunity

Lithuanian soldiers inspected a United States Army Stryker vehicle last year during an exercise. PHOTO: Bryan Denton/The New York Times

Russia Becoming Go-To Excuse for Increased Military Spending

By Jason Ditz | 19 August 2016

ANTIWAR — If there is one thing that all US military contractors can agree on, at any time, under any circumstances, it’s that the US military budget, even when it is at record highs, isn’t nearly big enough. Over the last decade and a half, this centered on ever-escalating US occupations abroad against Islamist factions.

Now it’s Russia’s turn to be the excuse, and contractors couldn’t be happier, with many openly talking about the new acrimony toward Russia as an “historic opportunity,” one which could see even more out-of-control spending, and record profits for arms makers.

While active military personnel predict “imminent” Russian invasions of Eastern Europe, keen to get bigger budgets and more deployments into Europe, their retired counterparts, now board members of key arms makers and lobbyists for the contractor industry in general, are looking to really cash in on that.

Most of the major arms makers are looking to up their exports to Europe, and fear-mongering about Russia is a great chance to sell those arms to NATO members. The real money, though, will always be at home, as the US dramatically outspends any other nation on military.

With the arms makers salivating over the money that could be made on the matter,Congressional leaders are pushing a bill that aims to make US hostility toward Russia a permanent fact through legislation, desperate to ensure that future governments, who don’t see the wisdom of throwing endless money at an unthinkable war, don’t get in the way of the money’s flow.


2 Comments on Military Contractors See Hostility Toward Russia as ‘Historic’ Business Opportunity

  1. As bogus as the US-Nato anti-Russian hysteria is, Putin is still guilty for playing along so meekly … quite clear when you consider the pulling-its-punches wimpiness of Russia’s state-funded glossy media such as Russia today

    This is actually classic Russia going back to Joe Stalin & the fake ‘Cold War’, under which, as economist Antony Sutton exposed, the US transferred tech to Russia, often thru Israel, plus brivery goodies to Russia’s elites, so US & Western arms profiteers could have ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’

    Now, as Russia joins with Turkey, Syria, Iran & the USA to betray & murder the helpless Kurds … a symbol for all of us – Putin supports Shia Iran as counter to Sunni Russian Muslims, anticipates ‘long war’

    Real reason for ‘nuclear deal with Iran’ – keeping the Muslim world in conflict & aflame between Shia & Sunni, & unable to oppose Western oligarchs

    Asia Times reports that Vladimir Putin is telling people he meets, that he is supporting & making alliances with Shia Iran, in order to support a counter-force to the 15% of the Russian Federation who are Muslims & nearly all Sunni … typical Russian policy today, to keep conflict fires burning in many places

    Putin knows his Muslim populations are resentful, the beaten-down Chechens in particular still wishing revenge for Russian domination & massacres over the last 200 years, since Russia conquered their lands & seized them from Persia

    Muslims & others in Russia believe Putin joined in conducting ‘false flag’ terror attacks blaming Muslims, in order for Russia to defeat secession wishes by Chechnya & Dagestan, Muslim republics which are key to oil & gas wealth much desired by Putin’s oligarchy & Gazprom

    We have here a sign of the real reason behind the sudden Western turnabout on the ‘Iran nuclear sanctions’ nonsense … sometimes argued to have taken place, because Iran finally agreed to let its country be penetrated by Rothschild-associated banking interests

    But a deeper reason, may well be to keep the Muslim world in conflict with itself as well as the West, with a strong Shia centre opposing the 80% of global Muslims who are Sunni, led by Saudi Arabia

    Conflict amongst Muslims serves the Western oligarchy very well … classic divide & rule, an impediment to Muslims successfully organising themselves … and a boost to the nearly half trillion a year in global weapons sales to poor & emerging nations who starve their own people to purchase military hardware

    • Obama has been an excellent weapons peddler globally. What a twisted way to prop up the US economy. And how do foreign countries fund these weapons purchases? Public debt. What a sickeningly destructive cycle of death, despair and servitude.

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