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No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Australia Builds More Quarantine Camps

The move has been slammed across social media, particularly by non-Australians, who have likened the facilities to concentration camps and gulags.

27 August 2021

CALDRON POOL — The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Thursday the state government’s plans to build a quarantine camp describing it as a “no-brainer.”

Palaszczuk made the announcement in a post on social media, saying the 1000-bed facility will be used to combat the “dangerous Delta variant.”

“A dedicated regional quarantine facility will be built at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba. As we contend with the dangerous Delta variant, we need fit-for-purpose quarantine facilities,” she said in a post on Twitter.

Adding, “Australia needs regional quarantine facilities to keep us safe. It’s a no-brainer.”

The Premier said quarantine camps are the “answer” to opening up the state again, as they will help ease pressure on the current hotel quarantine system.

“As soon as a regional quarantine facility is built, we are ready to put it to use,” she said. […]

8 Comments on No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: Australia Builds More Quarantine Camps

  1. Delta Variant? – that’s so August 2021-ish!!

    • HERE WE GO AGAIN: World Health Organization Declares ‘Mu’ Strain of COVID-19 as ‘Variant of Interest’

    Apparently her father is a Hyou-know-what ™ survivor so she would be familiar with the Stalin concept of concentration death camps (aka gulags)

    • Queensland Premier’s father chairs a world-wide foundation of gene sequencing and storage companies

    “Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to confirm or deny if her father and former state Cabinet Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, has been appointed as chairman of a gene testing firm or large group possibly contracted to the government.”

  2. Civilian internment. The last time we had that here in the UK was during WWII when the Isle of Man was designated, and aliens were rounded up and shipped over from the mainland. At least they were mostly aliens then – I imagine that the only aliens involved now would be those employed as guards, once they’d been shepherded over the Channel from France, by our wonderful Border Force. Or maybe there’s work for some of those Afghani’s being flown back?

  3. Gents, sorry to be tardy to the party; I just saw this one and of course needed to stop in.

    Wow, I am very sorry to here this information. What happened to our Aussie friends? They have been some of the most independently minded and rugged folks in the world. (I will not make the Crocodile Dundee joke about the knife out of respect for everyone there, but I am wondering why there is not a renewed freedom in that land).

    Well both of you know about internment in the U.S. of the Japanese, it was an absolute disaster; however, it actually also happened to German and Italian Americans at the time as well, but they did not win their legal challenges in the same manner as the Japanese Americans (sorry JS, this sentence is garbage, but I have to run and cannot re-think it right now). Of course we did it again with Cubans during the 1980s and technically we are doing it again with Latin Americans now. Why anyone would want to come here to be interned is well beyond me.

    Of course my best goes out to the residents of Australia they are in my good thoughts and prayers, and I am aware about the situations in the UK (good thoughts and prayers sent that way too), it really bothers me as well. I hate to say it and sound like a stupid American, but never give your guns away freely. We do have a FEMA camp system set up in the U.S., but it is much harder to implement with a heavily armed populous (not impossible, but just harder).

    Best to you both,

    • Guys, disregard my disrespectful comment about weapons. Although I know how to use them, I am for the most part a pacifist and that was a real American d*ck comment. Mea culpa.

      I just was upset that Australia is taking this move, and about the numerous refugees flowing through the channel over in the U.K.. It has all gotten so out of hand and inhumane in so many respects both for the native citizens and even the refugees. What it shows are clear examples of strategic gamesmanship.

      Do not disregard the fact that I will pray and think good thoughts for the people of both nations.


  4. JS,

    The link to the data storage company should be broadcast everywhere, on as many different web conduits as feasible. It was an extremely good catch on your part, and I really appreciated reading it.

    Maybe we will get lucky and RW will wish to mirror it, but keep posting it everywhere.


  5. JS,

    He did it!

    RW put up a video on Victoria that is not directly linked to your posts here, but very supportive everything you wrote. Click on any thread today and look at the normal video section on the upper right corner, and that is where the report is. What a nice thing to do.

    As for the report itself, all I can say is that I am very sorry to hear what is going on there, and I will keep a good thought / prayer that is all turns around.


  6. Welcome to your new normal , I guess Australia, started as a prison colony , might as well return to your meaningless drunken cuck existence! When you sheep let your masters take away your gun rights you might as well get on your knees and start begging like a bunch of neutered dogs. Here’s a great quote for ya wankers…..If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

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