Swiss Police Threaten to Stop Enforcing COVID-19 Rules

Group warns in letter that lockdown laws violate fundamental rights.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 10 August 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — Police in Switzerland have threatened to stop enforcing COVID-19 rules over fears that the measures are disproportionately undermining the fundamental rights of citizens.

A group representing police officers in the Alpine country wrote a letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) warning of potential insubordination within the force over the enforcement of draconian laws.

“If the measures were to conflict with the general opinion of the population, disproportionately limiting their fundamental rights, many police officers would no longer be willing to apply them,” the group wrote in the letter.

While the letter was received favorably by lockdown skeptics, the FSFP attempted to dismiss it by claiming it only represented a small number of police officers.

Adrian Gaugler of the Conference of Cantonal Police Commanders went further, threatening the officers with sanctions if they refused to enforce the measures.

“An officer who refuses to enforce the law can be punished,” said Gaugler. […]

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  1. In terms of this one, I think the Swiss government is downplaying the actual number of officers who disagree with the situation. Further, the German influenced cantons of Switzerland are the freest and most likely to ignore the “rules”, the French and Italian cantons will cave for the most part would be my guess.

    On the same page is:

    What the heck happened to the free people of Australia and why isn’t their military protecting the citizens by toppling the government. I used to think that Oz was filled of very tough, independent, men and women. Where did they go? Did they leave”

    People like James Cameron and Steve Wozniack moved to Oz to live “freer” down under. How’s that working out?

    Crazy times we are living in, crazy times indeed.


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