‘Fully vaccinated’ Gibraltar sees 2,500 percent increase in ‘Covid’ cases, prompting new lockdowns

By Ethan Huff | 8 August 2021

NATURAL NEWS — New “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are said to be spiking in the nation of Gibraltar, despite a 99 percent “vaccine” compliance rate.

According to reports, the number of new Chinese Virus cases in Gibraltar has increased by over 2,500 percent since June 1, which is when the country achieved a 99 percent vaccination rate.

Prior to the Gibraltar government mass vaccinating its people for Chinese Germs, the case rate was low and things were normal (see the following graph). After everyone rolled up their sleeves and got injected, however, sickness and death are skyrocketing.

Despite nearly 100 percent of Gibraltar “fully vaccinated” in accordance with government guidelines, the nation is being locked down once again due to the rampant spread of Fauci Flu among the injected.

At least until September, all large-scale public events are being forcibly canceled. The Gibraltar Ministry of Culture and the Office of Civil Contingencies is also urging all private facilities to do the same. […]

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  1. And the hits keep coming. My main issue is calling this a “Wuhan” virus, when it as developed in a series of labs, globally. The first major application of the weapon might have been Wuhan, although the leak was more than likely stateside. Then there is even the debate at to whether Italy predates Wuhan in terms of application.

    Either way, I am glad WW mirrored this one. As for the people of Gibraltar, I shall pray for them as I do for everyone else. These are trying times and the best thing I (very humbly) can do is keep good thoughts and prayers for everyone. Otherwise the bastards win and steal the most amazing aspect of our humanity, which is compassion.

    Forgiveness is probably neck and neck with this one. One thing that really bothers me about “cancel culture” is the attack on humanity in its ability to simply forgive and move on.

    Oh well, that was my “two cents” worth. As always, thanks to RW and Torchy for mirroring this one.


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