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Report: Fauci Oversaw Dangerous, Torturous Experiments On Dogs

‘Fauci is increasingly becoming Dr. Evil. Over and over again.’

By Steve Watson | 6 August 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — In addition to overseeing funding of gain of function coronavirus experiments in Wuhan, and then lying about it, it has now emerged that Dr Fauci was in charge of funding horrid experimental research on dogs, including purposefully infecting the animals with parasites known to be contagious to humans.

The report from the White Coat Waste Project draws on information gleaned from a FOIA request which revealed that $400,000 was pumped into National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Disease experiments to infect beagles with parasites from biting flies.

The report outlines how the dogs “endured months of pain, and once researchers were done with them, they were killed.”

The NIAID task order states that “28 beagles were to be allowed to develop infections for three months before being euthanized for blood collection.”

The records obtained under the FOIA request show the dogs “vocalized pain” during the experiments. […]

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  1. To me, anyone who conducts experiments on Man’s best friend is not human. That includes any four footed animal we normally recognize as pets.

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