How Did Stacey Abrams Increase Her Net Worth 3,000% in Less than 4 Years?

By Kay Smythe | 5 April 2022

DAILY CALLER — Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has become a millionaire.

Abrams is worth $3.17 million, according to the state disclosures she filed in March, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. When she first ran for the Georgia governorship in 2018, Abrams was dealing with a “hefty bill from the IRS” and was worth only $109,000, the outlet noted.

The “hefty” tax bill from the IRS was $54,000, with a further $410,000 in liabilities, according to Fox News. She owed $96,000 in student loan debt and $83,000 in credit card debt, AP reported.

Abrams’ personal financial issues led Republicans and some people in Georgia to question how she could possibly be able to manage a state budget while she struggled to stay atop her own, AP reported. Abrams subsequently lost her 2018 bid for Georgia’s governorship.

Abrams’ political celebrity translated into $5-6 million in payments for speeches and books since 2018, AP continued. …

Though Abrams did not disclose any payments from her 501(c)(4) Fair Fight Action, the group raised almost $62 million in dark money donations, according to Newsmax. Ninety-six percent of those donations “came from only 252 unidentified, large-dollar donors,” the outlet reported. […]

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