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Another Plot Against Civilization


Nesta Webster in “Plot Against Civilization” describes the formula used to reduce society to primitive states.

“The conspirators blocked food supplies and held up National Assembly reforms. On July 22, 1789, an [false flag] incident called the ‘Great Fear’ was instigated whereby unknown messengers arrived in towns all over France calling on the people to arm themselves as ‘brigands are coming.’”

Then, under a false edict from the king, they were instructed to burn chateaus. At that same time in 1789, Masonic plotters purchased and hoarded grain, thus setting off hunger in critical parts of France, such as Paris.

The formula looks to be applied in spades today. As is generally known — or at least to our readers — the world is facing serious shortages of planting fertilizer as a result of ill-conceived Sub Zero-inflicted sanctions against major producers Russia and Belarus.

In what can only be called “highly suspicious timing” comes a service policy instituted by Union Pacific (not the government) that removes cars from multiple commodity groups to “maintain fluidity” and “reduce inventories.” This has impacted CF Industries, which states its delivery of essential fertilizer is reduced by 20 percent of normal to complete spring plantings.

Keep in mind that the ownership of many key corporations is controlled by a directorate of large-fund run shareholders, such as Blackrock. Although these entities act like Eddie Haskell, we hold that they hold control over corporate decisions that superficially appear to be ad-hoc and strange.

Seemingly “out of the blue,” the U.S. is being hit with an avian flu outbreak. So far, 1.3 percent of all U.S. chickens have been affected and 6 percent of the U.S. turkey flock. The bird flu tsunami wave across 27 states has infected 27 million chickens and turkeys, forcing farmers to “depopulate” or cull flocks to prevent spreading.

Isn’t it astonishing how the globe is being literally impacted by influenza on demand. Cowinkydink?

Chicken breast prices have spiked higher.

Egg prices have gone off the charts.

We have been watching the natural gas situation in Europe and Germany with interest. It seems to fit the Sub Zero formula described above.

Drought conditions in the U.S. are serious West of the Missouri River, from Omaha to the Pacific Coast.

Drought Monitor

Overlaid against this is the emptying of Lake Powell and Lake Mead.

Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam storage, April 10: 5,800,895 acre-feet. This represents 43 percent of typical storage level for this date, based on the last 30 years of data.

Lake Mead, Hoover Dam storage, April 10: 8,386,733 acre-feet. This represents 54 percent of typical storage level for this date, based on the last 30 years of data.

Colorado river snowpack is 73.8 percent of average. Insufficient runoff has put the reservoir on a quick and dangerous descent to 3,490 feet of elevation –- a water level so low that Glen Canyon Dam’s hydropower turbines can no longer operate. A key part of the Western power grid would be lost.

The only way millions of acre-feet of Colorado River water can flow past the dam and downstream to sustain Lake Mead -– the reservoir on which Arizona relies -– is through four bypass tubes, which have never handled that kind of volume, particularly for an extended period.

The proposed stop gap is a release of just 7 million acre-feet from Powell to Mead this water year, which ends in September, instead of the 7.48 million acre-feet.

The Colorado River system provides water to 40 million people in seven states. It irrigates up to 5.5 million acres. It supports about $1.5 trillion in economic activity.

Reservoir conditions in California are dry and low. This could trigger hydroelectric power plants to shut down during the worst part of wildfire season. In northern California, Lake Shasta is 38 percent full, Lark Orville 49 percent and Folsom Lake 65 percent.

Drought is a contributor to other perfect storm conditions, such as an increase in wildfires.

Even in normal conditions, extreme heat can also impact the nation’s electrical system, potentially leaving tens of millions of people without air conditioning and other essential services. Higher air temperatures are anticipated in the summer months. Those higher temperatures can simultaneously increase people’s demand for electricity for cooling (air conditioning).

“Rolling blackouts occur when a state’s ability to generate electricity dips so low that operators have no choice but to curtail electricity service for customers in order to maintain the balance between supply and demand,” according to NC State University.

Blackouts that result from or result in power stations tripping are particularly difficult to quickly recover. Outages may last from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the nature of the blackout and the configuration of the electrical network.

Much of the U.S. electric grid legacy was built in the 1950s and ’60s. Protective relays and fuses are used to automatically detect overloads and to disconnect circuits at risk of damage.

Restoring power after a wide-area outage can be difficult, as power stations need to be brought back online. Normally, this is done with the help of power from the rest of the grid.

We will follow up with how the draconian and highly disruptive Chinese lockdown ties into this plot against civilization.

7 Comments on Another Plot Against Civilization

  1. It’s almost as if they are dismantling civilization to Build Back Better highlighted by the mark of the beast control system to which this planet has never seen, except in China. China is the model.

    • You misspelled 6uild 6ack 6etter.

      Satanism is now openly revealing its face. Here in Eugene, Oregon, some creature named Solomon is running for city council. Her campaign signs which are everywhere, prominently feature an inverted red pentagram, the symbol of the Devil.

  2. Maybe California should just become it’s own country? The state is horribly mis-managed and directs most of its tax revenue into social programs and paying six figure retirement pensions. Californians like to brag about being one of the world’s largest economies and their utopian Silicon Valley belief structure. However, the reality is Cali is the new sodom and the appetites of the wealthy elites will destroy our entire country if they aren’t put in check soon. Their flag should be a dollar sign in the middle of the Star of David tattooed on the bear’s ass.

    • The people of California are largely conservative, happy, normal people. Californians voted down affirmative action, immigration, and gay marriage when they were given the opportunity.
      The state has been a social laboratory for the ((( Evil Elite))) since the early 1960s and the results are plainly visible but it is not due to any moral deficiencies of the populace but rather the evil designs of the (((International community))).

      If you want to meet commies, misfits and freaks, head for the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Original Message—–
    From: Philip Power
    Sent: Mon, Apr 18, 2022 9:36 pm
    Subject: Fwd: Something REALLY BAD is About to Fundamentally Change Humanity – (Pt 1)

    The VIRUS is a PATSY, so that Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the GREAT RESET, can JAB people with their GENETIC VACCINE to cull 80% of the population and GENETICALLY change the humanity of the other 20%.
    Watch these videos and see their plan!

    YOUTUBE: Something REALLY BAD is About to Fundamentally Change Humanity – (Pt 1)
    Apr 17, 2022

    YOUTUBE: Something REALLY BAD is About to Fundamentally Change Humanity – (Pt 2)
    Apr 18, 2022
    567K subscribers

  4. All I know is that all we are told is total bullshit.

    Living in KOOK California we get the same lies every year about how climate change has caused low snowpack/low water level in rivers and lakes. They mumbo jumbo the articles with titles like Lowest snowpack in 7 years”.. Well 7 years ago the snowpack was lowish and good since so what? You google water levels/snowpacks in all years 2010-2022 and you will see captions like this.

    May 20 2016
    Lake Mead declines to lowest level in history

    Here are the facts.
    By Jan. 1, the plush snowpack was 160% of average for that date statewide, and already a little over half the seasonal total. a couple of months not that great but then just last week a massive 4 day snowstorm making the 2 off months moot and with the 160% early snowpack the year is good.
    There is the sabotage the kooks do like not allowing Cadiz co that wanted to pump the water from Mojave underground river that would be enough water for huge San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Feinstein/Obama declared that desert a sanctuary to protect desert beetles. Trump stopped that sabotage and allowed Cadiz to start pumping then Biden nixed it.. ARGH!

    Manure and crushed bone From cattle/cows/ect has all nutrients needed but no they had to make up chemical concoctions that must use natural gas, nitric acid (I use nitric and HCI to refine gold) to make ammonia then they stripped the earth to get the Potash rocks then refine those rocks to get the Potassium that is in abundance in Manure.

    Look how much we export so all we do is not export and use that toxic crapola on our agriculture.


    Russia: US$7 billion (12.6% of total exported fertilizers)
    China: $6.6 billion (11.8%)
    Canada: $5.2 billion (9.3%)
    United States: $3.6 billion (6.4%)
    Morocco: $3.4 billion (6.1%)
    Belarus: $2.9 billion (5.2%)

    Unless I see a video with a boatload of dead chickens and I use a CGI catcher and Tineye to make sure it’s legit I say they are just lying to get people all scared and nerved out.. Markets all have chicken.

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