After Being Over Target on Covid-19 Black Swan and Other Predictions, It’s Time to Consider What’s Next

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‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.’ —  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Those who read Winter Watch regularly know that we’ve been on a roll on our calls on Covid-19. We predicted a black swan event to destroy the Everything Bubble. We made the call on Covid-19 black swan back on Feb. 4, when the markets we snoozing through the Wuhan outbreak.

Read (from Feb. 4) “Coronavirus (nCOv) as a Black Swan Event”

With the Everything Bubble bursting, Covid-19 is now the convenient “invisible enemy” to obfuscate several decades of criminal negligence in fiscal and monetary policy, resulting in monstrous wealth transfers to kleptocrats. Thus, there’s ample motivation to exaggerate its lethality. There are plenty of observers, including us, stating that the response is far worse that the virus.

Although we were initially uncertain and reserved judgment about the precise nature of the affliction, we predicted that once it spread beyond China, celebrities and powerful individuals “would test positive” and “suffer mild illness.”

There’s now ample evidence that the fear part of the operation is a major psyop. Now, the claim is made that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the U.K.’s Prince Charles are afflicted “but doing well.”

Read “The Tom Hanks Coronavirus Story Has Telltale Signs of Psyop”

About our only missed prediction was that Africa, with all their Chinese, would have a serious outbreak. Africa’s lack of affliction, however, is highly suspect.

The most common suspect refrain is the term “testing positive,” which is meaningless shadow language, especially given all the false positives. This merely means one has generated an immune response. For instance, I tested positive to tuberculous at the age of 19, but I’ve never had any ill affects or the disease. Correct me if I am wrong, but I presume I would still test positive — and at my age, to all sorts of pathogens.

The operation has been subject to over-exaggerated medical accounting fraud to inflate the impact, as shown below. Even so, the problematic or lethal cases (as shown in Italy) are overwhelmingly among the already ill elderly over 70. The younger populations are tagged as “spreaders.”

Source: Imperial College of London

Our theory now is that Covid-19 is a particularly nasty influenza-type of bug that can be added-on threat to individuals who are aged and already sick. It can cause death or serious health issues in a small fraction of the population. Others can be put on their backs for a period. But getting ill is a normal part of life. You don’t shut the globe down to mitigate against that. In fact an evil draconian dark triad would deliberately cause large numbers to lose their incomes to create an increasingly vulnerable population to exploit and lord over.

Evidence from Italy shows:

According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. Ten percent of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.

Eighty percent of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. The chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer. Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases.

Northern Italy has one of the oldest populations and the worst air quality in Europe, which had already led to an increased number of respiratory diseases and deaths in the past and is likely an additional risk factor in the current epidemic.

There is a disconnect on the ground in epicenter New York City versus the lugenpresse narrative.

The proper course would be to isolate the vulnerable, not to shut down the entire country in a mass-psychosis Kabuki-theater with a hara-kiri finale.

We have also predicted a gray state emerging from this operation. We are far from alone in this prediction. Even some pajama people see it. Thus, this event may end up being an overreach by the New Underworld Order. However, I’m certain this is all gamed out on their A.I. super computers.

Incredibly, we’re seeing gradualism used in the infringements on individual liberty. The size of gatherings are limited. Then, police are encouraging people to report public gatherings during this quarantine. Do you think there may eventually be a future reward system for doing this? Extra money from the stimulus package perhaps? Does this encourage Stasi-like social paranoia in regard to snitching on your neighbor? Can you trust your neighbor now if the repercussions get bad enough? Is this intended to make us isolate ourselves even more? Mostly certainly, this is an abuse operation carried out on the population.

Then, they make sure every person in public is at least six feet away (2 meters) from each other. Combined with the dehumanizing wearing of masks; this, too, is psychological abuse.

The big prediction we have been making is an economic and market crisis followed by full-tilt capture by Parasite Guild criminals. This has been delivered in spades, and somewhat easier than we thought.

This post links to our prior work on the Parasite Guide concept and vulture operations. The post discusses the mechanisms, such as Special Purpose Vehicles for those just starting down this reality. I will be discussing this on a podcast soon with Tim Kelly.

Read “Trump Parasite Guildists Ross & Mnuchin to Manage Loot of US Economy”

We actually thought there would be a bit more drama required to institute full-tilt control by the Parasite Guild. The fact that it was so easily rubber stamped illustrates the degree of kompromat and servility in the Congress and government. It was so blatantly obvious when the Federal Reserve hired large hedge fund Blackrock (aka Fedrock) to run its stock and credit market tamperings and interventions.

The term stock and credit “market” is a figment of the past, as all price discovery is ruined. Incredibly, the short-term U.S. Treasury bills of the defacto bankrupted United States trade at negative interest rates now. Yes, you pay the Treasury to lend them money.

What’s Next

Our next prediction is fast-developing inflation, a Treasury blow up, food shortage impacted in part by food hoarding and protectionism combined with dark winter/cold sun weather.

Read “Global Warming Industry is Hiding Impending ‘Cold Sun’ Dark Winter Phase”

Since Covid-19 is in reality an influenza with some teeth, it will organically die out in the spring. Look for a peak in mid to late April. Will the so called “tsunami” peak in the next couple weeks even occur, or will it be staged in some manner? There should be clear evidence in the facilities going in such as Javitts Center. Army Corp of Engineers briefing on hospital bed build out at 114 facilities. Boondoggle?

Secondly, even if the big surge is dead ahead, the Crime Syndicate has known about effective treatment for the more seriously ill for some time. We wrote a post about this on March 22.

Read “New York Times Concocts Fake News Stories to Dispel Real Evidence of Covid-19 Treatment”

Successful treatment regimes are being reported in New York, France, China, Belgium, Sao Paulo and Bahrain.

Read “Correspondence from Dr Vladimir Zelenko on Treatment of COVID-19 in New York”

Given the urgency of the situation, Dr. Zelenko developed the following treatment protocol in the pre-hospital setting and has seen only positive results.

Those treated:

  1.  Any patient with shortness of breath regardless of age is treated.

  2.  Any patient in the high-risk category, even with just mild symptoms is treated.

  3.  Young, healthy and low-risk patients even with symptoms are not treated (unless their circumstances change and they fall into Category 1 or 2).

His out-patient treatment regimen is as follows:

1.  Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg twice a day for five days.

2.  Azithromycin 500 mg once a day for five days.

3.  Zinc sulfate 220 mg once a day for five days.

This inexpensive treatment is being resisted by Crime Syndicate promoters of expensive drugs and vaccinations. Thus we predict Covid-19, or some weaponized mutation thereof, will revisit the planet next winter at which time we will face mandatory and nasty vaccines, as well as RFID chipping and cashless transactions.

Given that Trumpenstein and his bipartisan flying monkey friends have achieved their primary goal of putting in place rule by Parasite Guild, look for the waterboarding to be at least in part lifted. Trump is hinting at lifting restrictions in many less-impacted locations by Easter, April 12. We predict this will happen but will continue to be resisted by more authoritarian locales.

There are clues in the Crime Syndicate’s foundation papers as to how locked down regimes will be administered as regular dunkings and Smiley Face Killer analogy waterboardings.

Isn’t it curious that the New Underworld Order went from this on Feb. 29 to what’s described next in two short weeks? Hanlon’s Razor? We think not.

A report from the Imperial College of London lays out the game plan.

“We show that in the U.K. and U.S. context, suppression will minimally require a combination of social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members. This may need to be supplemented by school and university closures.”

This type of intensive intervention package – or something equivalently effective at reducing transmission – will need to be maintained until a vaccine becomes available.

Just when you think the last couple of weeks of lock down was tough, we’re then informed that more draconian suppression responses are triggered about two-thirds of the time going forward. They claim that surveillance and enforcement is crucial.

Read: Imperial College (UK) Found As Sole Agent Of Panic Over Coronavirus

Winter Watch Takeaway

Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon is on full display.

46 Comments on After Being Over Target on Covid-19 Black Swan and Other Predictions, It’s Time to Consider What’s Next

  1. What a great find – the Lenin quote! Indeed, decades have happened and they will not un-happen anytime soon.

    Just grocery shopping has become totally brutalized; the gloves, the masks, young and middle aged adults (to all appearances completely healthy) walking around visibly terrified of and shrinking from each other; dozens of hastily pasted up “… 6 feet distance ….” signs were new this morning…. no one talks to or looks at anyone – just back away… total anomie in 3 weeks time. That makes it so much easier for them!

    They have won – period. It is that simple. And it is very, very discouraging.

    I’ll have to look up some of my rural militia blogs; perhaps some better level of insight to be found there.

    By the way, on Mar 25 J Rappoport reported on his site:

    = =
    The UK government, on its website, announced on March 23, under “Status of COVID-19”:

    “As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.”

    = =

    go figure!

  2. Excellent, Russ!!

    We need more citizen journalists like Jason Goodman—get out there and fact check the MSM!!
    This Jason Goodman vid is on the tails of the NY Post and Zio-Hedge running fear porn stories about a make shift morgue outside of Belview Hospital. This guy Jason did some real journalism, walked around looking for the make shift morgue, talked to some EMT guy (even one had a duping delight smile!!!), pretty much nothing going on, lots of ambulances parked, guys all relaxed, hanging out, no activity going on at all. I did not hear any sirens of ambulances:

    Ghost Town NYC – Pop Up Morgue at Bellevue Hospital on New York City’s East Side?

    At 25 min, he’s by the hospital says there’s almost nobody here, and he says the cops don’t want cameras near the hospital, sees Emergency entrance, but NO ambulances rushing in with patients, at 26 min doesn’t see the morgue tents the NY post is talking about, .at 34 min still don’t see make shift tent for morgue that NY post is talking about, 35 min, some kind of open white tent with nothing going on, 37 min, talks to EMT guy by an ambulance, “why did they wait to call you back, this is the biggest story in the world, according to the Governor, everybody is dying of a pandemic, you guys witness that? You look like you are hanging out texting (LOL!!!), are there hundreds of people dying in the hospital, they say one person dying every hour, so that would be 24 a day, I see 6, 7, 8 ambulances right here, don’t you think there should be a lot of people running around here (completely quiet there, nothing happening, definitely no sense of medical urgency).” A new guy approaches, asks you seen a lot of corona patients? Probably (slight duping delight smile!!!), you’re standing a few feet away from me, not wearing a mask, not wearing rubber gloves, then “Oh when we get patients we do” (yet all those ambulances lined up there, nothing happening).

    At 39 min, where is this makeshift morgue outside of Bellview that NY post was talking about? Have you heard about a make shift morgue? Guys shake their heads “no,” don’t you think EMTs should know about a makeshift morgue? Sees a new EMT, asks what do you know about a make shift morgue, 40 min guy admits there’s no morgue over there, then EMT guy says they are getting many more calls than usual (yet all those ambulances are parked there doing nothing), 45 still looking for the outside morgue tent…(I got bored and didn’t listen further)

    Comment in chat w/video:

    IamClaytonium Corbizer My sons a nurse in California no patience confirm with corona hoax
    They Live You Sleep Acute respiratory illness = chest cold. Medical worker here….Not seeing any unusual increase in 4 city hospitals

    Jeff Taylor Been working at a old folks home with thousands of residents…0 cases…talked to a nurse who does home rounds for the elderly…0 cases

    ‘It’s all fake!’: Chinese official heckled by residents on visit to Wuhan

    • Update from SolosGirl posted here

      “Ta daaaaa! Told ya. I work in an ED and ICU. and I know many many nurses and doctors over this country. i was a travel nurse for many years. i have two MDs in my direct family.





      Look to WHY something as drastic as instituting a global police state is necessary in the minds of people who thought up things like waterboarding, the patriot act, 9/11, Afghanistan for 27 years, Iraq and mushroom clouds, Banker bailouts.”


      More comments:

      Fiscal Reality – News from Manatee County, FL drive through facailty yesterday. No lines. No panic. No interest. Governement “official” SHOCKED at the lack of response and desire for drive through testing. Couldn’t understand why. The BS narrative is collapsing.

      Kbo hip- Here in Colorado I know a guy who’s a nurse at the local hospital. He had his hours cut back this week by three days. Take that REAL info for whatever it’s worth but it seems the local hospital here at least isn’t exactly swimming in coronavirus victims.

      Time to get Huge- 2 sources I’ve heard said hospitals are empty…..

      • Comments about Local Hospitals

        BreeZ Place – 3 hours ago Our hospitals are NOT Overrun here in Spokane WA. In fact, the only issue is mask shortage but that’s it. This is the biggest Psy-op in history.

        Anthony Leydens – 2 hours ago Same thing in iowa. Hospitals look like ghost towns. Its 70% less full than it was before this whole deal.

        Goodnews Bear- 2 hours ago It’s the same here in southern Illinois hospitals. My family in northern California says the same thing. I’ve been telling my family and friends it’s just to install fear in people. Most don’t listen, one said “why would they lie?”. Why indeed!

        Carry The Torch -49 minutes ago I’m by Olympia. Not really anything going on here. I saw a few military rigs and some DHS by the base, but that’s it. Fear based mind control is the goal. Pretty obvious.

        Scorpio -I was talking with a buddy of mine in Philly yesterday, he said that he talked to an ER nurse the other day and she said that the hospitals are empty. He drove by one of the major hospitals – ghost town!

        Please, copy, share, email this info out and wake up the sheep!!!

        The MSM and US govt are waging psychological warfare on we the people. We are losing our rights and freedom. And while everyone is distracted by this virus psyop, the bankers are quickly moving forward with their agenda. The corporations are getting bailouts, while the Federal Reserve is buying up the world with dollars and setting us up for hyperinflation!!

        • Here is some information that supports the idea that this is a global psyop (I believe hoax), and that they are waging psychological warfare on the people (bombarding the population with fear porn), which is being used as a justification for tyrannical policies, loss of rights and freedom, and the deliberate destruction of the economy (economic warfare):

          Dr. Ron Paul- The Corona Virus Hoax

          Jon Rappoport’s blog: (read every single article he has written on corona—he calls out the BS on the MSM/US govt. narrative). For those that don’t know, Rappoport has studied fake epidemics for 30 years (yes, the medical establishment is really that corrupt, just like the US. Govt.)


          Does the 2019 Corona Virus Exist?

          The bankers have Hollywood make virus pandemic movies to prime the population that a virus can do this.

          “Below are a number of indicators that the alleged coronavirus pandemic is, essentially, a globally orchestrated “live exercise”

          “It is my belief that the regular flu is being used as a cover for this fake virus, and will serve to hide fault of a state-created economic collapse. In the process, all will become slaves to the state, and this is not a temporary tyranny, as it will last long after this current non-risk is over.

          Don’t forget, in the NDAA of 2012, they did something to the Smith Mundt Act to make PROPAGANDA LEGAL!!!

          They are doing all sorts of Hollywood tricks to maximize the drama. At this link, there used to be a photo of 3 guys all geared up in hazmat suits spraying the clothes of a guy on a motorcycle. Does that sound like standard procedure for treating viruses?? Spraying people?? This feels like a Hollywood production, with props to sell the narrative. Like setting up the testing tents for maximum drama and photo ops to push the fear—they wouldn’t have such photo ops if people just got tested in the doctor’s office. At some point, I also saw a photo with a bunch of guys geared up in hazmat suits spraying the crosswalk–so, what? were they afraid the sheeple would lick the sidewalk and get the scary virus??

          Fakery and lying here: Check out Camelot Daily here exposing the media and this female CEO of Urgent Care in a Hawaii facility lying about long lines of people getting test for the CV. He shows up and there is nobody in line at all, empty parking lot, and he calls her out and she assaults him while the police are present.

          Please spread the word and wake up the sheep!!

    • Well, I think we all have to try to resist that somehow, especially given the info on Agenda ID2020:

      The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” -Peter Koenig (former World Bank economist)
      What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity. (please read entire article)

      “Another hypothesis, at this point only a hypothesis, but a realistic one, is that along with the vaccination – if not with this one, then possibly with a later one, a nano-chip may be injected, unknown to the person being vaccinated. The chip may be remotely charged with all your personal data, including bank accounts – digital money. Yes, digital money that’s what “they” are aiming at, so you really have no control any more over your health and other intimate data, but also over your earnings and spending. Your money could be blocked, or taken away – as a ‘sanction’ for misbehavior, for swimming against the stream. You may become a mere slave of the masters. Comparatively, feudalism may appear like a walk in the park.”
      Please copy and share–we need to wake up the sheep before it’s too late. We need to increase the numbers of people who know what’s going on!!

    • Simply don’t cooperate, but don’t bring attention to yourself while doing so. The bureaucracy is not efficient enough to force such a thing- it relies upon your cooperation to function. It’s also not organized enough (or large enough) to enforce such an “order”. It’s like anything else these criminals have dreamt up in the name of control, take traffic tickets or income taxes as examples- if everyone as a rule didn’t pay their taxes, or if everyone as a rule fought every traffic ticket they got, these infrastructures of control would be caput in a day. They expect people to give up and submit out of fear, like RegretLeft has.

  3. Most of the people I talk to have no difficulty understanding the scam, once it’s explained to them. As for the Social Distancing signs – tear them down! Tear them down wherever you see them.
    When’s it gonna end? My guess is April 16th. Why April 16th? It’s the last day of Passover.

    • What happens if they don’t wrap it up by April 16th, but drag it out till summer? The end of all the independent restaurants. Like Thai food? Like Mexican food? You’ll never taste them again. What will be left for us? McDonalds, Wendys, et al. The fast food joints have their drive-thru windows open, and since these are the only place in town that you can get a bite to eat, they are doing great business.

      All the independent small retailers are being destroyed as well, for the benefit of Wal-Mart and Amazon. I went into the local Wallyworld and it’s jammed with people, because there is nowhere else to shop. The owners of these small businesses? Their lives are being destroyed. Most will have to declare bankruptcy, and I doubt if they even qualify for unemployment.

      • …. The end of all the independent restaurants. Like Thai food? Like Mexican food? You’ll never taste them again.

        Can’t speak to Mexican food. But with a little effort, you can produce Thai dishes superior to 95% of the sort of dumbed down Thai places in the U.S.

        Start here:

        This post meant to keep things light and happy

      • I was laughing, thinking will we once again see the liquor store “drive through” window I remember so fondly as a youngster.

    • policeblog: “no difficulty” ?! – encouraging but my experience is totally opposite … people I work with – people in the grocery store etc etc are totally terrified low level panic I detect at times

      where are you? maybe out in flyover country?

      • RegretLeft- your fear and defeatist attitude are more dangerous than the virus. By your personal account of your grocery shopping experiences, you obviously live in a libtard stronghold, and the fear they’re pumping into the sheep there has infected you also. You say “They have won – period. It is that simple. And it is very, very discouraging.” Completely asinine statement, resembles some sort of reverse psychology shadow hasbara promoting the crime syndicate position, while posing as a concerned truth seeker…Maybe “they’ve won” where you’re at- because you and people like you give up your liberty for the splendid “convenience” of that fancy city living you’re all addicted to/slaves of. Judging by your comments, I reckon you’re a straight up troll, talking subtle elitist shit to us, with your references to “proles” and “flyover country”. If you’re truly not a troll, then get this through your head: YOU ARE THE PROLE AND THE PAJAMA PERSON. You’re certainly not worth a damn if you’re actually being truthful in your comments. I’ll continue living free, here in your maligned “flyover country”, while weak minded city dwellers like you apparently have already surrendered. Wake the fuck up, or stop trolling this site, CUNT. You apparently didn’t get the message that we don’t scare easily. You, on the other hand, apparently do, or as previously stated you’re a troll. Either way, you’re completely useless to these comments.

        • My personal opinion is not to draw attention in public and to largely conform. Here one has to wear suffocating dehumanizing masks in public- but when I am moving along alone, I drop it down both for comfort and to make a middle finger gesture.

          My personal fear right now is a financial wipeout and a wide population in poverty including me. Hard to shake that.

          Our odds improve with awareness and influencing others. My feeling is also to be kind to those battling these demons mentally as perhaps Regret the Left is doing. Given the psychological operation in play sometimes good people need to vent. The real mal-intent trolls rarely make it on here BTW. Right now my anger towards pajama people is dialed down considerably.

  4. This is what I’ve been thinking they have been doing to increase the numbers of deaths from corona (claiming that elderly who died of old age died of corona)


    Geocentrist- Was speaking with a guy yesterday. He was telling me his wife knew two people who each had one of their grandparents pass away recently. Both had been “on the edge ” and infirmed for quite a while. Covid-19 was automatically listed as their cause of death, in fact, he said the family of one of them actually called them out on listing it as the cause of death, since they had basically no contact with anyone, apparently it caused a bit of furor. Sounds like they are creating numbers.

  5. Report from The Rotten State of Denmark

    Public gatherings of 10 to be fined 1500 danish Coronas (Crowns=Kroner) per offender.
    Criminalization of gatherings of 2, familys excepted, in the making.
    (discussions of criminalizing gatherings of 1.5 persons dropped as being unenforcable)

    The 2 week lockdown to be extended to 4 weeks.
    Expected to be prolonged to 3 months.
    I met one, who is sent home from work, but will get his paycheck for 3 months.

    He, and others I have met, have not succumbed to Corona Coma, which we by now know infects the brain, and paralyses reason and cognitive functions.
    What the infection rate is, is hard to say, epidemiological data are insufficient, but still looks alarming.
    Mass Media are possible transmitters of contagion.
    Further studies and tests need to be made.

    Prognosis: going for full milltary lockdown?
    If not, then loosen the noose, declare partial victory, and let it simmer on lower heat.
    Until after re election of King Trumpenstein, then theyll nuke the Hell out of Corona and Russia.

    The Resistance is forming here right now. I hope it will be better than the Resistance under nazi occupation, as some of those were not much more than thugs.

    I just found Dark JournalistX, highly recommended.
    He reports that dangerous criminals are being released from US prisons, out of corona coma concerns.

    That shocked me!

    I saw images of the “Russian Revolution” flash by, and got that feeling of utter terrrorI have had, when realizing i have a full blood psychopath standing right in front of me, its happened several times in my life.

    Ive tried to write some danish stuff to point out the glaring paradoxical thinking in whats happening.

    Example from Marx:
    1. “Kommunism is the unavoidable endpoint of social evolution”
    2. “Therefore we must use the most brutal and ruthless means to enforce a Kommunist World”

    1. “Covid19 is highly contagious and virulent, and it will unavoidably infect the whole World”
    2. “Therefore we must close down the whole World, if necessary with the most brutal and ruthless means, in order to allegedly slow down the movement towards this unavoidable endpoint”

    Theyre gonna keep on boiling corona coma bat soup on their magical soup stone for the next 3 years or more.

    With only an 80% (fake) positive test rate, maybe forever, since the Corona War wont be called of before 100% of the world population test positive.

    I got this one from a buddy in the USA, and I think its a very good “Corona for Dummies” in 10 minutes:

    There are at least three members of the unholy Satanic Corona Crown Court.
    Corona the Virus
    Corona the 5G and ionized radiation
    Corona the Currency
    Corona the Chemtrail
    Corona the ……….

    • The “war on terror”(or terra, as baby Bush used to say)is now gone and never to be heard from again. Meet the new enemy, an even stealthier enemy than those crazy jihadi’s. One who is invisible to the naked eye and lurks in every persons saliva or on every surface you touch. Quite frankly the “perfect” enemy. As the name implies, it will be the crown that is used to rule us all.
      I wish I could say people will wake up and smell the psyop, but I must say I have little to no hope of that happening, as the world has learned to get along quite well on its own two knees.

  6. Wow! such excellent posts! (Amanda is on a roll) – (I have read a third;will come back) I feel so much better!

    One other curious thing: the proles seem to have been given a bye on this:

    – our small army of Mexican landscapers has returned and is at work; just like every spring.

    – every construction site is bustling; roadwork seems underway; (perhaps less of it; but the state has more of a hand in that)

    – roadside retail is up and running

    – and crafts worker truck and van traffic is at least near normal on the state’s highways
    (they are the Kulaks of the proles!) (and none of these guys drive one to a vehicle)

    And, as a ray of warmth in that grim grocery store scene I described below: there were 4 worker guys (proles) 20s, 30s fairly dark hued – goofing off – just having a good old chat – and CROWDED into a chat circle back in a small corner of the store – laughing and smiling – quite oblivious of the social distancing going on around them; it was nice…

    … so this is an event just for the pajama people (I believe we’re calling them) and the profession classes?

    • Okay, just watched 27 min this Jason Goodman y/t:

      Ghost Town NYC – Are New York Times Lies Fueling Pandemic Panic with #FakeNews?

      I took notes posted here (AmandaMay))

      Key take away, they are claiming medical crisis, yet nothing is going on, lots of ambulance parked doing nothing, no sirens, no ambulances racing in, etc.

      Jason’s video was a follow up of NYT story with Dr. Colleen Smith claiming apocalyptic conditions at Elmhurst hospital. Dr. Colleen Smith took video tape of ICU and ER (that is illegal, HIPAA, she should lose her license for that, other doctors shocked by that). (That’s been my question all along” how is the MSM getting all of these videos and photos of alleged corona patients? Isn’t that a violation of their privacy and HIPAA? If you were really sick, would you want to be filmed for the world?)

      Apparently, Dr. Colleen Smith is a SELF-PROCLAIMED MEDICAL SIMULATIONS SPECIALIST, so Jason asks was she doing a medical simulation? was she acting when she said Elmhurst was running out of ventilators, which was contradicted by Head of NYC public Hospitals.

      I’m convinced that they want us on lockdown, so we are stuck inside and are trapped with the television and the LYING MSM are our only source of information.

      To break the psyop, everyone who can needs to get out there, go to your local hospital and film it–does it look like they are in a state of emergency???

      THEY ARE LYING!! And they are terrorizing the people into giving up their rights.

      I also think they want us out of restaurants, sports arenas, bars, theaters, classrooms, b/c then we would be able to look around and see that everyone is FINE and THEY ARE LYING!!!

      Please share, email out this info–wake up the sheep!!!

      • My daughter-in-law is a night shift charge nurse at a local hospital E.R. here in Albuquerque. She told me it has been eerily quiet for the past couple of weeks, almost to the point of what the heck is going on. We are being lied to.

  7. Speaking as a TI who will be hit for commenting, I will say this anyway as a sort of final testament if it must be: at midnight last night they locked down my home state of Montana (thankfully no longer there). The reactions have dismayed me to rage and tears, burning into mind those words “he who would sacrifice freedom for safety merits neither.” Can’t believe all the freshly-retired people around my age who are relishing a vacation on terms of house arrest. Unmindful of all the young food servers et al who are one paycheck from the streets… whose children have been sent home thereby making it impossible to go to work. The critical step in imploding a building is destroying the foundation. By decimating the lowest economic echelons they have dealt a fatal blow to all society that may not be noticed soon enough. Hope I’m wrong but this is hideous. One Montanan astutely notes that the despairing will likely drink their troubles away and abuse their families. This is a sentence to hell on the homefront. Note: that bag of jasmine rice formerly selling for $20 or under is up to $100 on Amazon.

    Montana I have news for you: awhile back the deep state requisitioned 2.2 billion hollow point 50 caliber bullets. Everybody’s been speculating ever since as to the purpose. Overkill for humans, my local Viet Nam veteran says they might be intended for all livestock. Remember Event 201 was all about zoonotical transmission of a virus. They will very likely scapegoat livestock at some point going forward. including horses. Get ready to relive the horror of “mad cow disease” whereby dairymen in the UK saw troops come in to slaughter all their herds – cattle with names whose individual voices their owners could identify. Hope I’m wrong. But this is not going to end with anything reasonable. The blood sucking cartel never were strong on reason. Don’t see them ever getting there. Unreal how everyone I spoke to in Montana is bent over thanking the state for safety. Bent over for Big Brother. This will end in tears. Or may I be wrong.

    • I live in MT and can confirm your observations and share your concerns. I too am shocked and deeply disappointed in the behavior of those around me. It is beyond belief that they don’t even think about the ramifications of what they seek, which is for the authorities to essentially impose martial law.

      • In my corner of Montana, I’ve met at least a handful of people who absolutely understand what’s coming down. But have seen far too many people who are criminally stupid, too – buying the whole load of crap.
        Too awful for words. Thank you, to all who bother to use the brains they were born with.

  8. Angry boomers on our local neighborhood app trying to call police on people waiting in line to get take out food, called police on 10 kids playing basketball. I’ve been intentionally sun burning myself every day in this gorgeous texas spring weather and have been on a high since I’ve been home.

  9. How many people are consumed with anxiety over their sudden uncertain future because of sudden lay offs? This was a huge shock for people. The psychological impact alone has left people reeling without knowing where to turn.

    Furthermore, add to the fact that now people under high stress are being confined at home with their loved ones. I see total dysfunction and even broken marriages/ relationships.

    You can’t even hug someone anymore. In a time when the rug has been pulled out from under the feet of millions of otherwise good people, they can’t even confide their anxiety with a loving friend open to the wonderful healing nature of human touch.

    This is a nightmare. We have not just lost our economy and our careers, but now we are witnessing the suppression of human contact.

    How many marriages have been ruined? How many suicides have been committed by people who invested? How many dreams that were already balancing on a knifes edge have been shattered? How many plans thwarted? What if you had a loved one in another country dying? You wouldn’t be able to see them!

    There is nothing to be happy about. This is a time to be honest with ourselves and to see things as they are. This is the advent of a massive amount of human suffering. The only positive thing is that suffering is that it has the potential to teach people how to truly love, and it opens up a well of compassion in the soul. But still… this is still a human tragedy.

    • This is part of their long-running dehumanization campaign. If this isn’t the definition of pure psychotic evil I don’t know what is. It’s sickening to think there are people in this world like Bill Gates who actually get pleasure from the trickery and misery they inflict on the masses.

      Most of these billionaire and trillionairre psychotics are old men with few years left on this planet – do they really think the misery they are leaving behind will elevate their legacy and serve them well in the afterlife?

  10. Russ, I think you should look closer at the Trump ramblings of a quick fix and Biden’s completely incoherent approach to becoming a President. I’d assume Biden knows the election result and this charade is about getting Trump to an overwhelmingly win in November as a result of his rescue during Act 1.

    18 Months to a believable vaccine and 17 months of chasing ghost viruses until the HIV laden one re-emerges.

    The elite need a powerful and popular “ruler”

    Lets just see how much production MSM makes over re-infection. That would be my “tell”

    Just sayin…Maybe an AI bot would have considered this approach…

    Additionally, a DLT or blockchain based system is still quite a distance away..The Libra project would be where I would look..Everyone’s on FB right now bitching and moaning with anyone that’ll listen….

    This one goes away but is never gone…Just like Al CIAda or ISrealSIS

    • New York’s Cuomo appears to be pushed as a people’s leader fit for running the panopticon post lockdown. US cable media are fawning over him a people ‘love’ him and ‘hate’ MafiaDon

  11. Jason Goodman- NYC Man Searches NYC Hospital for CV-19 Patients, Can’t Find Any??

    “It’s odd that in a city as big as NYC, in the midst of a pandemic, a key hospital looks quiet and employees haven’t seen any victims”

    Looks like an excuse for martial Law.“The #mainstreammedia and @DNC
    want you to believe our NYC hospitals are war zones. Well – this is my local brooklyn hospital

    Corona is a HOAX!!
    Global PSYOP!!

  12. @Amanda4321 and all: Great stuff as I have found/believe similar info. I don’t believe the world wide numbers. I do think there is a nasty virus strain that may be selectively deployed. Talked yesterday to a trusted source who’s wife works in Atlanta ICU. They are slammed.

    Not heard many even in alt media discuss that the CHEMTRAIL DELIVERY SYSTEM could very easily deploy “Covid” flu/virus worldwide in varying degrees and in specific targeted areas.
    Thoughts everyone?

  13. Here in Salt Lake, some grocery stores have installed large clear plastic-alloy panels about 3ft. tall and 2ft. wide in the check stands between the cashier and the customer. Fear and panic grow by the day!

    Just as drinking too much can bring out the ‘ugliness’ inside an individual, so does a large-scale panic manifest the thin veneer that exists between civilization and Hobbes’ Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes- War of All Against All! It is a condition of ubiquitous fear that is driven by the knowledge that death is the greatest and supreme evil. It is a mutual fear, i.e. it is the fear each man has of every other man as his potential ‘murderer.’

    For Hobbes, this was the origin of Law and the State(Leviathan)! The function of the Law and the State was to keep those antagonistic forces channeled and sublimated. This ‘glue’ that keeps the social order together is a fragile entity and one that can be torn asunder by a large-scale panic. Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode ‘The Shelter’ captures the thin, fragile dividing-line between civilization and madness quite well:

  14. Two insignificant incidents would have been forgotten forever except for the toilet paper outrage: two times at Walmart (roughly two months ago) there was no toilet paper in the bathrooms. I reported it to staff. Now that we saw how this touched off with the TP run, I wonder if the creeps knew they were headed underground for the big deal and took all the nation’s TP supply with them, maintaining only a veneer supply at the nation’s Walmarts.

    By going under I want to impress upon all that we have no idea how vast the subterranean development of the US is. People talk about military bases but it is likely a vast empire replete with empty magma chambers lit up convincingly with pseudo sunlight, lakes, parks, the works.

    From Alston Chase’ 1987 ‘Playing God in Yellowstone’ we learn just how much development has historically happened in the US on a subterranean level. Imagine how much half a billion 1974 dollars would equal now:

    .””.. [in 1974] the departments of Defense, Energy and Interior were each pursuing their own deep-drilling projects, spending together half a billion dollars and more a year: drilling bore holes; developing high temperature cements and packers; testing “elastomers,” open-hole packer systems, and high pressure roller cone or stratapox bits to prevent blowouts; experimenting with drilling fluids, fracture detectors, borehole-to-borehole communications, thermal conductivity, directional drilling techniques, mud-pulse telemetry systems, and corrosion studies; building downhill motors, high temperature fluid testing, and magma simulation facilities; conducting feasibility studies on molten rock drilling technology, rock mechanics; and much, much more.

    “In a race to reach the continental basement, these agencies, sometimes in competition with each other, and generally unnoticed, cheerfully poured increasing amounts of public monies down “dedicated research holes” and “holes of opportunity.”

    “As the second fuel crisis threatened in 1978 and the price of gold soared, the US Geodynamics Committee of the National Research Council, fearing possible proliferation and redundancy of uncoordinated efforts, sponsored a second workshop on deep drilling. Held at Los Alamos, the Committee urged that the various agencies engaged in underground exploration together establish a body to coordinate our deep drilling efforts, to be called the Board on Continental Drilling For Scientific Purposes (later the Continental Scientific Drilling Committee – CSDC).


    “The committee began to look for “targets.” The best place to drill to uncover these secrets was in active hydrothermal systems. “Many important metals,” they observed, “including gold, silver, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, tin, and tungsten, are concentrated in mineral deposits formed by hydrothermal acidity driven by heat from subvolcanic intrusions.” Unfortunately there were only three such systems in America: Valles Caldera in New Mexico, Long Valley and Mono Craters in California, and Yellowstone.

    Chase notes that by 1978 technology existed to drill into rock at 660 F.

  15. Hydroxychloroquine? CAREFUL PROMOTING THIS “CURE”, PLEASE! Extremely risky.

    WHAT’S THE PLAN? Israel’s BIGGEST Pharma Co. Donating this DRUG to fight CV19

    If you want to protect yourself, research natural immune-boosting alternatives like Oregano Oil, Colloidal Silver, Black Elderberry, Garlic.

  16. A couple of comments: 1. During the “Great Depression” thugs were sent around to kill livestock. 2. Friday – Rural King was busy and all seemed mostly normal. After shopping, circled our two clinics and one hospital. (Hopkins Co. KY) Things were quiet and a thin number of vehicles. One clinic and the hospital each had a table with two employees set up outside, probably for testing. No lines. 3. We’re not on lockdown but school is out until after April 10th. It would be nice if the kids could go back to school after Easter. 4. Russ, you were probably right about South Africa. They are now on lockdown. Jan talks about the seasonal differences from North America. –

  17. I was watching a Jeremiah Babe y/t and a commenter suggested doing a youtube search for “empty hospitals” and click on “most recent” (I only had choice of this week). This is what I found:
    I haven’t had a chance to watch them, but it looks like a few people are starting to catch on.

    I’ve been compiling videos with citizens doing journalism and getting out there and fact checking the MSM by going to their local hospital and checking things out. I’ve also been collecting comments with people talking about what’s going on at their local hospital and whether they know anyone with corona. All of these are posted here:

  18. Yes, that guy who knew created the odd theory that a modern steel building could collapse as a result of fires. He apparently was able to create this theory at record speed.

    This guy:

    Came the the same conclusion as NIST after much analysis.

    Oddly, steel buildings have only suffered from this malady on one day.

    Note also that no codes or engineering standards have been changed to reflect this new state of affairs. If the WTC and building 7 were to be built again tomorrow there would be no necessary modifications to their designs to resist collapse from fire.

    I’m also not aware of anyone modifying any tall steel framed building to adjust to the new reality. People don’t seem to be afraid to occupy them either?

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