A Discussion with John Friend about the Ramifications of the Alleged Supermarket Event in a Poor Neighborhood of Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, May 14, 2022 PHOTO: Reuters/Courtesy of BigDawg - Gendron’s arrest as he is suited and booted in size 20 clown shoes

It’s been a few years since I’ve discussed events with John Friend, but I consider him one of the more perceptive observers out there. We dive into the narratives and trickology of the supermarket event in a poor neighhood of Buffalo committed by one “Payton Gendron.”

The Podcast is Here (a little slow to initialize)

For more excellent investigative insights into the Buffalo event, including some that I discussed in the podcast, also see Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio, James Fetzer and Brian Davidson.

6 Comments on A Discussion with John Friend about the Ramifications of the Alleged Supermarket Event in a Poor Neighborhood of Buffalo

    • Well, I suppose there is a role, for those so inclined, to point out inconsistencies in the shadow profiles alleged falling victims create vs time of day alleged victims were said to fall – that is real hard core! (min 25 or so in the above interview). But essentially, I think you are correct; we are, after all, dealing with cartoon world and it has been pointed out that there often is a perverse tendency among those staging these events to create “tells” of this sort in part as a kind of mockery of the populace’s gullibility: Ha ha, we can be THAT shoddy in our presentation and they still fall for it – i.e. cartoon world realism is good enough for guvmint work!

      My one-trick-pony favorite tell is persons in civilian clothing “assisting” victims without EMT teams in sight – e.g. Boston 4/2013 the guy in jeans and a straw hat whirling around the poor guy with his lower leg blown off, seated in a wheel chair.

      Those, not so inclined to analyze shadows, may find this interview with a French writer who is said to be the originator of the term “replacement theory” more to their liking – extremely sophisticated thinking:


  1. Anyone pointing out “inconsistencies in the shadow profiles alleged falling victims create vs time of day alleged victims were said to fall” is part of the enemy team.  Muddying the waters, confusing visitors, holding true truth seekers to ridicule.

    • Read this several times and it wasn’t comprehendible . Are you saying analysis of shadows and bogus times is not fair game? Maybe it is just me, so I will just let your comment stand.

  2. Well, well, well …

    As per, the Dylann Storm Roof event on 17 June 2015, the day after Trump announced his Presidential candidacy, when Hillary the she-devil, just happened to be in Charleston, SC, just at the right time for another, reported, mass shooting of black folk, which, according to the seemingly mandatory “manifesto” in that production, was designed to start a race war …

    Evidence of kabbalistic design in event scheduling :

    That good day to bury bad news also followed the revelation on 16 June, that Clinton confidant, Sidney Blumenthal under scrutiny on Capitol Hill about Benghazi, Libya memos he sent to HRC, was being paid $200k a year from Clinton ally, David Brock’s media operation …

    Daily Mail : ( see below )

    “Among the dead is 41-year-old Reverend Clementa Pinckney, pastor of the church and a South Carolina state senator who leaves behind a wife and two young daughters”

    “One of the dead has been confirmed as Reverend Clementa Pinckney, a pastor who recently led rallies after unarmed black man Walter Scott was shot dead by police two months ago.”

    “It has been suggested that the shooting was timed to coincide with two large political rallies in the city, as just hours before Rev Pinckney met with Hillary Clinton as part of her presidential campaign and Jeb Bush was also due to visit Charleston today but his appearance has now been canceled.”

    Guess who opened the Tops Friendly Supermarket in Buffalo back in 2001?

    Then Senator Hillary Clinton …


    Sources :

    CAPTURED: Race-hate massacre suspect who ‘shot nine people dead’ at historic South Carolina black church after telling them ‘you’re taking over our country’ is arrested during traffic stop

    Blumenthal supplies Hillary’s enemies with new ammunition

    The Buffalo Shooter Targeted a City Haunted by Segregation

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