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Trump’s attacks on Antifa are attacks on Jews


American Jews cannot support Trump’s ‘war’ on anti-fascism and his camp’s conspiracy theories about the ‘hidden hand’ behind legitimate protest and dissent

By Ari Paul | 7 June 2020

HAARETZ — … As activist attorneys have reported, local and federation agents have interrogated several arrested protesters about their political inclinations, including what their stance is towards anti-fascism. The police interest in anti-fascism isn’t academic. It’s in lockstep with the narrative being pushed by the White House. As the protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd have raged, with as many as 11 protesters dead by police hands nationwide, President Donald Trump announced he would designate Antifa – short for anti-fascist – as a “domestic terrorist organization.” …

Trump’s public statement about Antifa should be terrifying, as any attempt to vilify anti-fascism by nature defends fascism a positive thing. But picking on anti-fascists as the scapegoat and hidden hand of the ongoing unrest is inherently anti-Semitic. As the ADL reported, conspiracies about George Soros funding the unrest abound on the anti-Semitic American far-right.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who serially expresses extreme anti-immigrant views and flirtations with white nationalism, blasted Trump for
his inaction in response to the protests, blaming the White House’s weakness on Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the administration’s most prominent Jew. Trump’s most recent of many instances of overt anti-Semitism was his praise of the “good blood lines” of Nazi-admirer, eugenicist and infamous anti-Semite Henry Ford. …

As the National Lawyers Guild clarified in their denunciation of Trump’s statement: “The term Antifa originates in the 1930s when progressive
activists organized to oppose far-right authoritarianism emerging throughout the world … [sic] It is not clear who or what the targets of a federal Antifa investigation would be, and whether such an effort would be lawful.” …

And right-wing talk of outlawing Antifa often use at as a catch-all for all leftwing politics. It’s an indication that the Trumpian right want to outlaw – or at least vilify – all politics on the left side of the center. Using such a broad brush when deciding who’s a terrorist should care any one: If Jews were every looking for a “first for they came for” moment, this is one. …

“What much of Europe got wrong during the 20s and 30s was not taking fascism and Nazism seriously until it was too late. Even among Jewish communities was the idea that it wouldn’t get any worse, then the unimaginable happened. If we’re serious about ‘Never Again,’ that implies a constant vigilance, but it recognizes that self-defense needs to be one of the tools at our disposal.” […]

4 Comments on Trump’s attacks on Antifa are attacks on Jews

  1. The fact that that pukestain Jared Kushner is and has been in the White House has always been a severe concern. Trump may really want to do something good for ordinary citizens, but he is obviously managed, and compromised. The last 4 months have put the Republic on a precipice. I sincerely believe it will continue to escalate through the November elections and regardless of the outcome….we may be worse off regardless of who wins.

  2. Thanks for your comment TB. For a few minutes there, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone while reading the article.

  3. One of the biggest lies and misdirections in this article — and there are way too many to count — is that Trump is not a friend of the Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth. He’s the biggest non-Jewish advocate for Jews and Israel in modern times.

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