Scandinavian Airlines Feebs Declare ‘Absolutely Nothing’ is Scandinavian

Screen grab from Scandinavian Airline's failed commercial. Could this be Greta's cousin?

Gillette invented the toxic ad. Then, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) followed with clown-world commercials. Now, Scandinavian Airlines has perfected it. What you are about to see is called “marketing” (aka a sales pitch) by those with a globo-homogenized agenda.

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A feeb with an idea

We can picture the “marketing” meetings taking place in Burmese teak-paneled conference rooms in Denmark and Sweden. Posses of “creative” marketing execs sat around a table, and one virtue-signalling feeble-minded neck-beard (aka feeb) pitched the idea:“Scandinavians don’t exist.”

Thirty percent of the other feebs and neck-beards thought it was edgy, woke and provocative. The rest knew that if they spoke up, they would be called “racist” or “Nazi.” And then — because nobody was willing to take a stand against globo-homo — the feeb and his woke mob scored their ad. Now the public is force fed “fly SAS because we hate ourselves, just as we hate you.”

Read “Plastic Words: The Language of Tyranny”

The advertising agency involved is &Co out of Copenhagen. The agency’s message revolves around globalist hegemony, cultural homogeneity and social engineering. It’s roster of clients includes the European Parliament

Imagine the outrage if someone did a commercial proclaiming “what is African? Nothing! Nada!” and then some pale-faced dude says something about non-existent “Zulu ancestors.” Or “what is a Jew? Nothing! Nada!” and then some red-headed Dutch woman talking about her great-eight Morranó-converso ancestor.

And those soulless looking twins shown at left at minute 00:00:20 in the ad. Are they from “The Shining”? Is this a parody? I can’t tell the difference between a “woke” commercial and a comedy sketch anymore.

As you watch it, be astonished by just how totally materialistic and consumeristic SAS’ interpretation of culture is. This ad truly reeks of that mindset. This is the propaganda of the “replaceable” human, who has no inherent characteristics, no traces to culture or ethnicity, no identity beyond being a mindless globo consumer, a husk that can be replaced anytime by anyone, even feebs.

If the word “Scandinavian” has no real meaning as they claim, then why is it calling itself SCANDINAVIAN Airlines Systems? Maybe they should change it to “Stolen From Someone Else Airline Systems.”

Notice that SAS turned off their comment section — truly bold and brave posturing. This fiasco, this bomb has been removed from their Facebook page and YouTube channel as well. It is back up for now. It has 72,000 dislikes and only 5,800 likes, a resounding verdict illustrating the feeb bubble they live in.

Will the advertising agency involved and the feebs at SAS have their asses fired? The mirrored copies on YouTube are being censored and taken down, and if this one goes, you can see it directly at the ad agency web site. 

Greta Thunberg must be overjoyed. She doesn’t have to tell people not to fly abroad anymore. The airline is already doing her job for her.

Breaking News: Scandinavian Airlines changes name to Absolutely Nothing Airlines.

We hope that SAS is utterly destroyed as a company because of this. I won’t fly them again. Nowadays, just like movies or games, the wallet is the best weapon against such feeble, moronic, globo-homo schemes.

Their ad at You Tube was taken down and now is back up. But when down they even have the audacity to claim their abject failure is due to a “hate campaign” and not their feeble minds. Meme them. Meme them mercilessly.

9 Comments on Scandinavian Airlines Feebs Declare ‘Absolutely Nothing’ is Scandinavian

    • And that’s just for starters! When I heard that “women’s right” began in America I nearly threw the laptop on the floor! YIKES! Who started the women’s rights movement in the upper midwest but DESCENDANTS OF VIKINGS, WHO HAD SHIELD MAIDENS in not only Denmark and Norway, but Sweden also? It is SCANDINAVIA where Women’s Rights began! Viking culture (which Sweden and the rest now seem perfectly willing to give up) is the first culture that I know of where women were considered equal to men (I know some African cultures were matrilineal, but still…)

      Thanks Thomas Muller for posting the most idiotic commercial I have ever seen…how low we have fallen! So when will Sweden pore Brawndo on plants because (from the movie Idiocracy) “that’s what plants crave”?

    • Denmark are nothing more than total Plagiarizer’s and Cultural Appropriator’s. We should all hope SAS crashes and burns for the sake of the non FemaNAZI’s…

  1. I think you hit on the biggest point of this whole shitty situation we’re in, what with a crime syndicate in charge of nearly every government on the planet, and I believe it’s the solution to the problem….vote with your wallet! Buy second hand and barter when you can, don’t use big tech companies for purchases(navigate to sellers websites for online purchases directly instead of through parasitic big tech intermediaries like amazon)and most important don’t put your money into nor lend from the big banks, who literally own these globalist companies and direct their agendas accordingly.

  2. That disgusting video of “what is Scandinavian”, made me momentarily reflect on our situation in Canada – under the Trudeau Liberal Party, “what is Canada”. Certainly Trudeau himself has no idea by his words and actions. The war on whites is a world wide phenomenon as each and every day proves beyond question. I hope Scandinavians rebel against this bigoted propaganda piece.

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