Joe Biden: A Placeholder for a New Underworld Order Tyrant

Dementia Joe, the Democrat placeholder for another candidate yet unknown, continues to have alarming cognitive breakdowns.

Some months back, obviously before the pandemic lockdowns, Biden popped into a neighborhood bookstore and grabbed a stack of books from the table marked “Brain Exercises for Dementia.”

More recently, and wearing the same outfit, Biden did a webcast from his house. From nearly the beginning, he made bizarre and confused tongue-tied claims:

“We’re … in the middle of a pandemic that has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today. Lives of millions of people. Millions of people. Millions of jobs. You know, and we’re in a position where, you know we just got new unemployment insurance, this morning, uh, numbers — 36.5 million claims since this crisis began.”

This weekend, he had another gaff that was warmly received by the shills placed in the audience: “We choose truth over facts,” Biden said.

Obviously, dementia in any person is no laughing matter. When it is allowed to manifest in an individual tagged to be the Democrat candidate for president, we should only conclude that it’s part and parcel to a Trojan Horse takedown and destruction of the United States and has the intent of demoralization and chaos.

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This psychological demoralization operation has reached “Alice in Wonderland” levels. Any sensible person has to be alarmed that a large nation like the U.S. has a so-called political system that produces a choice between two aging mental cases like Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Indeed, I would propose an alternative theory that both of these characters are placeholders for something even worse. Effectively, Biden is a William Henry Harrison, who died 31 days into his term in 1841. However I doubt Biden will make into office. Expect a dementia crisis meltdown to occur leading into and during the Democrat convention, which is scheduled to be held from Monday, Aug. 17 through Thursday, Aug. 20. An incoherent and alarming acceptance speech would be just the ticket, if they drag this out that long.

Adding fuel to this “Alice in Wonderland” atmosphere is planning for a digital or virtual convention event that Travis Scott held via the widely popular online game “Fortnite” as a source of inspiration. Even Biden himself has suggested that the convention to nominate him may happen digitally. This would keep real people out of sight and separated and allow a contrived cartoon world effect and false gamed reality.

A Long Hot Summer

The GOP convention will be held from Aug. 24 through Aug. 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina, of all places. We can anticipate a gloomy, disrupted event as tens of millions are still impoverished from the tyrant imposed COVID-1984 lockdowns. By August, it’s easy to visualize a long hot summer of total societal breakdown and whole towns and cities ablaze.

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The only issue Red Queen Trump, with a sub 30% approval rating, can run on then is distasteful trashing of his demented opponent. But that will fuel even more disgust with the failure of the political process.

What’s left of both political parties will replace the placeholder candidates, Trump and Biden, with hand-selected totalitarians, or Cheka/Stasi operatives from the New Underworld Crime Syndicate. As we get closer to August, there will be more clues as to who the replacements will be. They will be put forth as new, fresh masks — ahem, I mean faces.

I suspect an extreme-leftist, race-card-playing woman for the Democrats and an Evangelical neocon of the worst sort for the GOP. The election itself will be rigged in favor of the former. These New Underworld Order (NUO) stooge selections would never emerge or survive an ordinary presidential campaign. After months of lockdown poverty and divide and conquer campaigning, folks of all races and groups will be in a foul and easily exploitable mood.

The NUO replacements likely will be selected by the discordian donor class during the behind-close-doors, digital/virtual convention events. The Lugenpresse will lead the way, calling for totalitarian emergency powers and for Gray State martial law to be implemented, even if Trump serves out his lame-duck term. Lame-duck terms, as with Bush in 2008, can cram in an incredible amount of Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Parasite Guild looting as well as Gray State measures.

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Post “election,” America will be under an entirely different dystopian system, mark my words.

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  1. Yes — I find it impossible to believe Biden will be nominated — his candidacy was a stalking horse used by the democratic party establishment to deny the nomination to Bernie Sanders (or anyone else not chosen by them) — the fact he garnered so much ostensible support shows how forlorn and stupid many voters are — the question in my mind is this: when they pull the switcheroo, likely at the convention, and regardless of the justification offered, will there (finally) be a realization about how corrupt and unscrupulous these people are? — and how irretrievably broken the entire political system is? — I tend to doubt it.

    Being chained to all of it by the coercive tax system literally torments me almost constantly.

  2. Another deeply disturbing prediction from Russ concerning what is headed our way. It is not pretty, but is in fact the truth. This is why Winter Watch is my number one site to go to for current events news on a global scale.
    Thanks Russ, and God help us all.

  3. You are absolutely right. They’ve already done the “African US President”, who failed to improve the lives of Ethnic Africans in the US at all, so now it’s going to be Indian Subcontinental Harpies installed as heads of governments in the US & UK, by the usual method of Ethnic European Placeholder stepping aside for the Third World Invader.

    Biden is lining up the Upper “godlike” Brahmin Caste Indian Kamala Harris for the US, while Boris is lining up the Upper Caste Indian Priti Patel for the UK.

    Displaying remarkable greed, Patel’s privileged landowner caste of Gujarat are now rioting to be “downgraded” to a low status, in order to take advantage of government jobs & free college places reserved for lower castes like the Dalits.

    “Privileged Patels of Gujarat fight to be given low caste status”

    The Globalist plan is first to shoehorn Upper Caste Hindus & Sikhs into western governments, then later they will be replaced by Muslims.

  4. Another important person talking about big-time global tyranny coming quickly, is Daniel Estulin; whose 2005 book, ‘True Story of the Bilderberg Group’, has sold over 7 million copies in 48 languages

    Estulin has also covered things such as how Julian Assange is an intel agency fraud, and the horrors of Tavistock mind manipulation, as Russ noted in his article on that:

    Estulin says that the covid-19 scam is being used to bring about a global tyranny that will be one of the biggest civilisational changes in thousands of years, comparable to events such as the collapse of Rome and the end of feudalism

    Estulin expects major collapse and ensuing dictatorship getting underway by autumn

    Estulin says the global financial debt collapse necessitates radical change, and the elites will make sure this change takes the form of global oppression

    Estulin significantly takes the position that hoping for some kind of anti-USA or anti-globalist ‘saviour’ such as China, is an illusion; China and the USA have an ‘understanding’ even whilst they snipe at each other as pseudo-rivals

    Estulin is an ambiguous figure, somewhat comparable to Alex Jones, saying many valuable things

    But Estulin also somewhat distracts from Israel and Jewish influences, which is perhaps why both he and Jones have been allowed to be so famous and earn so much money from their ‘conspiracy’ talk

    Estulin shifts the discussion to ‘shadowy elites’ descended from such as the ‘Venetian Black Nobility’, a theme Estulin shared with the late Lyndon LaRouche

    An aspect of focus on Illuminati – Bilderberg – Trilateral – Bohemian Grove – Skull & Bonest – etc, is that these all distract from Jewish-involved political mafias in the present

    But maybe that’s no longer an allowable ‘ticket’, and perhaps all ‘conspiracy’ talk is on its way to soon being censored outright

  5. What’s odd is the way Biden “became” the candidate. There was a real clown car of democrat retards, all of them lightweights, running very weird sideshow campaigns and dropping out left and right, then suddenly it all just petered out and only Joe Biden was left, stumbling around, talking to himself.

    Is that the new model for the democrats in choosing a presidential candidate? Maybe this is the last time any primary campaign is going to be held and the DNC rulers don’t even care anymore about putting on a coherent show.

    • The DNC, and more importantly their media, have tightly controlled the potential ‘candidate’ narrative since last fall. Tulsi Gabbard, the only credible JFK style candidate in a field of make weights, was ignored, undermined and ostracized. Sanders ran his strawman campaign for a second election, fleecing the rubes to ‘chip in’. The interesting aspect of this spring was the run up to Super Tuesday. Bloomberg spent over a billion dollars in a few weeks to totally reshape what had been a hokey ‘american Idol’ TV show style series of 1 minute ‘debate’ Q&A soft or hard balls depending on who was asked what. After he successfully steam rollered the hopeless Sanders the order came down from the DNC on the eve of super Tuesday to candidates:” drop out’, which they dutifully did. Many people voted by mail for candidates they believed in who suddenly weren’t there anymore. Warren dropped out straight after super Tuesday, leaving Sanders, Biden and Gabbard. Sanders flaked and Gabbard, with a small budget and constant undermining from the Clinton camp was given no path forward and stood down, leaving Biden.

      Within weeks it was as if the entire campaign was deflated, not discussed in the media anymore, who returned to full time Trump bashing and then the 2020 C19 fear campaign. Who knows where this will go next, we may well have Biden as a Yeltsin style clown leader while the oligarchs divide up the spoils amongst themselves, just as happened to the Soviet Union.

  6. Excellent piece and useful comments. Icke promotes the theory that we are being groomed to be China, in fact the whole world is. The prospect of subcontinent Indian leaders is definitely a new one for me and I’m not sure how well that will play in the US. Kemala Harris is usually presented as black. Maybe a hybrid will be the answer. I was pretty sure that Andrew Cuomo of NY was in the wings for the dems, but I will have to rethink that. He is getting a lot of free campaign time on the liberal networks. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to run.

    • For more on the Indian Subcontinental link, please see the video below by The Corbett Report. At around 20 minutes, it describes Gates’ funding of his Indian billionaire Infosys chairman friend Nandan Nilekani, and his project to fingerprint & iris-scan the entire population of India (well, just the lower caste poor people really).

      Funny how Nilekani’s co-founder of Infosys, Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy, just happens to be the father-in-law of the Indian billionaire Rishi Sunak, recently given control over the UK Treasury as “Chancellor” by Boris Johnson.

  7. The way the totalitarian walls are fast closing in and the last remnants of the Bill of Rights are being ignored or destroyed, it’s not going to matter who is president. The futility of the political process will even be obvious to many of the NPC’s in a year or two. There will be a time then when we wish it was 2018-19 again with all of its associated problems.

    What is being rolled-out now is a gigantic reign of terror that even the most enlightened still do not completely grasp. An almost limitless totalitarian cybernetic control system that will be a synthesis of Huxley and Orwell with potent technologies that even their imaginations couldn’t formulate and develop. Each day we wake up, the screw tighten further!

  8. It is my small opinion that Vertigo Politix has done some of the best video work ever on the Net on hidden history. I’m not aware of who he is, but each of his videos is superbly written and well edited and says in 10-15 minutes what it would take a book hundreds of pages. In this video released a few hours ago, he addresses the Paris Commune of 1871 which most people are not very familiar with, but is when Communism really first began to take concrete form politically in Europe.

  9. It’s like a huge waiting game. Each day is a strenuous step up a ‘fourteener’- will we ever ‘get there’ & will it be ‘worth’ all this?

  10. Apparently all the deep state brain washing has worked. There is very little pushback to the oppression in WA, LA county, Michigan, and other liberal enclaves. Joe Biden is an embarrassment to the whole political apparatus. Even the protocols of Zion warn of how volatile their game is because there is so few running the whole operation.

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