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‘I am the Biden Administration’s Reality Czar, and I’m Here to Help’

‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’ — George Orwell

‘When we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities.’ — Dick Cheney

A recent New York Times aka Slimes column demonstrates the ultimate in puffed up pontificating. It proposes some hyper-Orwellian scheme and convoluted rationale for the illegitimately anointed President Biden to appoint a “Reality Czar.” The purpose, according to the piece, is to deal with “reality crises” and to “de-radicalize” citizens. The Reality Czar would lord over a “Truth Commission.”

The tactic of the author, one Kevin Roose, is elementary Gaslighting 101. Notice how he injects the word “unity” as doublethink.

How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis - The New York Times

In other words, if one thinks outside the authoritarian box crafted by the New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate, somehow you are working against the “unity” of society and thus are skating on the dubiously thin ice of domestic terrorism. He then asks a loaded rhetorical question: “How do we unite a country where millions have chosen to create their own version of reality.”

Stage much? Example of 21st century US domestic terrorism in action: one costumed stooge and a dozen news cameramen.

“The Reality Czar will tell you 2+2=5,” wrote Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon. “And ‘unity’ will demand that you agree with him.”

Some people are neurotic and paranoid for sure, but we submit that most of these types are more likely to run in Roose’s New York Slimes circles. The author expresses the notion that one’s own “wrongthink” version of reality poses the potential for growing violent unrest and civic dysfunction. We ask a basic question: Whose dysfunction? Isn’t the real “violent dysfunctional” someone who proposes a Reality Czar-run Truth Commission and, on a national stage, advocates for power grabs over others?

These people sound like they stepped off a time machine from the Bolshevik Cheka era, and they’re not even trying to hide it. They should be embarrassed but are instead shameless and self-righteous. It’s like putting Dracula in charge of the truth blood bank. This is hoping they go all in and just call it the Ministry of Truth.

The Slimes contacts some mucky muck expert from — would you believe it — the Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. One Joan Donovan, who holds the fancy title of “research director.” She suggests that the Biden administration create this “truth commission” by employing “those familiar” with extremist factions, including white supremacist groups and far-right militias. (Could she be thinking of the ADL and the SPLC perhaps?) Donovan describes it as “similar to the 9/11 Commission” whitewash.

Of course, the column also proposes a taskforce filled with these twisted neurotics. Such a task force would hold recurring meetings with tech platforms to “push for structural changes,” including formulating the means for such platforms to share information about “QAnon and other conspiracy theory communities” with both researchers and government agencies.

For example, it could formulate “safe harbor” exemptions that would allow platforms to share data with so-called “researchers” — and other “we are from the Biden-Harris administration, and we-are-here-to help” government agencies — without running afoul of privacy laws.

Yes, in addition to buzz words, like “unity,” the authoritarians are piggybacking on the word “researchers.” To the brainwashed pajama people, that sounds like a smart person- an authority who knows what’s good for you better than you do. To a conspiracy theorist, it sounds like an Orwellian mad scientist with an agenda.

See: Harbinger of Things to Come? The Romanian Communists’ “Reeducation” Prison at Pitești

You can apply your own “version of reality” lens to determine the truth about this scheme — or at least you can for now.

In other words, Big Tech will ratchet up its surveillance and root out wrong-think.

Roose adds, “It sounds a little dystopian, I’ll grant.”

No shit, Sherlock.

You can’t make this shit up.

These “experts” also recommended the Biden administration push for access to the inner workings of social media algorithms used to rank feeds and recommend content. My God, you mean even more of the suppression and censorship of wrong-think than we’re experiencing now?

The Slimes column concludes with a doozy: “If President Biden wants to bring extremists and conspiracy theorists back to reality, he can start by making that reality worth coming back to.”

Yes, that’s the ticket. Counter conspiracy theorists by concocting a lamebrain Truth Commission, more suppression algos and a Reality Czar.

This dystopian narrative follows a Vanity Fair interview with cult “expert” Steven Hassan in which he details how to go about “deprogramming” Trump supporters while arguing for a “massive [re]education” effort involving the participation of schools, mental health professionals, law enforcement, media, politicians and intelligence agencies.


And if that’s not enough, a gang-stalking and “reporting” scheme is being promoted that’s right out the Bolshevik/Stasi playbook. A recent video created by Left-wing activist Don Winslow calls upon citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report “Trump supporters” to authorities.

Winter Watch Takeaway

One of the most intense gaslighting and gang-stalking Stasi-spy campaigns in American history is in the wind.

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  1. I’ve come across Roose (and his “work”) before; the term ‘useful idiot’ was invented for people like him (and Winslow).

    Comments on the Roose NYT piece are now closed (that was fast), but quickly browsing thru them, this one appeared to get the largest number of ‘recommended’ upvotes:

    “Simplistic and Pollyanna. The overwhelming majority of the people who stormed the Capitol could afford to travel. They could afford plane tickets and to stay in hotels in one of the most expensive cities in the country. They could afford fancy weapons and ammo, which they were happy to brandish as they were threatening people’s lives.

    These are not the great dispossessed of the country. These are not the underserved and underprivileged. And they aren’t uneducated. On the contrary.

    They are spoiled, malevolent, sociopathic brats who have been fed a diet of lies and quack theories by a former president and a GOP only too happy to whip them into a frenzy. Some of them are military vets or current military members, trained to kill and looking for an outlet for their violent impulses.

    They are a danger to this country. And unless we call them out for what they are and punish them severely — including their enablers in the GOP — they will come back to bite us again and again and again and again.”

    And here’s a highly ‘recommended’ comment in agreement:

    “Exactly correct and well said.

    We can no longer offer these violent, angry people olive branches and offers to improve their lives. One big reason things got so out of control is because up until now there have never been consequences — that is what needs to change.

    We cannot move forward without a reckoning and without consequences commensurate to the actions.”

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet: these people (there are millions like them) are sponge-brained psychopaths — they completely and uncritically accept the ridiculous Establishment narrative that what happened on Jan 06 was a ‘coup’ or an ‘insurrection’, and that the people who entered the Capitol are “a danger to this country” who must be dealt with.

  2. First: Excellent thread; great information of what is “in the wind” that is well presented. Many thanks!

    Also, all responses have been excellent and well worth a read.

    Second: What is it with the “scary clown guys” on WW? We had Mr. Gacy at the beginning of the week and now the image of that government employee (above).

    Now I know you are saying, “SC you the only clown on WW!”, and I probably had several teachers in grammar school and high school who felt similar. Yet, I never went “full clown”, because “you never go, full clown!’

    Just kidding everyone…happy Friday! Wherever you are, I am holding up my cup of coffee to you as I type one handed. Now I shall roll my sleeves up and get serious.

    So we have had a few threads on WW, where some of us have discussed the more macro aspect of the Phoenix Program. This thread, and its description of a “Ministry of Truth”, fits into a larger picture of what is heading our way. One might opine that such seemingly separate events such as the destruction of local police (town / community) is a distant issue from what the thread is addressing; however, I would suggest that it is not.

    If we now consider how the CDC plans to use “Federal Forces or Enforcement” (their words not mine, and I have seen it both ways thus far) at transportation hubs, as just one example, we are moving into a time in which DHS may become the police of an entire nation, as local communities and their sheriffs are systematically disarmed and shamed. While this is occurring, a new selling of program, that many of us learned to distrust since Mr. Colby went to Congress and gave up the “Family Jewels”, has been getting a “face lift” of sorts for the last decade or so.

    From the RAND Corporation (3 quotations):

    “In their opinion, Phoenix was a targeted, coordinated, low-cost interagency effort that had a crushing effect on a ruthless and elusive adversary. Indeed, one prominent counterinsurgency theorist has called for the creation of a “global Phoenix program” to defeat what he deems the “multifarious, intricately ramified web of dependencies” that makes up the violent jihadist firmament.”

    “The purpose of this paper is two-fold: to explain and assess the program and to suggest ways in which its elements might be applied in contemporary counterinsurgency campaigns.”

    “Chieu hoi [Open Arms]. Launched in 1963, the Chieu Hoi program used offers of amnesty and resettlement to encourage defections from the VC and the NVA. Accord-ing to one estimate, the program was responsible for generating 194,000 “ralliers” during 1963 –1971. Many of these defectors were low-level personnel, and few were from the NVA. Nevertheless, the program generated large amounts of useful information about insurgent motivation, morale, and organization.”

    For a slightly more balanced approach we find an opinion piece printed by the New York Slimes; it is a nuanced and subtle opinion appeared to me (personally) as a “soft sell approach”. If you have a moment, then please consider giving it a scan; it certainly is less time consuming than the RAND document.

    While doing so please consider that last year was a census year. Most people were stuck at home, under “lock-down” measures by “a mysterious and elusive virus, of unknown origin” (borrowed this phraseology from another person; it is not mine). There was no reason why a majority of Americans could not complete the census based on the given situation. Please keep this small idea in mind, as I do think it will play a larger role in what is coming. If that information is packaged with the overall election data, then we have all handed the NSA what one might term in computer speak “a refresh” of the database. Add into this the newly proposed gun ownership laws and things are becoming quite interesting.

    From the opinion piece:

    “Indeed, the program did not merely collect intelligence on the “Vietcong infrastructure.” It compiled detailed information on every resident of every hamlet and village in which the program operated — information that included data about kinship ties, political and religious affiliations and property ownership. As Mr. Chau acknowledged, this information was often used to pressure families and entire communities to comply with the government’s directives. In this regard, the program was less benign and more coercive than its promoters acknowledged.”

    This thread is excellent in that it provides one spoke of a wheel, which is rolling our way, in great detail. My hope is that we all remain aware of the other spokes and the total wheel, while helping one another out as best we can.

    Please be well.


    • RAND Corporation got some amazing reads, one to add from me which i see similar as Rockefellers Lockstep document:

      “Treat without Threateners”
      (their wet dream, would mean they dont need to create threats themself anymore to herd us and keep us in perma fear/alarmism)

      “Three issues with far-reaching causes and consequences, climate change, water scarcity, and pandemics, are examined with attention to their national security implications and impacts on the global commons….”
      (ahh pandemic where did i hear this already…)

      This paper is from 2012 by the way, you can download the pdf at this url

  3. The source of the “When we act, we create our own reality…” quote was initially anonymous but later attributed to Karl Rove.

    Strange thing is, the “reality community” now view the Bush administration somewhat kindly.

    • James,

      Ed put me onto Ms. Yeager’s website yesterday, and I am very thankful he did (hat tip to you, Ed). To your point, you may find the excepts of here texts (located by the link) very interesting indeed. As follows:

      Please notice the art museum, the two orchestras, the music / theater group and the swimming pool for the “inmates”. James, I fell out of my frickin chair!

      It read like the brochure for a spa or a summer camp.

      Please be well.


      • Just passing by and who should I bump into … Hello SC

        Speaking of orchestras, theatres et cetera …

        There were a few excellent videos on YouTube that have been removed for some reason – all they showed was a montage of photographs depicting, in particular musical concerts and sports at various labour detention camps.

        As I said, they were merely sequences of photographs that can be found on various sites such as the ‘holocaust’ museum sites: For example

        • “Prisoners put on a musical performance at the Novaky labor camp”
        Photograph Number: 24584

        Did you note the blackened faces? … Waycists !!!

        Confirmed by these honest first hand witnesses.

        • Auschwitz Inmates Speak Up:

        This one depicts children and related activities at Auschwitz:

        • “Being a kid at Auschwitz” by Silver Thoughts

        Incidentally, the latter video is classified as ‘hate speech’ by the antihuman YouTube – but I didn’t think the music was really all that bad!

        So not everybody is a liar – but for many others it is a holy sacrament of dedication to their deity.

        • Every Auschwitz Canard In 82 Seconds

        • JS,

          I just got done replying to you (above) and here you are again with an excellent post. I will look at everything here and send my sincere thanks!

          BTW: This was funny “Waycists !!! “; since Ed and I were speaking of boxing, I kind of imagined Tyson saying this aloud, in my own mind. Very funny indeed.


        • The

          “Being a kid at Auschwitz” by Silver Thoughts

          is excellent! Many thanks!

          The only comment I will make for anyone who wishes to check out this fine link that JS has given us is:

          If you put headphones on to watch the video, turn your volume down before you begin and then gradually bring it up. The video has a high recorded volume, so you may wish to adjust gradually to a comfortable sound for the music.

          Still working through the other links.

          Thank you again.

              • How apropos. Many thanks. I would say that I am the one in the headband, but…

                To your point, I completely understand and hope all is well on your end.

                See you again soon (plus you have given me so much homework to try and keep up with — I am a very happy man).


          • WARNING – MAJOR DIGRESSION coming up.

            Your observation and advice on that music is quite astute. I almost cautioned about it myself.

            It is so memorable that you cannot fail to recognise it when you hear it elsewhere.

            I am digressing here onto a completely different topic, but I make this connection only because of that music.

            • Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park


            I will offer my opinion for context.

            Yeonmi Park is a DPRK ‘defector’. She lavishes insults and negativity on ‘her’ homeland, its people and their proud 5,000 year history. You have to wonder what price the soul – how many shekels? Lately she has been using clips from one of my very favourite bands, the Moranbong Band, and selectively choosing patriotic songs to try and give a negative slant.

            It is also sad to view many of the comments on her channel – so many uninformed people reinforcing their negative confirmation bias. Honestly, it is hard to relate to these people as human beings – more like gremlins that have been administered the human gene therapy.

            They remind me of Ehud Barak sitting in the BBC studios on the morning of 911 in preparation for the event and singling out DPRK as a “Rogue State” along, of course with Libya, Iraq and Syria … You are probably familiar with Wesley Clark – the seven countries that Israel intended to destroy in five years.

            The only person that benefits from Yeonmi Park’s tirades on her free speech platform is herself – I can’t think of a single benefit to the people of the DPRK. Her ‘story’ has been completely debunked by eye witnesses. I think she must have been a very, very abused child, so I really do feel sorry for her.

            In due course I will post a subset of my dossier on the DPRK for full context, but in the meantime, music is always a good place to start. Enjoy this playlist of probably the most exquisitely talented group of musicians and singers I have come across.

            Hard to know where to start the playlist but I’ll go with

            • #12 Zigeunerweisen

            Some of my favourites
            • #14 The General’s Star – Piano solo: Kim Yong-mi
            • #7 Glorious and Admirable featuring Sonu Hyang-hui, lead violinist and band leader
            • #97 Let New Year’s snow fall
            • #3 Sound of horse hooves in Mt Paektu (Mt Paektu is a sacred site to all Koreans)
            • #4 Let’s go to Mount Pektu – beautiful soprano harmony – tears to my eyes
            • #6 I know only you – Cello solo: Yu Un-jong
            • #21 Csárdás – in the classical style again.
            • #35 Soldier’s road featuring Kang Phyong-hui Guitar solo
            • #79 Munyong Pass

            Oh never mind – enjoy the playlist – simply exquisite.

            And please excuse my self-indulgence 😊

            … And forget Yeonmi Park – go to Phuong’s channel for DPRK news and information.

            • 푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily



            • #73 “Tansume” or “Without a break” (I love the guitar work! Kim Jong-un is an Eric Clapton find, by the way)

            • JS,

              The sound you just heard was my jaw hitting the ground. Wow! What a post. Excellent and very complete!

              Now in many respects, I have some ideas of what you are speaking of, and in other ways, I am completely lost.

              One of the wiser things (and there were a few) that the Orange Potato did while playing the role of President was to open up a dialogue with the Northern part of the Hermit Kingdom. We need more dialogue and less finger pointing; I will take Dennis Rodman’s diplomacy over any single person that the Biden administration can offer, any day of the week.

              As for the music…looking forward to it. Since, I was breezing in to check on Lycurgus and thought we had said “see you later” yesterday, I was not actually expecting to see you here today. The reason I scrolled down was to double check another referral you had provided me with.

              To your point:

              “The only person that benefits from Yeonmi Park’s tirades on her free speech platform is herself – I can’t think of a single benefit to the people of the DPRK. Her ‘story’ has been completely debunked by eye witnesses. I think she must have been a very, very abused child, so I really do feel sorry for her.”

              She may in fact represent an intelligence cutout that is meant to distract and enrage as opposed to allowing any form of meaningful, logical, dialogue. It would not be the first time this has occurred.

              Lest either of us forget that Sir Berners Lee could have called his creation:

              “Super Highway”

              “Burning Love Chit Chat”

              “The Electronic Commons Shopping Mall”

              “Porn CIty!” (had to add the Vega exclamation point for that one)

              Instead, he used the word “WEB”, which is a word associated with “ENSNARE”. Those guys in SIS have ZERO sense of humor about anything.

              So I think you (who knows more about this topic than I do) and I are arriving in the same place. Ms. Park’s

              (which as you know is like having the surname Smith in either the U.S. or the U.K., Suzuki in Japan, Lee in China, and / or Patel in India) w

              whole meaning may be simplified as: being one meant to agitate others.

              As for the “greater Israel” project and the restoration of the temple, we may need an entirely other thread to cover this one. The Orange Potato served his purpose by moving the embassy and now war will be back on shortly.

              CFR is talking about Yemen, but indicating instability could be emanating from “partners” such as Iran and Syria (no mention of Barry’s folly in the Middle East).

              Ms. Harris will have ZERO issue doing what she is told, so long as she may strengthen the relationship with India, payback Canada for the pipeline cancellation (she should send the bill to Mr. Buffett), and back up Israel (gotta throw the husband a bone for being the “First Man”…heaven help us).

              Neocons are back, and Korean is not on the menu at the current moment; it will all be Middle Eastern fare for the next two years at a minimum. Wonder what Vladimir is going to do in opposition?

              An aside: Why do we only get the fat Judoka. with the measly brown belt (Teddy Roosevelt); I want the black belt with the muscles as my leader for once! So tired of these pathetic looking guys representing the United States. Ailments, addictions, chronic obesity and “melba toast” personalities do not inspire strength around the world. = )

              So let me catch up to on the music and all that you were kind enough to send my way. I may breeze back in tonight, if not then I should be back around Wednesday or Thursday.

              All my best,

    • Then there is this little ditty Ed:

      “The Most Persistent and Lethal Threat”

      “For years, security experts have warned that white nationalist and white supremacist extremism represent the most significant domestic terrorism threat to the United States. Now, in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, the country seems to be gaining clarity about the seriousness of the situation for the first time. How did we get here, and what can be done?”

      As with all things CFR, I refuse to listen for fear my brain might hurt; however, I did find it all very convenient and rather interesting. While the Orange Potato did nothing in the wake of domestic terrorism, Mr. Wray kept pointing the finger in the opposite direction from the cause of violence.

      Not my best response and I (truly) wish I had a punchline. I do have a funny story from today, but it isn’t related to the thread. Perhaps I will place it on the Dino thread (later) since it is closer in relation.

      Either way, I hope you are well.


      • Found the punchline:

        What do you call a white nationalist, racist, puppet master who got a crippled (lying) President to launch our nation into a war that really did not concern us?

        Answer: CFR Fellow

        And yes, skeptic 16 is quite right, Bush and Cheney are having their whole history “white washed” by the ludenpresse (hopefully I spelled that one correctly).

        What was real sick was W’s art show at the Kennedy Center last year. That sicko actually paid Vets., which he helped cripple, to sit for him while he captured there images in oil. Then the Center had a big gala event for the guy who was nearly impaled by a shoe, followed by an very long exhibition that we tax payers funded. America today, ain’t she great.

        Best to all…

      • SC,

        We know that the manufactured false-flag of 9/11 was in order to create the ‘global war on terror’ which initially had its early dominant focus on ‘foreign Islamic terrorism’ even though we had the creation of the Patriot Act and the TSA which had early domestic implications.

        Once the general public was saturated over-the-years with news from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., the accompanying vernacular that was associated with ‘terrorism’ and throw in a steady diet of ‘beheadings,’ ‘mass shootings,’ and bloviating ‘security experts,’ it was just a matter of time before the phony war on terror was steered toward focusing heavily on its ‘domestic extremists’ and ‘white supremacists.’ We are there now and I believe we are going to see some staggering infringement of people’s freedoms over the next 4 years!

        You asked about David Irving I believe? Yes, read all of his books!

        You love boxing you say? These are considered by ‘The Ring’ magazine’ to be 3 of the 10 ‘Greatest Rounds’ in history. Take a guess which was voted #1 after you watch?

        1- 10th Round, 1992, Bowe vs Holyfield

        2- 1st Round, 1985, Hagler vs Hearns

        3- 15th Round, 1978, Holmes vs Norton

        • Ed,

          Agreed on the terrorism aspect.

          On Mr. Irving, I have only heard him speak on YT; I shall now look into his books…thank you.

          On Ring, I did like Mr. Burt Sugar quite a bit, even though he could be…well Burt Sugar. All of that list is great; however I might shoot you three of my own tonight or tomorrow to simply add (not instead of) the list. In a rough idea, I might consider round 6 in the Thrilla, the final round in Schmeling v. Louis 1, and round 3 in Duran v. Leonard 1, but let me dwell on it a bit…there is also a couple good Dempsy fights to consider. Robinson also had his moments.

          If there is one champ that breaks my heart when I think of him, it would be Mr. Louis. As for BIG MOUTH, I was okay with him staying out of that bone headed war, but I always preferred Smokin Joe.

          Many thanks and I concur on at least the next 4 years at a minimum (could go longer).


          • Okay Ed, I am sticking to my list.

            First, a sincere thank you. Since the carnival of last year, many of the friends that I would generally discuss this stuff with have sort of gone silent. Yes, I get an email here or an email there,but many of these folks are just in their own spaces and less conversational (many of us had regular intervals of coffee and spending time together).

            Many, many thanks!

            Okay, let’s deal with the White Elephant in the Room. Max was not mentioned to cozy up to your hind parts.

            The fact is, Max was a journeyman at the time.

            Successful? Yes.

            Polished? No.

            He studied for that fight really, really hard. His diligence paid off and he was the first “Rocky” story.

            Tunney might have been the first student of the “sweet science”, but Max proved that the unexpected could occur through mental hard work, backed by muscle. Tunney was great, but he was like a young Tyson…too dominant to claim that specific fights or rounds were the “best ever”.


            Now for an aside:

            The actor, Mr. Carl Weathers, was in such better shape than Mr. Stallone in Rocky 1 due to his own hard work and the guidance of Mr. Gironda. Mr. Gironda is a legend in the Golden and Silver age of Physical Culture (body building or working out now, but I prefer the classic terms), and trained Mr. Weather, as well as many champions in body building (including the gentleman who bested Arrrnooolllddd = ).

            Honestly, when you look at Rocky 1 from this perspective, you are amazed the “bum” (Mickey’s term) wasn’t knocked out in round 3. Wepner and his story was irrelevant, as Big Mouth was not even near the level of physical health as Mr. Weathers.

            Sorry about this, I also really enjoy the Golden Age of Physical Culture and the Mr. America competition as it brought out the very best of our national striving towards a balanced life (in the early days of the competition).


            Back to the main post…

            In round 6 of the grueling Thrilla in Manila, Smokin Joe reminded BIG MOUTH that some cheating, good calls, and luck can only go so far. You may throw a bunch of low punches while you are selling the “peek-a-boo” style, including a few “light” liver tags; yet in the end. a solid fighter can bring you to reality.

            They can remind you that your iron jaw is glass in a long confrontation. They can use their hands to silence your mouth.

            Lastly, Roberto Duran… My gosh, what a champ before winning the title and starting his singing career. Leonard was so soft. Soft opponents, soft training, and oh so pretty. America watched an old Ali fall to his training partner, Holmes, in the most embarrassing event ever. They wanted “new Ali”, and then got a Diet Coke version.

            Leonard had the Franklin licensing deal either while he was still an amateur or early in the professional career. As a kid and teenager, growing up, if you looked at gear for boxing then you most likely were getting “Sugar Ray Leonard”, “approved”, gear from the Franklin company. It was so sad.

            Well, I would not site a round in this event. They were all interesting. Mr. Duran was simply excellent and dealt all of the promotion machinery a good / solid blow. It is an excellent fight on so many levels.

            Now Ed, if you differ form me, please let me know. You have my (deep) respect and I am very open to any ideas you might have on great rounds and / or great fights.

            At a later point, let’s get into my only visit to your state (excellent, for as short as it was…very nice folks and the manners were refreshing, coming from NYC), and a dear friend from Utah.

            Please be very well…you and yours! Many, many thanks!


            • SC,

              I have been weight training since I was 13 years old! My mom bought me a weight-set then; then when I was 15 I met a guy in school who was really into training and I’ve never looked back. I train Mon-Sat. at 5 am with Sun. off. I love it!

              Your right about Carl Weathers. He played pro football for the Raiders briefly as well. Arnold’s best friend Franco Columbo helped Stallone start getting into tremendous shape just before Rocky II. By the time Rambo 2 came around, Sly’s bodyfat and muscle development were superb. Here:


              Sly is 74 now and still gets after it! He is one of the few people in Hollywood I like. He remembers where he came from when he was just a struggling actor. He is a great, great guy who always is willing to give people photo’s and stop and talk on occasion. He also has 3 beautiful young daughters. Here:


              Well, I’m headed into the mountains right now to do an overnight camp and get out of the damn city! Take care!

              • Ed,

                I also began weight training at a very early age (13). Sand filled, plastic Weider set, with hollow bars. Started then and never stopped in one way or the other.

                I also work six days (I take Saturday off — family day). Morning is normally cardio / afternoon is strength. I cycle 4 periods in the year. The first quarter is only body weight training that coincides with changes to nutrition after the holidays.

                Then I move into more or less into a Gironda approach of 8×8 (reps / sets). Summer I typically do a reverse pyramid (akin to what Mr. Reeves used to do for a variation). Then in the autumn, I follow a Jones model of short workouts to failure. Cardio is really just walks or weighted walks.

                So I am right there with you; this type of work makes me very happy. Although I had dreams of many different careers as a young man, the design and creation of gym equipment was one of the more elaborate ones. I had thought about continuing Mr. Jones’s work and attempting to improve the angle of the stack for more time under tension. Needlesstosay I did not go that route, but I did consider it.

                Dr. Darden seems to have improved the idea as a consultant to a Swedish company that does in fact rotate the angle of the stack. I think the company was called X-force or some such thing.

                Have a blast in the mountains! As I said, I was only in Salt Lake once. It was literally one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited. It was a brief stop over, but everyone I encountered was very friendly and I enjoyed the day and a half visit. The only thing that really amazed me was that the city is truly owned by one group. Now I have visited a lot of this nation, but I have never been in another location where only one group was the biggest influence; I am not knocking it at all here. It was just different when you are on the ground, as compared to someone telling you ABC city is owned by XYZ group.

                Please be well and many thanks. Tomorrow I will do some more reading on Ms. Yeager’s site.


                P.S. I agree on Stallone, and I was aware about Franco training him. Now were you aware that in the 1990s Mr. Stallone had a high protein line of pudding?

                Sounds a little funny, but I promise you it was the truth. It was a little grainy, but okay. 20 grams of whey per tin.

                • Ed,

                  Just waiting to head out with the ladies and had something to tell you.

                  So I got Mr. Schmeling’s biography in 1998 as a Christmas gift. I read it a few times and then donated it, which was common in NYC as I only had so much space. Somehow later on I ended up telling Mrs. Simple Citizen about Mr. Schmeling (there might have been a reference in a movie that I explained or something).

                  Yet, I was telling both Mrs. and Miss Simple Citizen about our conversation (as it has made me happy). Miss Simple Citizen decided to look up the champ and found a little fact that I did not know, but loops right back around to our talk.

                  Evidently Rocky IV was compared to the Louis v. Schmeling fight number 2. The idea being that Rocky, like Louis, was fighting a representative from an “evil regime”. Now I think the comparison was leveled by one or a few reviewers; however, I vehemently disagree and it has nothing to do with our other conversation.

                  Mr. Louis and Mr. Schmeling were in fact friends, and Mr. Schmeling actually gave Mr. Louis money when the “mob” was thinking of new shoes for Mr. Louis due to his massive debts to them.

                  When Mr. Louis remarked that he had to win the second fight, he was not doing so out of a “I fight for AMERICA stance.” He was coming at it as this guy studied me and found my weakness of dropping my left in a pattern. He nailed that weakness, and I will never let that happen to me again. Pure competitor, not a puppet.

                  As for FDR telling Louis about “how we need those muscles to defeat the Nazis”, I highly doubt the story. In fact, I would prefer to go with Mr. Dick Gregory’s account of Mr. Jessie Owens and all of the other black competitors on that Olympic track team.

                  Evidently, Chancellor Hitler made sure to congratulate and shake every single competitors’ hands, personally; he missed no one. On the other hand, FDR, only invited white competitors to the White House, and as a result Mr. Owens was less than this man’s greatest fan. FDR did not even send a congratulatory telegram or anything. Interesting isn’t it?

                  Time to go.


            • JS,

              First…great to see you here this morning! I hope all is well with you.

              Second, many thanks for the links. Believe it or not, I think that last one was once on YT and I watched it there. Thanks for the Bitchute link.

              Ed has been trying to help me expand my understanding of the history surrounding WWII, and I am appreciative. He has gotten me hooked on this nice lady’s research:


              Now I have been reading sections of the site a little at the time. I brought up Mr. or Dr. Irving, as I had watched three or four of his videos some years ago. Your input on his books is greatly appreciated and I will gravitate toward them at some point in the not too distant future.

              Your comprehensive book list, on that other thread, has been copied into a document for me to read as well. As I joked on another thread, WW is a curse as I keep adding new books to what used to be a short list; however, this is a very good problem to have!

              Please have a good weekend and be well.



                FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

                NEED TO KNOW BASIS.

                FORBIDDEN FILES!


                Mr. Irving’s missing files were all packed onto the UFO and flown away.

                How do I know? Well the narrator is British and we all know that the British would never lie or distort. When you hear a British narrator then you know that you are getting 100% fact.

                The Nazis created UFOs and then packed them full of secret files. Then they left and went off to Xenu or some place close to it. Silly Mr. Irving.

                • Okay, now I will be serious for a moment.

                  I do have to disagree with Mr. Irving on the computer comment (9 min. vid.). Actually, to my knowledge, the Nazis did have computers (I think Siemens developed them) and created the first operating system. Now I will need to recall my source materials; however, I do think this information was accurate.

                  My assumption is that Mr. Irving was simply unaware of this data point or considered the computer at Manchester to be unique from the German design and therefore did not count it as a computer.

                  Also, if I recall correctly IBM punch card systems were sold to and used by the British in Jamaica in the early part of the 20th century; however, this point I am less secure with.

                  Whatever my resource on the OS, it was not casting an opinion but simply stating an idea. Further, I seem to recall the resource being one of the rare technical books that I read, as opposed to a history book (at one point I was considering learning COBOL just for fun, so it could have been a text along those lines).


  4. There is only one source of information I trust – Gnosis. The concept of The Dao also deeply resonates, despite me not being Chinese.

    Something is out there trying to seize control of consensus reality and shape it into something synthetic and artificial. Instead of living in 1984, it seems more akin to Shutter Island.

    Perhaps most people have a collective consciousness as opposed to a self-differentiated individual consciousness. Instead of being a meme, they truly are more akin to an NPC from a video game. Their awareness being a proscribed set of patterns they are incapable of diverging from.

    My brother-in-law is the prototype NPC, and it isn’t just his dull personality and obsession with football. He has completely flat affect and the simulacra of human facial expression. I’d make a joke to him about the “Uncanny Valley,” but I doubt he’d get it.

    Anyone who isn’t awake by now doesn’t want to be, or is incapable of Gnosis.

    • Lycurgus,

      Sorry I missed this one earlier my friend. JS and I have been sort of hitting a tennis ball of information back and forth (down below). This is a well written and thought out post that I really appreciated.

      All of us here know that you are seeking a deeper truth. We can very easily see it in your thoughtful posts. As for the rest of the world, I wish I had a better suggestion than to simply keep a good thought and prayer that more folks choose to seek the truth. The choice is right in front of us all, but the actual election and follow through may seem daunting to some; I really do not know.

      Either way, I did enjoy reading your post. As for the brother-in-law, is he aware that the NFL is one of the most profitable not-for-profit businesses in the history of the USA? Talk about a scam.

      Speaking of football, you might find Interference by Mr. Molina very interesting in terms of a little truth (fascinating), but also providing you with a little levity when it comes to the relative. I own a copy and would even offer to send it to you (on me), but most of my books are in a storage locker in boxes labeled: “BOOKS”. This is not really helpful when you need a specific title. = )

      I also have Dark Victory and it rocked my world. Growing up, Reagan was like a third Grandpa, but just on the television instead of at home; little did I know.

      Also I believe RW has a thread on the former President somewhere here on WW. It is not one that I have read yet, but I do think I saw it out of the corner of my eye when posting in the past.

      Please be well.

      Simple Citizen

      • Not to minimize the Gnosis aspect of your post, I might (humbly) suggest Zazen as one method of finding”peace of mind”

        Now there are many decent texts on the subject. Yet, I would opine that you could find free resources online. Although it has been far too long since I focused on this method; I can say it is great for visiting one’s inner life. If anything, I would opine that once one begins to practice this methodology for two to four weeks, they tend to recede somewhat from “random interactions”.

        Now it should not be an issue with a significant other or children; however, “Janice next door who is always worried about the weather” and “James at the coffee shop who is all about the vax and getting back to normal” may become folks that one might avoid. Once one takes up an inner residency, then the outer could seem a bit superfluous. Heck, even an electronic life could become rather excessive, depending on perspective.

        A little off the mark in terms of what you were writing about, but possibly helpful in supporting your thought line here. If I am mistaken, then I do apologize.


      • Appreciate the offer on the books SC, but my library is currently overflowing with books I’m in various stages of progress on myself.

        One such book is the Easwaran translation of the Upanishads – which is one of the most fascinating discourses on the nature of awareness I’ve ever read. It is both awe-inspiring and harrowing to realize that – at some point in the distant past – civilization was structured around the investigation of consciousness.

        Luckily, there are the holdouts who remain existentially invested in searching for the great WHY?

        As for the brother-in-law, he epitomizes the Jockbug existence –

        Quiet moments of self introspection for him must evoke the sense of staring into a Lovecraftian abyss, the NFL is a palliative respite. Considering that games are rigged and that it is the highest level cultural propoganda in America is beyond the pale of his cognitive schema.

        All the best SC, it is becoming increasingly rare to find fellow searchers.

        • Great recommendation on the book and thanks for the link.

          Also, this was hilarious:

          “Quiet moments of self introspection for him must evoke the sense of staring into a Lovecraftian abyss, the NFL is a palliative respite. Considering that games are rigged and that it is the highest level cultural propoganda in America is beyond the pale of his cognitive schema.”

          Please be well.

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