WOKE WORLD: I shall not cease from re-education

Titania McGrath IMAGE: The Critic

NOTE FROM WINTER WATCH EDITOR: To be clear, the following article (excerpt) is for informational/entertainment purposes only. It is by no means an endorsement of the article or of ‘The Critic’ magazine. Is the article serious, or is it satire? Is ‘The Critic’ a U.K. version of Babylon Bee? We don’t know but certainly hope so.

A lesson in compassion, intelligence and humility

By Titania McGrath | March 2022

THE CRITIC — To be woke is a blessing. We are the first human beings who have ever existed who are right about absolutely everything. It’s such a relief to know that our views will never be criticised or ridiculed by future generations.

In fact, there are all sorts of benefits to being on the right side of history. For one thing, we can encourage big tech censorship without any fear that it might one day be used against us. 

But it’s so exhausting having to constantly re-educate the masses. So far this week I’ve got a woman fired for claiming that sex is binary, shouted abuse at an old man collecting money for that imperialist “charity” the Royal British Legion and burned some books by Enid Blyton due to their outdated stereotypes. Important work never ends.

People often say to me: “Titania, how do you have the stamina to be constantly standing up for justice in the face of incredible odds?” I honestly don’t know the answer. I was fortunate enough to be born with innate talents and I suppose my most endearing features are my compassion, my eloquence, my formidable intelligence and, above all, my humility. […]

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