Carnival Fears Shuttering All Asia Operations Until End April, Cites ‘Material Impact’ from Covid-19

By Tyler Durden | 12 February 2020

ZERO HEDGE — The leading cruise ship operator in Asia, Carnival Corporation & plc, reported Wednesday that if it was forced to suspend all cruise operations from ports in China and across Asia until the end of April due to the Covid-19 outbreak, then it would realize a severe financial impact.

Carnival warned that suspending cruise operations in Asia for a considerable amount of time could have a severe material impact on financials and lead to earnings revisions for the year.

“…if the company had to suspend all of its operations in Asia through the end of April, this would impact its fiscal 2020 financial performance by $0.55 to $0.65 per share, which includes guest compensation.”

The cruise line noted Covid-19 outbreak could impact its global bookings will further affect the company’s financial performance. The company will provide an update on disruption with its 1Q20 earnings release in late March. There could be a deployment of contingency plans to mitigate the impact of disruption if seen in Asia. […]

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