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Reddit ShadowBans Multiple Right Leaning Pages In Mass Purge: Is The_Donald Next?


By Jack Kenrick | 26 October 2017

SQUAWKER — Just as many have predicted for some time now, the Authoritarian Regressive Left is finally moving forward with their censorship of major social media hubs online. Not content to already have semi control over the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon. Now Reddit as well seems to have fallen once and for all to this political based censorship. With some new rule changes made just today, clearly designed primarily as an excuse to target Right leaning communities on the platform.

As less than 24 ago site Admin LandOfLobsters made the below post, explaining what he called the upcoming tighter enforcement of existing rules against content that promotes “violent content.”

While it all might sound reasonable enough at first glance. These rule changes have already turned into little more than an excuse to tighten the grip of political censorship on the popular platform. With a clearly pre-planned large-scale purge of groups now already underway. The following communities being just some of those already banned at the time of writing.

/pol/, ActualJournalism, EuropeanNationalism

FarRight, NationalSocialism, WhitesAreCriminals

The banning of /pol/ in particular is interesting as it’s just the latest in a recent wave of clamping down on 4chan based groups online. Such as Twitter who just this past week shut down a popular /pol/ news based account. It would seem that the Regressive Left continues to see the spread of the sites influence as a real threat that must be dealt with quickly. After all even Democratic lawmakers have seemingly taken notice of the “problematic” free speech haven. […]

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