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Washington Post Published Fake News Story About a Vermont Utility Getting Hacked by Russians


By Dr. Fly | 31 December 2016

IBANKCOIN — The propaganda coming out of the Washington Post isn’t even creative or convincing. It’s the type of nonsense that one instantly dismisses as the work of a lazy employee of the state. Look at this sensationalist headline posted by Washpo last night.


Ooh, sounds menacing right? By the looks of it, the Russians were quickly working their vodka driven ways towards shutting down all of our lights, Christmas tree included. The only problem with this narrative is that it’s a complete fabrication.

Here is the statement from Burlington Electric.

In other words, a single laptop, not connected to the grid whatsoever, had malware on it — likely from purveying porn sites, and Washpo published an alarmist story suggesting the entire grid was at risk of becoming the bitch to malicious Russian hackers. What the fuck?

After being revealed to be fake news, the cucks at Washpo changed the title of their article. This is what it reads now.


And here’s what the democratic governor of Vermont had to say about the event.

“Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world’s leading thugs, Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality-of-life, economy, health, and safety.”

So instead of keeping his mouth shut after it was revealed that the Russians had not hacked the grid, Shumlin doubled down on a fake Washington Post story and blamed Putin himself for trying to fuck up America’s ‘quality of life, economy, health, and safety.’

Bear in mind, all of this assumes that the actions of this so called ‘GRIZZLY STEPPE’ group is actually real, actually Russian, and not actually a figment of the CIA’s imagination. This was the proof offered to the American people regarding this insidious group, led by Putin, trying to install Trump into the Presidency and then shutting off our lights.


Long time reader of the site and real life cyber security expert, Gap, summed it up best.


As to the actual code being used in these sophisticated attacks, they appear to be ‘made in the Ukraine’, is outdated and thoroughly shit.

Source: Zerohedge

According to some cybersecurity specialists, the code came from an outdated Ukrainian hacking tool. As RT notes, IT specialists that have analyzed the code and other evidence published by the US government are questioning whether it really proves a Russian connection, let alone a connection to the Russian government.

Wordfence, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in protecting websites running WordPress, a PHP-based platform, published a report on the issue on Friday.

Wordfence said they had traced the malware code to a tool available online, which is apparently funded by donations, called P.A.S. that claims to be “made in Ukraine.” The version tested by the FBI/DHS report is 3.1.7, while the most current version available on the tool’s website is 4.1.1b.

“One might reasonably expect Russian intelligence operatives to develop their own tools or at least use current malicious tools from outside sources,” the report says.

The second part of the analysis deals with the list of IP addresses provided by the US agencies. The report says they “don’t appear to provide any association with Russia” and “are probably used by a wide range of other malicious actors.”

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