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Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Ceases Efforts as Result of Threats Against Family

Wolfgang Halbig has been an intrepid force in the investigation of Sandy Hook. With the type of criminals he is up against, this is without a doubt an all-pain, no-gain experience for him. He most certainly has not been the recipient of tens of millions of largess dollars as has benefited the Sandy Hook shysters. I am actually amazed and very impressed at his perseverance and patriotism. Lesser men would have never gotten out of the shoot.

It now appears that due to the threats being made toward his family members, Wolfgang has taken down his Web and social media sites in response to the Crime Syndicate’s tactics. I surmise he is done with his more serious investigations, including lawsuits. One can only hope someone picks up the ball and pursues the work.

An update at Memory Hole blog (MHB) states: Wolfgang Halbig tells MHB this morning that he was compelled to take his website down and go off of Facebook because parties unknown to him are contacting officials at his wife and son’s place of employment in an effort to have these family members terminated from their employment because of Wolfgang’s activities concerning Sandy Hook.

A goon speaking in the “we” pronoun and calling themselves “Johnathan Reich” (apparently in mockery of the young man who was arrested and dragged through court for contacting Connecticut state coroner H. Wayne Carver II in early 2013) issued the following demands and deadlines of Halbig under threat of harm or intensified harassment:

From: “Johnathan Reich” <>
To: “Wolfgang Halbig” <>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 1:20:06 PM
Subject: Re: Please do not contact my family members again or their school superintendent and school board members.


Here’s what needs to happen:

1.Take down Sandy Hook Justice Reports website.

2.Take down– Remove any and all references/ photos that Avielle Richman is Lenie Urbina- that poor girl and her family are terrified of you.

Note: TNN provides archive link here to

3.Stop abusing and of Sandy Hooks Children or parents.

4.Stay out of Newtown. Never come here again. Ever.


You have until 3pm on Tuesday August 30th to remove posts on Avielle and the Urbina girl. That is tomorrow. 3pm.

You have until 12pm, Friday September 2nd to pull the sites down.

Your recent Facebook post is ridiculous. Unlike you, we believe children are sacred to us. We work to protect children. Nothing is more important than protecting children.

Your beautiful grandchildren have nothing to fear from us. You know this.

I personally hope that you decide to keep the sites up, and disregard our demands altogether. I really do.

You need to think very hard about how you are going to move forward. I suggest you meet with your family to discuss.

Enough is enough. Leave our families alone. Let us raise our children in peace.

Let us know your plans.

We look forward to your response.

Over the past two years Halbig has experienced significant harassment from goons involved in the Sandy Hook event.


Unfortunately for the criminals behind this, there is plenty of other legacy-foundation work from Wolfgang (and from others) that is still on other sites. Sandy Hook Justice is archived here.

One that I would highly recommend as a starting point and one that every decent thinking person should see is Halbig’s interview examining (using Connecticut crime scene photos) the decrepit, foul condition of Sandy Hook “school” a day after the incident. Anybody who thinks this is an operating “vanguard school” should do the world a big favor and just stick with Sunday morning cartoons. The CT state police crime scene photos of Sandy Hook “school” are also archived here. 

15 Comments on Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Ceases Efforts as Result of Threats Against Family

  1. God bless you Mr Halbig.You are a honorable man.
    The scum from the DHS will never win in the end.
    True Good always wins in the end.
    I am a simple man and by simple I don`t mean stupid.There is never enough knowledge.
    Just the basics of the event are comedy gold,scripted repetition, actors acting like actors.
    Now we have scripted MSM on Syria and Trump.
    Wake up anti Trump people.

  2. The supporters of this site are living proof that fully 25% of the American population has a diagnosable mental illness.

  3. A conversation I (clovize) had with a cartoon watcher on Sandy Hook and Wolfgang Halbig. The photos in the first response at more eyeopening Ct police crime photos.

    MrOctober77: Halbig offered $1000 for photos of a Veterans Day breakfast at Sandy Hook in 2012.
    So of course when shown the photos, he claims they are from 2011.
    By saying they’re from 2011, Wolfie debunks himself, since he thinks the school was closed.
    permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply

    clovize[S] Here is the bottom line, CT state police crime scene photos the day after on 12/15/2012. If you think this is what a functioning school looks like, then you need to stick with Saturday morning cartoons.

    MrOctober77 :They spend years and millions planing the hoax, but blow it all by releasing photos that shows the school was closed? Yeah that makes sense.

    clovize “Millions planning a hoax”- says who? Why would millions have to be spent, they scammed tens of millions out of charity fraud and government grants.

    The “they” who released these crime scene photos were the CT state police. You will have to ask them what they were thinking. If you get an answer let us know.

    But supposedly the state police were in on it, why would they put out photos showing the schools were closed? Or why would the higher ups in the hoax allow them to do it.

    School may have been in poor shape, but there are articles and photos that says it was open.
    permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply

    clovize: So you believe everything the media puts out? Newtown Bee is credible after all this? I have no idea when it was closed, but it was well before the event.

    At any rate this decrepit condition is one of the reasons Halbig spent thousands in FOIA requests asking for school records and specific work orders to repair all the decay and damage. He was pursuing a standard and apparently lost art of who, what, where, when. He was stymied at every turn. Maybe if somebody like you asked pretty please, they would hand required to reveal public information and documents over, LOL.

    MrOctober77 Spent thousands of other peoples money, who knows how much more he has stashed away.

    clovize: Ad hominem attack, You seriously think he became popular, and turned this into a big business and profit center with all those attorneys going against that corrupt CT machine? Yes, that’s what anybody would want to do at 70 after a lifetime of teaching. All I can say to that is f–k you and then suggest you go back to watching cartoons.

    MrOctober77 :Nothing wrong with cartoons, Bugs Bunny was great.
    Halbig is popular among the fringe on the internet. there are some who think is a fraud, others who think he is a disinfo agent.
    There have been 70 yo’s who have scammed people out of money before and there will be again.

    clovize: “The fringe on the internet” is a meaningless twilight language term. What does that even mean? Would that include those like me who see a foul, decrepit school that couldn’t be open or functioning in a real world? Or somebody who won’t condemn Halbig for asking for documents to examine the matter? Am I the crazy one here?

    Must be comforting for you to not be part of the “fringe” while you convince yourself that children attended a school in that condition. My favorites are the classrooms and closets all piled with boxes and debris like it was a giant garage sale. The mold was a nice touch as well. How much effort does it take to at least clean that? Cartoons is right, “fringe man” checking out.

  4. Something feels very wrong in all this matter with Halbig as well as with the Sandy Hook ‘official story’ … There’s a question as to whether Halbig was psy-op confusion brigade:

    Did Wolfgang Halbig ever have a good answer to those critiques by, e.g., Dr K (Kaasem Khaleel) who spoke of Halbig as:
    – raising tens of thousands of funds for ‘investigation’ then using some of that for legalistic harassment of another blogger who made a caricature of Halbig
    – CV lying, dodgy businesses in general, ties to US Homeland Security, rabid Zionism (maybe Jewish himself)

    Also accused of dodgy fundraising, James Tracy writes some helpful things, but there are claims he mis-represented why the university fired him, not for Sandy Hook truthing but for fundraising disclosure irregularities over a long period

    Who’s the truther, & Who’s controlled opposition? Or Who’s a guy just trying to make a few extra bucks in these desperate times, plus enjoy being an alt-internet star? … It’s not always easy to tell

    Confusion & Mis-Direction are Key Goals of The Cabal … just look at the defence-industry-tied Veterans Today, which mixes some fabulous, unique truther nuggets, with some of the most absurd psy-op bullshite on any alt-site anywhere

    Once in an interview, VeteransToday site principal Gordon Duff (Jewish), blurted out: “Even we’ve been hijacked … About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposely partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive.”

    • I view Wolfgang Halbig as human, but a great white hat patriot. I don’t want to second guess his legal maneuvers and expenses either, as I was not in his shoes. I support him 100%. I see no benefit and only loss from going down the path he did. He was pummeled by criminal operatives for four years.

      His pro-Israel remarks caused me to wince, but were typical for most Americans in bible-belt regions. At this point Wolfgang knows full well his great tormentors were Jewish Crime Syndicate.

      For the record I get zero financial gain from this TNN site. There is only potential down side a la Halbig, no upside, but I don’t care. You see no advertising, and there really isn’t enough traffic for that to work anyway. If I wasn’t retired, and out of the US, I wouldn’t do it, as you know full well the Tribe would work to get me fired.

      • Thanks Russ, I certainly have always understood you are, like some others, publishing things out of the heartfelt desire to share with others, some truth that will benefit humanity

        ‘Alt’ sites that earn high income seem to have always made a ‘deal’ of some kind … But I have a feeling those ‘deals’ are winding down, as the cabal no longer feels a need for them

        One good thing, they say we all live much longer if we stay mentally as well as physically active, so we’ve got that going

    • Man you are always full of depressing news. At this point I know what (((their))) intentions are and can judge accordingly through social media and corporate media response what is real and what is fake. What is reported and what is hidden. Hard to find fellow travelers though.

      • Re … ‘always full of depressing news’ … ha! I really had a good laugh … a bit on target there … but in truther matters, I have been really stunned these last years learning how much was fake ‘opposition’ both now & going way back … esp. big fake ‘leakers’ as most people to this day don’t know:

        — 1971 Daniel Ellsberg was fake, anti-JFK-truth, deflecting from Vietnam war crimes, never ‘stole’ Pentagon papers, created the MSM fake ‘hero-leaker’ meme they still use

        — 1973 ‘Deep Throat’ was fake, ‘Watergate’ was fake Bob Woodward was Navy Intel working Joint Chiefs-CIA ‘Silent Coup’, Nixon repented of being a war criminal was trying to reverse the war machine & make USA a better place

        — 2010 Julian Assange totally fake, anti-9-11-truth, Wikileaks ‘selected’, Brzezinski & Netanyahu admitted he’s fake, Assange has same lawyer as Rothschilds, Assange apparently not ‘living at London Ecuador embassy’ they move him in & out for meetings & photos

        — 2013 Edward Snowden totally fake, never ‘stole’ files 1st ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s pal anti-9-11-truth guy at WashPost, then ex-gay-pornographer Glenn Greenwald (worked for Bill Gates, Rothschilds, now CIA billionaire Omidyar), anti-9-11-truth Snowden worked with Brzezinski’s kid, pumped by Brzezinski’s daughter Mika, Putin hints out loud he’s fake, Snowden has CIA-tied lawyers etc

        – 2016 Panama Papers fake leak by Israeli-tied journalist group etc

        Every one of the above fake ‘heroes’ was pumped by CIA’s New York Times, the last 3 pumped also by CIA-Rothschild UK Guardian … 2 papers that tell CIA lies about everything

        Was quite struck in 2013 when ZeroHedge commenters were calling out Edward Snowden as a fraud the very 1st fracking day, within hours …I discovered they were right, just like later described in the European intel agency report, ‘Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’

  5. This is preserved from the site that the goons are asking to be taken down. I assume it will soon be off line if Wolfgang complies. I have copied all the individual’s photos shown there, but will retain them for now for future use if necessary. Obviously many people can set up web sites. The last part of the post goes into the charity fraud around Sandy Hook. My guess is that was where Halbig was heading.

    Attorneys at McCormick Barstow and Charles Warren Frye of Stockton, California Terrorize and Stalk Senior Citizen Whistleblower Wolfgang Halbig

    TOPICS:Charles FryeNewtownSandy Hook FactsSandy Hook Justice
    Charles Warren Frye

    Sandy Hook Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Stalked & Threatened

    A group of individuals have been stalking and harassing Wolfgang Halbig and his associates. The purpose of this articles is to bring light on certain individuals who have direct involvement or accomplices to the stalking of a 70-year old senior citizen by a network of people who oppose Wolfgang’s view.

    These photos were posted by Sandy Hook Facts
    These photos were posted by Sandy Hook Facts
    Starting around the time of Wolfgang’s hearing in New Britain, a shady individual was filming Wolfgang from the rooftop of a parking garage adjacent to the courthouse. Several objects were found on a journalist’s car when returning to it. Several of those same objects have been placed numerous times on Wolfgang’s property and on his doorstep.

    In 2014, Wolfgang Halbig filed subpoenas to learn who was releasing defamatory material and stalking him online. The source of these activities leads back to a blog known as “Sandy Hook Facts” that is owned and operated by the law firm of McCormick Barstow and attorneys Jim Wagoner and Graham Van Leuven. As the stalking activities began, the blog changed its profile photo to the same object being placed on Wolfgang’s doorstep.

    Operatives working against Wolfgang Halbig also terrorized a local pastor in New Jersey who they thought was associated with Wolfgang.

    The first known activity of the trespassing and stalking began online at Sandy Hook Facts Google+ and on other websites operated under the control of the law firm, McCormick Barstow of Fresno, California. The stalking intensified when the blog changed its profile photo to a specific object and photograph. Within 48 hours, Wolfgang Halbig’s property was trespassed upon and an identical object was delivered to him. This object is clearly a calling card that was left by the criminals stalking Wolfgang Halbig and his family. The identical calling card was placed in the profile photo of the blog. Wolfgang Halbig has been consistently harassed and stalked in person and online.

    The documented photos and postings confirm that they are the source of the objects being placed. The Sandy Hook Facts publication continues to post photos of residential properties of Wolfgang Halbig and his associates. That publications continues to also issue harmful threats stating that the objects were intended for exposure to Wolfgang’s grandchildren with harmful substances on them.

    Charles Frye of Stockton, California
    Charles Frye of Stockton, California
    Graham Van Leuven of McCormick Barstow LLP (Fresno, CA)
    Graham Van Leuven
    Jim Wagoner (James P. Wagoner) of Fresno, CA
    Jim Wagoner

    The lawfirm continues to post defamatory and harmful materials about Wolfgang Halbig to their blog. This lawfirm and the people within their network participate in the stalking of Wolfgang Halbig anywhere he travels and at his home property. Threatening packages have been mailed with these very same objects within the packages which had false identities being used to thwart investigation from authorities. One of these objects was sent to an elderly senior citizen in Connecticut which resulted in a law-enforcement investigation.

    An associate legal representative known as “Charles Frye Law” has been cooperating with the lawfirm of McCormick and Barstow with their harassment of Wolfgang Halbig. This same “Charles Frye Law” entity has also been caught issuing official FOIA requests under this false identity. Numerous examples have been collected from two different agencies confirming these facts. The association of “Charles Frye Law” is meant to give the appearance of a valid legal authority. The Connecticut FOIA office knows this for a fact.

    At this point, the group stalking Wolfgang and pursuing legal actions against him are three so-called attorneys, two who have been confirmed in the California Bar database as James “Jim” P. Wagoner of Fresno, Graham Van Leuven of Sacremento, and Charles Warren Frye of Stockton, California who appears to be impersonating an attorney.

    The REAL Facts About Sandy Hook Facts HIDDEN From The Public

    The harassment and stalking of Wolfgang Halbig and his family continues on. Previously, we saw that the obscure online identity known as “Sandy Hook Facts,” the network of people behind the blog began with the lawfirm of McCormick Barstow LLP of Fresno, California and Charles Frye of Stockton, California. After being repeatedly stalked online for over a year Wolfgang Halbig sought to take action against those stalking him and defaming him online.

    A subpoena was issued to Google, in efforts to identify the perpetrators responsible. After posting several images of Wolfgang and his associates locations in person and home addresses, the once questionable activity of James P. Wagoner and Graham Van Leuven was now brought into the open. These attorneys responded by attempting to “quash” the subpoena by providing false information to the court. The weak tactic backfired and gave up the identity of the attorneys and gave up key information about the individuals responsible for defaming, harassing, and stalking Wolfgang Halbig.

    When discussing why people would be interested in these type of cruel and mindless activities, you must understand the background to the situation. Around the times of the Sandy Hook School Shooting, many charities started soliciting donations from the public. Caring and otherwise honest members of the public donated money in good faith. The suspicious Sandy Hook fundraisers were created within 24 hours of the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

    Sandy Hook Facts Internet Registration Information
    Sandy Hook Facts Internet Registration Information

    The families engaged in establishing charity “front companies” to solicit donations from the public are high-income upper class families from a wealthy suburban Connecticut town with the guidance and assistance of specific pro bono attorneys’ firms for legal guidance. However, these people would like the public to believe that they could not afford funeral expenses without help from the public. Those participating in fraud and theft of funds from honest members of the public are exploiting the images of children and associating fake identities with several images of children. Then, on 12/14/12 the fake identities were “murdered” and the fundraisers were already set up to fundraiser for the families of the children/ “fake identities.”

    This explains the strange behavior of family members who rushed to pick up fresh gourmet coffees and other snacks like bananas on their way to a shooting incident. This explains why most of the Sandy Hook family photos appear photoshopped with one member of the family who was inserted into the image.

    Noah Pozner Fund

    The Internet registration data for “Sandy Hook Facts” leads us to Leonard Lenny Pozner and the “Noah Pozner Memorial Fund.” The information leads back to P.O. Box 332, which just so happens to be the official mailing address of the “Noah Pozner Memorial Fund.” The Noah Pozner Memorial Fund was one of the fraudulent charities set up in the wake of Sandy Hook. The P.O. Box located at a UPS Store in Newtown serves as the base of operations for a fraudulent charity actively engaging in fraud.

    These identities are directly connected with the stalking and harassing of Wolfgang Halbig. The following assumed “identities” and/or aliases operate the Noah Pozner Memorial Fund at that location, and maintain the P.O. Box in question:

    Leonard Pozner
    Leonard Pozner

    Alexis Ivar Haller
    Alexis Ivar Haller

    Dirk Duytschaever
    Dirk Duytschaever

    Robert F. Maffei
    Robert F. Maffei
    Leonard Pozner, the poster boy for gun control recently purchased this Glock 27 and Laser Sight

    Why does Lenny Pozner need this?
    Why does Lenny Pozner need this?

    Eliezer Pozner’s Receipt for a Glock 27 and Remington Ammo (The same gun company he is suing)

    Eliezer Pozner’s Receipt for a Lasermax Internal Sight
    Maybe the “Pozners” can explain why they rushed and hurried to set up charitable fundraising accounts and distribution boxes for funds within the first 24 hours of “their tragedy”????? Maybe these four individuals can explain their ties to Governor Dan Malloy and the step-up procedures that led to the perfect execution of how this event unfolded including the use of civil emergency actions (ironically) in order to hide lawful functions and regulation that would normally be applicable to the general public. These tactics are reminiscent of the Weather Underground activities in the 1960’s and 70’s. According to the modern issues with the Hillary Clinton emails, one should seriously think about and consider their views as to how background operations are executed, hidden, and distorted for the viewer actually perceiving the data.

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