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Canada CDC Recommends ‘Glory Holes’ as Satanic Sexual ‘Solution’ During Scamdemic

A bathroom stall with a glory hole in the partition

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control’s website in 2020 had an entire section dedicated to diabolical sexual “advice” during the virus pandemic. The government’s leading “health experts” (aka Fifth Columnists) suggest that “glory holes” could be the safest technique to minimize the spread of COVID-1984 during sex. We predict that a latex will be the go to fetish during the monkeypox aka money pox scamdemic.

Seriously, what is the long-term practicality of couples in relationships using this method? We suspect that’s not the idea at all.

As defined by Urban Dictionary, a “gloryhole is a hole made in a thin wall or other type of partition where men can insert their penises for sexual stimulation by an anonymous person on the other side.”

The crowd-sourced online dictionary for slang words also said these holes “can be found in bathrooms in the stall wall, in private rooms found in adult bookstores, and in dark rooms and labyrinths in bathhouses. Open rooms in bathhouses with many glory holes are called a sucktorium and often have a raised level on one side of the holes to allow everyone to stand.”

Canada is also the home of PornHub, which totally destroyed the minds of American and European men. Millions of healthy families were never formed because of PornHub’s role in creating simps and egirls out of our youth. PornHub is, to a large extent, incest “role play” and pederast “role play.” In 2018, incest-themed search terms (step-mom, mom) ranked fourth and sixth. “Teen” was No. 7. The glory hole subgenre is abundant on PornHub.

Read “MindGeek, PornHub and the Incest Trend”

PornHub and the porn industry has a new, major, real (not imaginary), racist push going on: Black Lives Matter porn.

One such video is called “White Girl Moans Black Lives Matter While Getting F—ed #BLM.” Another is “Black Anal Matters.” There is also a subcategory called BLM protest that mainly shows Black men penetrating white women during a supposed Black Lives Matter protest. Some of these women have “BLM” written on their backs, while others are in jail cells being penetrated by Black porn performers dressed as police officers. In a classic marriage of racist themes, one video purports to show a “Black Lives Matter thug choking out a white cop daughter.”

One producer has said his most popular movies are those where “the purity of the sacred white women is compromised.” Another pornographer told Adult Video News, “My customers seem to enjoy black men ‘taking advantage’ of white women, seducing their white daughters and wives.

It’s not just racist material aimed at white women, they go after black women as well. Black women in porn are also victims of ugly racist stereotypes. Depicted as having excessive and uncontrollable sexuality, Black women are often portrayed as living in a ghetto, a setting that is sexually lawless, debauched and brimming with “hos,” “pimps” and “gang bangers.”

Virtually every porn scene talks about “booty” in its promo text, promising lots of “big black round a—s.” You would be hard pressed to find black females with small rear ends in this genre. Black writers, such as Patricia Hill Collins, have explored how this fetishization is rooted in the belief that Black women are especially promiscuous and that their “booties” are the only body parts worthy of notice, reducing them to sexual objects devoid of humanity, individuality, and dignity.

Basically, like the B.C. CDC, Porn Hub is an on-line training system for the pedos and pederasts that infested, took over and debauched American, U.K. and Canadian institutions and their financial systems. This is who runs these countries now. This glory hole travesty is illustrative.

Read “Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite”

Canada also has nationwide zoning laws that allow homosexual sex shops one city block away from elementary schools.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Glory Hole Land: Make Gloryholes Great Again – Trudeau campaign slogan.

Read “Was Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau’s Daddy?”

14 Comments on Canada CDC Recommends ‘Glory Holes’ as Satanic Sexual ‘Solution’ During Scamdemic

  1. Do people even notice how they already live in some matrix like illusion, getting nudged, conditioned and manipulated 24/7… even emotions are a product of the round the clock influencing, nothing is real. Illusion of love, of choices we dont have, freedom?

    Living in their system, whole generations getting programmed in their education, school and universities; conditioned by entertain, social, news massmedia.
    Monetary system making sure they always profit, on consumer level and while draining the workforce of population, while keeping them barely alive with their medicine system to profit from our sickness we got from their system. Human resource living in a programmed enviroment to ensure control, not hard to see if you look at the whole picture.

    Media/Entertain telling and conditioning us how and whom we should love just matches this.

    Brings up the question for how long are we already in this illusion, was the industrial revolution ever for the good of us?

    • Good observations, Kati. I think civilization topped out in the mid 1700’s. Everyone had a trade…the farmer, the cobbler, the candle maker, the silversmith…I could go on and on. The industrial revolution lowered the status of human work because a man became a machine operator. The craft industry disappeared. The music, the art, the fashions, the political thought all reached the heights of human civilization, and then it went down hill. Modern life is a grind, no doubt about it.

      • Heck- since the Gutenberg Press, the antiChrists have commandeered almost all that enters our minds through sight &. sound. The devils got to work on the talmud in the 9th century which was put into practice 900 years later per the French Revolution. Stirrings of ‘liberty & equality’ erupted to abolish slavery throughout the white nations (never mind the other nations) which included America’s ‘Civil War’. For the next 100 years, the new modernity produced distorted christian cults, marxism, psychoanalysis, communism, world wars, drug/torture mind control, legalized perversion, etc in the underground.- then in 1965 it all surfaced above ground -right on schedule. And like clockwork,50 years later, the ((satanists)) own & run the world to the planned detriment of Godly, western man. We can only do what we can until that exceptional arises unassociated with any of the filth, lies, & murder of counter-culture.

    • Brings up the question for how long are we already in this illusion, was the industrial revolution ever for the good of us?

      Certainly e.g. ‘cancel culture’ as practiced today has exposed one big disadvantage of being an employee, which the vast majority of people are (albeit most jobs are soulless), as opposed to having your own 40 acres and a mule.

      But yes, technical progress is generally positive.

      Modern life is a grind, no doubt about it.

      Subsistence agriculture was also a grind — average life expectancy has increased dramatically since industrialization.

      Unfortunately, it’s also true that civilization appears to be measurably dysgenic.

      • The satanists need the technology in order to make themselves immortal at the end. They want to crack and mold the code of creation. Then they will maintain human population below 500 million. So they were ready to allow for moments of civilizational prosperity of the masses as long as it served their longer term intergenerational plans. Now they seem more confident than ever to be in full control and close to the realization of their “great work”. So the culling will start soon via a “coronavirus vaccine”. Satanists were always in executive control of this realm – since time immemorial. Hopefully god has other plans for the end. And it does feel like the end times.

        • Good comment! Satan does seem to have control (Ephesians 6:12) but in the end that control with revert back to God. These Satanists like Gil Bates and Co. are enhancing themselves to live forever so they think, but I really don’t see it working out that way, and they will regret their choosing the wrong side (Satan over God). That vaccine will certainly be part of the “culling” for sure, one way or another.

        • Why or how “contact with feces during sexual conduct”? What depraved world do they inhabit? We need another Flood.

  2. As a Canadian myself let’s get one thing straight(pardon the pun); the current “Canada”, is NOT the Canada I grew up in. Now in my very late 60’s, I know from experience what I am talking about. The country today is under control of a very degenerate, satanic, anti-white globalist government in the person of prime minister Justin Trudeau. The rot continues throughout his government. The descendants of the people who founded this country are treated like second class citizens, while newly arrived third worlders(by the hundreds of thousands) are put on media pedestals while groveling inept politicians kiss their behinds. So-called “Glory Holes” are just the latest in a long string of absurdities involving the distancing of human relations, centred around face diapers. It honestly brings tears to my eyes when i remember the wonderful country we were once. Though successive incompetent federal governments have brought the country lower and lower since Lester B. Pearson(1960’s); the current Trudeau government makes my skin crawl. If I was much younger, and there was a western country that was not in a similar situation, I would head towards it.

  3. Vaccine Injury Compilation of the Covid 19 Vaxx Jew Jab

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