‘Let kids be kids’: California considers bill requiring gender-neutral children’s sections at large retailers

By Kaanita Iyer | 6 March 2021

USA TODAY — Retail stores in California may be required to become more gender-neutral under proposed legislation.

State lawmakers are debating a new bill that would prohibit department stores with more than 500 employees from dividing products for children by gender.

The restriction would ban separate areas and signage and mandate online retailers that have a physical location in the state use gender-neutral terms to label children’s items in a section of their websites. It would apply to toys and other kids’ items but not clothing at this time, the bill’s co-author Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia told USA Today.

If passed, the bill will go into effect in Jan. 1, 2024, and comes with a fine of $1,000 for violations.

The proposal, introduced Feb. 18, follows a series of recent moves championed by LGBTQ advocates. Last month, Hasbro made its Potato Head brand gender-neutral and the Congress passed an expansion of the Equality Act with protections for the LGBTQ community. […]

3 Comments on ‘Let kids be kids’: California considers bill requiring gender-neutral children’s sections at large retailers

  1. >the bill’s co-author Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia

    LOL, check out her Wikipedia page (link) — it reads like an insipid potboiler (and just to stir a pot that simmered here a short while ago: am I supposed to see/respect her as a leader or authority figure?).

    For those who are curious, the co-sponsor of the bill (AB-1084 Gender neutral retail departments) is Evan Low, an Asian — he’s also (surprise!) gay (link).

    America is fucking doomed.

    • Well, I’ll tell you one thing that’s NOT the problem: ‘toxic masculinity’.

      >I blame parnets.

      That’s too simple — predominantly, humans want to fit in, so they naturally coalesce/form a consensus around perceived social norms — these norms can change somewhat from one generation to the next, e.g. teenagers ‘rebelling’ against the norms of their parents — over time, a (relatively) new norm, even one that’s radically new, can consolidate within the human ‘herd’ to the point it is no longer socially acceptable to question it (gay marriage is a good example) — today, these societal norms are largely formed via mass media, which in this era is a far more pervasive and powerful force/source of propaganda than it ever was in earlier generations; it started with broadcast/network TV, accelerated with cable TV, and today with the internet and portable devices (e.g. smartphones) it is has reached the ‘always on’ stage for many — who largely controls the mass media and the content you see there? — don’t ask.

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