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Israel: Running Low on Munitions, People and Karma?

Long before October 7 there were numerous reports in the media about diminished US military stockpiles. You can see the articles in a simple search “US military stockpiles”. In the months since, there looks to be a literal news blackout on this seemingly top secret topic. I can’t find any updates in my search. Meanwhile there have been large ordinance shipments to Israel including expensive bombs and missiles which have been expended at a rate of 10,000 per week in their Gaza genocide.

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Additionally the US has withdrawn the Gerald Ford carrier task force from the Mediterranean and sent it home for refitting. Is this a feint?  Other assets have been redeployed and thinned out to deal with the Houthis. US bases in Syria and Iraq are under constant attack.

The US is concerned about the cost of missiles used against Houthi drones, according to Politico. According to a US official, the US has used SM-2 missiles that runs $2.1 million to intercept a Yemeni drone that cost $2000.

As attention has shifted to the Hezbollah front the Israeli have threatened to level Beirut. The large question looms, does the IDF and it’s US ZOG sponsor even have the munitions for a full scale war with Hezbollah, let alone Iran? And what about Turkey?

Hezbollah on its end has been conservative in the deployment of its missile arsenal and is still loaded for bear. They are also supplied with more advanced Iranian and Russian weaponry. And Nasrallah in his speech on Wednesday indicated that their plan was to make life miserable enough for Israelis that they will utilize their dual citizenships, pack up and clear out of Dodge.

There’s extreme animosity between these factions. It also seems obvious that the stakes for both sides is ethnic cleansing. The mistake Israel is making is not comprehending that this game works both ways and not correctly calculating the impact of war on it’s citizen’s security. And Hezbollah pounding the Israeli population centers hasn’t even begun. See: Israel in talks with Congo and other countries on Gaza ‘voluntary migration’ plan

Israel’s fundamental challenge is bad karma derived from an awful mentality. This is not a winning formula in an all-out fight to the bitter end.

The Times of Israel newspaper reported a month ago that 470,000 Israelis have emigrated from Israel since October 7 and it is not known if they will return at a later point. According to the data, migration to Israel is a trickle with 2,000 immigrants arriving in November. The population of Israel is put at about 9.5 million.

On the military front the IDF losses also seem to be under secret wraps. The Golani Brigade was relieved and serious losses were admitted. We note that the KIA being listed are almost all officers and NCOs. Are there no private and corporals in the IDF?

In the new year the IDF has pulled five reserve brigades out of Gaza. It is unclear if they are being released into Israel’s depleted economy or are being sent to the Lebanon front for another miscalculation die roll.

It seems that Israel has dropped the pretense of defeating Qassam fighters in a ground operation in Gaza and now they will just commit atrocities.

Cold rain and wind has moved into Gaza.

The Gazans continue to be genocided, and deaths are pushing 23,000 plus 10,000 missing and presumed dead. Being wounded (58,000) is likely fatal as there is no medical care.

It is clear though that the resistance militias have adapted and improved their tactics. As the IDF has stretched it’s lines throughout Gaza we have witnessed more close in fights. Hamas melts through walls and buildings. You see them firing well away from windows and doorways. There is no tank defense against shots this close.

Palestinian militias are attacking Israeli forces behind the claimed IDF forward line of advance in Gaza City. It is doubtful the IDF truly controls the blue on the map and advances are tenuous. Israel has walked into a bee hive.


It is always this way with the New York Slimes and others. The atrocity propaganda gets put out with fanfare and then much later gets quietly retracted.

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  1. What a boring tv show (not Mr. Winter’s writing but the subject matter itself). The jwes, in this case, have failed in their entertainment value & their garnering of any sympathy as ‘victims’.

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