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World War ZOG

Editor note: I am just the messenger. This scenario is not what I wish for. But not so sure about certain usual suspects.

When you say ‘the Israeli Army’, I think we should remember that most of them are called-up reservists. Another name for ‘called-up reservists’ is ‘civilians’.

Israel’s finance minister says the war is costing Israel $246 million a day, plus the impact of pulling reservists out of the economy. Of course the US ZOG will cover all that, that is if Congress can get in session and the Treasury market doesn’t crash more than it has already.

The operation in the Gaza Strip could take months, require significant military forces, and “the Israeli army is already at its limit,” Vice reports, citing senior American officials and the Israeli military.

Col. Douglas MacGregor states that US special forces have already been in combat inside Gaza. Would be no surprise if true. Interesting to see straight shooter MacGregor skewered by bot commentariat.

Retired Israeli General Yitzhak Brick weighed in on the shit show that is the Israeli army:

“The current situation of the land forces is tragic, they are not ready for war. Emergency supplies are not available, exercises have stopped and the battalions have not trained in years. There is also no weapons training and education, and the army is not capable of carrying out an attack.”

“We have lost the ability to field an effective army and have become a one-dimensional aerial power that cannot win a war on its own.”

“I know the army on the ground better than anyone. I have seen soldiers who do not take care of their weapons before leaving the base. No army in the world behaves like this. The soldiers carry their smartphones with them everywhere. Commands are sent via WhatsApp groups. These phones are being tracked by the enemy.”

“Our system has lost all control. Have we gone crazy? I cannot sleep at night. Our ground forces and armored corps are not ready for war.”

US paper tiger’s FY2023 federal deficit came in $300 billion above estimate ($2T actual) vs 1.7T estimate. There are a number of inputs to that miss. $200B of the $300B miss is due to increased interest payments. In other words, we ain’t seen nothing yet. As of August 2023, the effective interest rate on the federal debt was 3%. Bills, notes and bonds are now running 5% plus across the curve and there is massive new issuance ahead. The Federal Reserve holds a portfolio with trillions in mark to market losses. Treasury liquidity is poor.


So with all this the long awaited assault on Gaza keeps getting delayed. It seems the Israelis have suddenly had to tone down the hubris a notch as they realized that most of the Muslim world and even western public opinion is against them. They hope the US takes on the burden of urban warfare and  battles with neighboring Muslim states.

The reality is that they need more than made man and turtle on the fencepost Anthony Blinken aka ZOG. And as Winter Watch has noted throughout- the munitions inventories are inadequate for a multiple front war of a duration beyond a week or two.

The Ukraine boondoggle has already left the US military cupboard bare. Once this is totally bone dry after a week of intense fighting, the US will face a pile on.


But how much longer can Israel get away with a siege and shelling that reduces and starves civilians in a dense city? How impressed are we supposed to be at the “remarkable restraint” shown by Israel in dropping ~10,000 bombs in one week, imposing a total siege, and ordering the forced expulsion of 1.2 million people.

Every day of this may please the extremists in Israel but harms their cause worldwide. “America’s so-called greatest ally” Israel and their backer are in a pickle and they are such hard asses that calling a humanitarian ceasefire now may not be possible. Regardless of which way this war goes, what happens with now wrecked Gaza and their 2.3 million population? Seems there will be refugees and if Israel sets such a dissembling in motion- without other consequences- that would be a pyrrhic victory

However the new reality for ZOG is that the war will expand far beyond Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran will be fully supplied by Russia and we can assume that’s been happening in spades over the last few weeks. Lethal Russian weapons like the Kinzhal hypersonic missile can strike Maginot line sitting duck carriers and the Dien Bien Phu like exposed bases in Crescent lands.

The wild card is Turkey, and if that country gets involved the US will be forced to mobilize and call a draft. May have to anyway. Such a poor morale conscripted army will be woefully under-armed and equipped. Can such a mobilization even take place?

Army recruiting shortages will force big changes at the Pentagon

Read em and weep–

Saudi Arabia will try hard to stay out of it.

The Pentagon is scrambling to deploy nearly 12 air-defense systems to region, including for U.S. troops serving in Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, to protect them from missiles and rockets. U.S apparently persuaded Israelis to hold off until those pieces can be placed. But then what? Keep in mind that there are other potential fronts around the world.

Question about the defanged European wild card piling into this war on Israel’s side? Ya think?

The expanded war would come at a time when public trust in ZOG is already scrapping bottom and after a draft, a 2000 handle drop in the stock market, or large American casualties. Unrest and revolt in the US would be a certainty. Plenty of sleeper cells in place no doubt for asymmetric warfare and borders are still wide open. Unleashing ruin on the Middle East and reciprocal damage on the home front will not be popular, anything but.



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  1. At this point Russ, any attempt by the US government to institute a Vietnam style draft would lead to civil unrest so bad that the feds might have to invoke the Insurrection Act. It would be similar to the New York Draft Riots of 1863 or the Vietnam protests of the 1960s, but on a much, much larger scale.

    Even the dumbest, most ignorant Americans now realize that the rich and powerful never serve. You definitely won’t see Trump’s children being drafted, nor the kids of any famous celebrities for that matter. It is also important to remember that trust in the government today, compared to the 1960s, is much, much lower. Americans back then were still pretty naive regarding government corruption and there was no internet access, so a draft today in my opinion is a pipe dream. American men are too out of shape to fight effectively anyhow.

    • NOOOO WAYYY in hell a draft is going to work. There would be rioting and mass demonstration on a large scale. My FUX NEWS watching in-laws whispered under their breath last week so my kids wouldn’t hear ‘are you registered for the draft?” like it was going to be the glory days of WWII all over again. No one gives a F! about this war other than the TV IV folks and the over vaxxed. I also don’t see the soy/game streamer crowd giving a care either but for obvious reasons different than ours here at WW.

    • About “the rich and powerful never serve”…which is the reason CCR made the song “Fortunate Son.” In fact, the rich and powerful of every nation ever in history NEVER SERVE their nations or their peoples. And when the sons of the rich and powerful do serve (think John McCain and John Kerry here), they in fact BETRAY their fellows-in-arms…you know what I mean…causing troops to be captured POWs by the VietCong and NVA.

    • I OBJECT , ANONYMOUS ! Our men , and women also , stand ready ; with computers , ipads , etc… READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE !

      Just make sure a STARBUCKS is mobile , and has comfortable seats .

  2. The US will end up taking thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of Gazan refugees for resettlement. It happens every time we intervene some place. To resettle pissed off muslims in the nation that is the principal enabler of the nation they view as responsible for making them refugees is total madness. It will be sold as a great humanitarian gesture that will also enhance Israel’s long term security.

    To add insult to injury, the US will pay for rebuilding a depopulated Gaza which will probably be annexed by Israel.

    • I refuse to like your comment but I can totally see it coming to pass. Americans are too lost in the bullshit fog to prevent it.

  3. Since Biden is bestowing American privileges & benefits to our sub-population of illegals, migrants & refugees (most of whom are fighting age males), perhaps he will classify them as first pick draftees. That would be nice.

    • Nice thought but, no. You see He and his masters @ AIPAC need to rid themselves of Yankee filth use to making a (nearly) livable wage – And, AIPAC and Ignatiev have quite clearly stated the need to “nullify” the White Race. All combat age tools will be granted draft immunity per our owners @ Israel.dead.

  4. The Joos where absolutely gobsmacked by the lack of global enthusiasm for their game plan to genocide the Palestinians, erm, I mean defend themselves. Totally shook. They had absolutely NO idea that they are so hated across the globe. Their reaction has been priceless…I never thought I’d be marching hand in hand with BLM and other radical activists, yet here we are. Anyone one who despises the Zionist state is a friend of mine, full stop — we can settle our differences later, if even needed at all once the menace of Zionist influence on our society has been eliminated.

  5. Totally agree.

    Since the Zionist Geldfressers consider everyone else to be no more than two-legged dumb animals put on Earth solely for the Geldfresser’s benefit, otherwise-unlikely alliances are the logical result. Strange that “God’s Own Chosen” geniuses couldn’t see that coming.

    Q: What three words frighten the Chosenites the most?

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